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External context of use: descriptive categories

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  1. 1. Domain Locations Institutions Persons Objects Events Operations Texts Personal Home: house, rooms, The family (Grand)Parents, Furnishing and furniture Family Living routines: Teletext garden Social networks offspring, siblings, Clothing occasions dressing, undressing Guarantees own aunts, uncles, cousins, Household equipment Encounters cooking, eating, Recipes of family of friends of in-laws, spouses, Toys, tools, personal Incidents, washing Instructional material strangers intimates, friends, hygiene accidents DIY, gardening Novels, magazines Own space in hostel, acquaintances Objets d’art, books, Natural Reading, radio and TV Newspapers hotel Wild/domestic animals, phenomena Entertaining Junk mail The countryside, pets Parties, visits Hobbies Brochures seaside Trees, plants, lawn, ponds Walking, cycling Games and sports Personal letters Household goods motoring Broadcast and recorded Handbags Holidays, spoken texts Leisure/sports equipment excursions Sports events Public Public spaces: Public authorities Members of the public Leisure/sports equipment Incidents Buying and obtaining Public announcements street, square, park Political bodies Officials Forms Accidents, public services and notices Public transport The law Shop personnel Goods illnesses Using medical services Labels and packaging Shops Public health Police, army, security Weapons Public meetings Journeys by road/ Leaflets, graffiti (super)markets Services clubs Drivers, conductors Rucksacks Law-suits, court rails/ship/air Tickets, timetables Hospitals, surgeries, Societies Passengers Cases, grips trials Public entertainment Notices, regulations clinics Political parties Players, fans, Balls Rag-days, fines, and leisure activities Programmes Sports stadia, fields, Denominations spectators Programmes arrests Religious services Contracts halls Actors, audiences Meals, drinks, snacks Matches, Menus Theatre, cinema, Waiters, barpersons Passports, licences contests Sacred texts, entertainment Receptionists Performances sermons, hymns Restaurant, pub, Priests, congregation Weddings, hotel funerals Places of worship Occupational Offices Firms Employers/ees Business machinery Meetings Business admin. Business letter Factories Multinational Managers Industrial machinery Interviews Industrial management Report memorandum Workshops corporations Colleagues Industrial and craft tools Receptions Production operations Life and safety notices Ports, railways Nationalised Subordinates Conferences Office procedures Instructional manuals Farms industries Workmates Trade fairs Trucking Regulations Airports Trade unions Clients Consultations Sales operations Advertising material Stores, shops Customers Seasonal sales Selling, marketing Labelling and Service industries Receptionists, Industrial Computer operation packaging
  2. 2. Hotels secretaries accidents Office maintenance Job description Civil Service Cleaners Industrial Sign posting disputes Visiting cards Educational Schools: hall School Class teachers Writing material Return to Assembly Authentic texts (as classrooms, College Teaching staff School uniforms school / entry Lessons above) playground, University Caretakers Games equipment Breaking up Games Textbooks, readers Sports fields, Learned societies Assistant staff and clothing Visits and Playtime Reference books corridors Professional Parents Food exchanges Clubs and societies Blackboard text Colleges Institutions Classmates Audio-visual equipment Parents’ days / Lectures, essay writing OP text Universities Adult education Professors, lecturers Blackboard & chalk evenings Laboratory work Computer screen text Lecture theatres bodies (Fellow) students Computers Sports days, Library work Videotext Seminar rooms Library and laboratory Briefcases and school matches Seminars and tutorials Exercise materials Student Union staff bags Disciplinary Homework Journal articles Halls of residence Refectory staff, problems Debates and Abstracts Laboratories cleaners discussions Dictionaries Canteen Porters, secretaries