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Tugas mandiri bahasa inggris

Makalah Tugas mandiri bahasa inggris Semester 2

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Tugas mandiri bahasa inggris

  1. 1. COMPANY PROFILE TERM PAPER Subject : English for Science and Engineering Class Code : 12M311-M5 Lecturer : FasaaroHulu, S.S. INFORMATICS ENGINEERING FACULTY PUTERA BATAM UNIVERSITY 2013
  2. 2. Teknik Informatika | UniversitasPuteraBatam i COMPANY PROFILE 1. PT. UNISEM BATAM Written by: AsepJaenudin (120210034) 2. PT. MANINDO INDONESIA Written by: HalriSimarmata (120210032) 3. PT. SUMITOMO Written by: FerliHerdiansyah (120210048) 4. PT. SANIPAK INDONESIA Written by: AndikaSaputra (120210123) 5. PT. HOLCIM LIMITED, TBK Written by: SiskaFebriana (120210190) 6. PT. GARUDA INDONESIA Written by: DeniAgustan (120210096) 7. PT. TOYOTA ASTRA MOTOR Written by: JuwitaLusianaPardede (120210203) 8. PT. FEDERAL INTERNATIONAL FINANCE (FIF) Written by: Ali Nursidik (120210103) 9. PT. TDK – EPCOS Written by: Joni Putra (120210170) 10. PT. VARTA MICROBATTERY Written by: DessyNovita Sari Br. Ginting (120210090)
  3. 3. Teknik Informatika | UniversitasPuteraBatam ii ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Praise be to Allah, The cherisher and sustainer of the worlds, God who has been giving His blessing and mercy to the writer to complete the termpaperaboutCompany Profile. This paper is submitted to fulfill one of the requirements to gain independent assignment paper of English Lecture in PuteraBatam University. In finishing this paper, the writers really gives his regards and thanks for people who has given guidance and help,they are : 1. MrFasaaroHulu, as Lecturer of English Course in PuteraBatam University, who has given his best guidance to write a quality content of the term paper. 2. All Classmates, who always give their supports. Finally, the writer realizes there are unintended errors in writing this paper. He really allows all readers to give their suggestion to improve its content in order to be made as one of the good examples for the next termpaper. Batam, Mei 27 2013 Writer
  4. 4. Teknik Informatika | UniversitasPuteraBatam iii TABLE OF CONTENTS ACKNOWLEDGEMENT.................................................................................. ii TABLE OF CONTENTS.................................................................................... iii PT. UNISEM BATAM ......................................................................................... 1 PT. MANINDO INDONESIA.............................................................................. 7 PT.SUMITOMO WIRING SYSTEMS BATAM................................................. 10 PT. SANIPAK INDONESIA................................................................................ 13 PT. HOLCIM LIMITED, TBK............................................................................. 16 PT. TOYOTA ASTRA MOTOR.......................................................................... 20 PT. GARUDA INDONESIA, TBK ...................................................................... 24 PT. FEDERAL INTERNATIONAL FINANCE (FIF)......................................... 26 PT. TDK – EPCOS BATAM................................................................................ 28 PT. VARTA MICROBATTERY.......................................................................... 33 CLOSING ............................................................................................................ 35 BIBLIOGRAPHY ............................................................................................... 36
  5. 5. Teknik Informatika | UniversitasPuteraBatam 1 PT. UNISEM BATAM Jl. S. ParmanKav. 201, Batamindo Industrial Park, MukaKuning, Batam, Riau Islands, 29433 Indonesia Company Profile Unisem is a global provider of semiconductor assembly and test services for many of the world‟s most successful electronics companies. Unisem offers an integrated suite of packaging and test services such as wafer bumping, wafer probing, wafer grinding, a wide range of leadframe and substrate IC packaging, wafer level CSP and RF, analog, digital and mixed-signal test services. Our turnkey services include design, assembly, test, failure analysis, and electrical and thermal characterization. With approximately 8,000 employees worldwide, Unisem has factory locations in Ipoh, Malaysia; Chengdu, People‟s Republic of China; Batam; Sunnyvale, USA; and Wales, United Kingdom. The company is headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  6. 6. Teknik Informatika | UniversitasPuteraBatam 2 Unisem's factory in Batam Island, Indonesia, is a one stop shop facility, which provides Wafer Probe, Wafer Backgrinding, Assembly Packaging, Final Test, and Drop Shipment. UnisemBatam assembles and tests leaded and array packages on a high volume basis in this 345,000 square feet facility. Located approximately 10 miles from Singapore, Batam is an island that benefits from free trade zone incentives provided by the Indonesian government. The factory is certified to ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001-2004 and ISO/TS 16949. Package Offerings Unisem designs and creates both Array and Leadframe packages for the global IC market. Our turn-key services include Electrical and Thermal Characterization, Design, Assembly, Testing, Failure Analysis and more. And with our real-time WIP systems and drop shipping to OEM's, Unisem offers its customers everything needed for time-to-market wins. Unisem offers a broad range of standard and custom leadframe and array packages with pin counts ranging from 3 to 700+. Also offered are WLCSPs or Wafer-Level Chip-Scale Packages which is a low cost solution that enables direct connectivity at the substrate or board level. Vision To be a leading global multinational company providing comprehensive turnkey assembly and test services for the evolving needs of our customers, and a model corporate citizen in the communities in which we operate.
  7. 7. Teknik Informatika | UniversitasPuteraBatam 3 Mission In order to achieve our vision, we are committed to: Provide total customer satisfaction. Be a caring company and employer of choice. Generate profits and accelerate growth. Develop long term win-win partnership with our business associates. Adhere to good corporate governance and support environmental, social and economical development of the community. Uphold and live our core values. Management Team Hoong Leong Lee, Group Chief Operating Officer Mr Lee Hoong Leong is the Executive Director and Group Chief Operating Officer of the Group. He was appointed to the board on 9 August 2012. Mr Lee brings more than 30 years of experience in the semiconductor packaging and test business. Prior to joining Unisem, Mr Lee was the President of UTAC, Advanced Wafer Level Interconnects. During his years with UTAC between 2001 to 2011, he held various positions as Vice President, Quality and Research & Development, Vice President of UTAC Operations, and President of UTAC Singapore operations and President of UTAC Shanghai operations concurrently. Mr Lee began his career at Texas Instruments, Singapore in 1980 as an automation engineer. He held various managerial and engineering positions in Texas Instruments Singapore between 1980 to 1986. Mr Lee subsequently joined National Semiconductor, Singapore in 1986 and held various positions in research
  8. 8. Teknik Informatika | UniversitasPuteraBatam 4 & development, purchasing &logisitcs and finally as operations manager. Mr Lee holds a Bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Singapore. ANG CHYE HOCK , Executive Director, Sales & Business Development. TAN KIM HENG, Senior Vice President, Corporate Technology and Materials. SALEM BELMEGUENAI, Senior Vice President, Corporate Quality and Reliability Assurance. MIKE MCKERREGHAN, Senior Vice President of New Business Development GOH SWEE ENG, Vice President of Group Finance. HO CHOON SENG, Senior Vice President, Chief Operating Officer – Unisem Ipoh. QUEK SUAN HONG, Chief Operating Officer – Unisem Chengdu. ALLAN C. TORIAGA , Chief Operating Officer – PT Unisem. LAU SIONG CHO , General Manager - Unisem Advanced Technologies (UAT). Corporate Governance The Board of Directors supports the objectives of the Malaysian Code on Corporate Governance ("the Code") and also acknowledges its role in protecting and enhancing shareholders' value. The Directors believe that good corporate governance results in quantifiable long-term success and creation of long-term shareholders' value as well as benefits for all other stakeholders. Hence, the Board affirms its policy of adhering to the spirit of the Code. At Unisem, the Board maintains, and ensures that Unisem management maintains, the highest level of corporate ethics. As such, the various charters and policies located under this Corporate Governance section will be reviewed, and where necessary, updated, on a regular basis. Corporate Governance Statement 2011 Board of Directors Board Charter Board Committees Unisem Group Code of Conduct Strategies on Sustainability Development
  9. 9. Teknik Informatika | UniversitasPuteraBatam 5 History  June 2008, Unisem Advanced Technologies SdnBhd ("UAT") (formerly known as Unisem-AdvanpackTehcnologiesSdnBhd) entered into a license agreement with FlipChip International, LLC ("FCI"). FCI became a shareholder of UAT.  July 2007, Acquired Advanced Interconnect Technologies Limited (now known as Unisem (Mauritius) Holdings Limited).  Jan 2007, Unisem (M) Berhad certified with ISO/TS 16949:2002.  Oct 2006, Unisem Chengdu opens its phase one factory in Chengdu, Sichuan, PRC.  June 2006, Established wafer-level CSP test capability.  Apr 2006, Re-certification of MS ISO 14001 on environmental management systems.  Mar 2006, Commenced wafer bump services.  Nov 2005, Change of Corporate Logo.  July 2005, Completed construction of the wafer bumping factory building and installation of cleanroom.  May 2005, Expanded radio frequency test capability from single function building block to highly integrated radio frequency device. Using ASL3KRF as next generation test platform.  May 2005, Received Certificate of Green Partner from Sony, an environmental management system that has met the requirements of the Sony Green Partner Program.  Dec 2004, Incorporated Unisem Chengdu Co., Ltd., a semiconductor packaging and test facility in Chengdu, Sichuan, PRC.  Nov 2004, Commenced construction of the wafer bumping factory building.  Sept 2004, Incorporation of a joint-venture company, Unisem Technologies SdnBhd (now knowns as Unisem-Advanpack Technologies SdnBhd) for packaging and bumping of semiconductor devices.
  10. 10. Teknik Informatika | UniversitasPuteraBatam 6  June 2004, Acquired Atlantic Technology Holdings (UK) Limited (now known as Unisem (Europe) Holdings Limited).  June 2004, Re-certification of QS 9000 on quality systems certification for quality assurance in production, installation and servicing.  May 2004, Expanded mixed signal capability by adding Teradyne Catalyst.  Mar 2004, Awarded ISO 9001:2000 quality systems certification for quality assurance in production, installation and servicing.  Jan 2004, Established high end mixed signal test capability by installing Teradyne Integra-FLEX, with Octal-site testing.  June 2003, Certificate of Green Partner from Sony, an environmental management system that has met the requirements of the Sony Green Partner Program.  Jan 2003, Re-certification of MS ISO 14001 on environmental management systems.  June 2002, Attained the International Procurement Centre Licence for performing dropshipments.  Jan 2002, Launched the small leadless packages (SLP).  June 2001, Commenced wafer probe services.  Mar 2001, Awarded QS 9000 and ISO 9002 quality system certification for quality assurance in production, installation and servicing.  Sept 2000, Completed construction of the Phase III factory building with an additional built-up area of about 330,000 square feet.  May 2000, Attained the MS ISO 14001 certification on environmental management systems.
  11. 11. Teknik Informatika | UniversitasPuteraBatam 7 PT . MANINDO INDONESIA 1. A d d r e s s : Head Office JalanJenderalGatotSubroto Batam 12345 West Java Phone - (022) 7315467 Fax. – (022) 7314576 Branch Office JalanJenderalGatot Batam 12345 West Java Phone – (022) 7314576 2. Date of Establishment : 16 March 1999 3. Legal Status : P.T. (Perseroan Terbatas) or Limited Liability Company 4. Legalization by the Ministry of Justice : No. C2-167865.HT.01.04.99 Dated 24 September 1999 5. C a t e g o r y : National Private Company 6. Permit by the Government Department : The Directorate General for Tax and Revenue NPWP No. 1.883.980.2-000 The Department of Trade and Industry TDP No. 341115209834 7. Lines of Business : a. General Trading b. Trading and Distribution Motorcycle c. Dealer for :SUZUKI Motorcycle of Japan 8. Production Capacity : None 9. Business Trend : Growing slowly 10. Market Situation : Very competitive
  12. 12. Teknik Informatika | UniversitasPuteraBatam 8 11. Capitalization : Authorized Capital - Rp 90,000,000 Issued Capital - Rp 90,000,000 Paid up Capital - Rp 90,000,000 Shareholders : a. Mr. Tien1 - Rp 30,000,000 b. Mr. Juein2 - Rp 30,000,000 c. Mr. Teipo3 - Rp 30,000,000 12. Total Investment : None 13. B a n k e r s : P.T. Bank Negara Indonesia 1946 Bandung. Branch: Jalan Asia Afrika No. 122-124 West Java 14. Started Operation : 1999 15. Total Employees : 200 persons 16. Board of Commissioner : Commissioner - Mr. Jolangi3 17. Board of Director : President Director - Mr. Weasdrtyu1 Director - Mr. Jorlin2 18. Financial Conditions : Fairly strong 19. Total Revenue : 1999 - Rp 1.0 billion 2000 - Rp 1.5 billion 2001 - Rp 2.5 billion 20. Management Capability : G o o d 21. Business Morality : G o o d 22. Creditworthiness : Any new proposed loans for the company must be treated carefully. 23. Maximum Limit of Credit: No Comment 24. Precautions : Asking adequate personal guarantee from the shareholders. 25. Signatories : President Director (Mr.Weasdrtyu 1) or the Director (Mr. Jorlin 2) which must be approved by the Commissioner (Mr. Jolangi 3). 26. Affiliated Companies : TokoMakmurBersama (Trading and Distributor Automotive Parts)
  13. 13. Teknik Informatika | UniversitasPuteraBatam 9 P.T.Manindo INDONESIA (P.T. MI) was established in 16 March 1999 with an authorized capital of Rp 90,000,000, entirely issued and paid up. The original founding shareholders were Mr. JIMMY1, Mr. Topios 2 and Mrs. Yuni Sara 3 (they are Indonesian entrepreneurs of Chinese extraction). The company‟s articles of associations has amended for several times. In 14 April 1999 one of the shareholder Mrs.JIMMY3 and changed to as a new shareholder is Mr.Janurih1, an Indonesian entrepreneur of Chinese extraction. P.T.Manindo has been operated since 1999 in general trading among others are trading and distribution of motorcycle. The company is an agent for SUZUKI Motorcycle of Japan. The products are distributed for Bandung area and surroundings. The company‟s operation has been growing slowly and running well within the last three years. The demand for motorcycle in Indonesia has been fluctuating in the last five years. According to the data from the AISI (Association of Indonesian Motorcycle Industry) the sales volume of Indonesian motorcycle in 1997 has reached 1,852,906 units and decreased to 492,626 units in 1998 and increased respectively to 587,402 units in 1999 and to 979,422 units in 2000 and to 1,500,000 units in 2001. Market competition is very competitive because many similar companies are operating in their area. Business position of P.T.Manindois appraised not so critical for it has already controlled a wide marketing network at Bandung area and surroundings. We are sure the company is highly competent to develop its business in the future. We estimate its operation has in 1999 posted a total sales of Rp 1.0 billion increased respectively to Rp 1.5 billion in 2000 to Rp 2.5 billion in 2001 and projected to go on rising by 5% in 2002. Its operation has in 2001 to our estimate yielded a total net profit of Rp 150 million. The management is headed by Mr.Bungarah (55), a businessman with experience for some 5 years in motorcycle distribution. The company is handled by a number of professional managers. They have already maintained a wide business relation among private companies at home as well as among government agencies. As far as business is concerned the management of P.T.Manindo has never involved in any fraudulent dealings.
  14. 14. Teknik Informatika | UniversitasPuteraBatam 10 PT.SUMITOMO WIRING SYSTEMS BATAM Batamindo Industrial Park Kav.8, MukaKuningBatam 29433, Indonesia. Tel : (62-770) 611553 (8 Lines) Fax : (62-770) 611803 Year Established : 1990 Paid Up Capital : US$5,000,000 Bankers : Bank Central Asia, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Ltd Key Personnel President Director : Toshihiro Watanabe Director : Kazuhiro Masuichi General Manager,Q.A. : Masashi Yumoto Nature of Business Manufacturing of wire harness for automotive and electric appliances. Main Shareholders/Parent Company Sumitomo Wiring Systems Ltd 1-14 Nishisuehiro-Cho, Yokkaichi, Mie 510-8503, Japan Tel: (081) 593-54-6200 Fax: (081) 593-54-6318 Running throughout the entire vehicle, automotive wiring harnesses relay information and electric power, thereby playing a critical role in "connecting" a variety of components. They make up a circulatory system, comparable to the main arteries and central nerves in the human body. As cars continue to include ever more advanced functions, their component parts increasingly require electronics to save space and meet other requirements. Experts at efficiently designing and configuring complex circuits, Sumitomo Wiring Systems creates wiring harnesses that contribute tremendously to the development of car manufacturers around the world. Replacing copper with aluminum as the wiring material allows us to greatly reduce the weight of components while maintaining high reliability. The
  15. 15. Teknik Informatika | UniversitasPuteraBatam 11 development of new aluminum alloys suited for automotive wiring harnesses has allowed us to overcome a number of technical problems. The evolution of the car as a "mobile information terminal" has resulted in ever more functions being demanded of wiring harnesses. That goal is being realized with optical harnesses. Use of optical fiber as the transmission medium enables high-speed transmission of video, audio, and other data-intensive content. Used in sliding doors for mini vans and other vehicles, these supply power to electric components inside the door, regardless of whether it is open or closed.
  16. 16. Teknik Informatika | UniversitasPuteraBatam 12 These harnesses are used with antennas used in receiving radio, TV, and GPS transmissions. We also develop and manufacture the high-frequency connectors (HFC) used in connecting these antennas. Speed sensors placed at each wheel transmits the speed at which the wheels revolve, information that allows the brakes to adjust properly and prevent the vehicle from slipping when the brakes are suddenly applied.
  17. 17. Teknik Informatika | UniversitasPuteraBatam 13 PT.SANIPAK INDONESIA Business : Manufactures polyethylene garbage bags, polyethylene food storage bags, etc. Address :Lot No. 276, Batamindo Industrial Park, Mukakuning, Batam Island, Indonesia Telephone : +62-770-61188, +62-770-611962 Fax : +62-770-611396 e-mail : Established : September 1991 Capital : US$350,000 Business year-end : 31st March President Commissioner : Yasuo Obara Commissioner : Masanori Kato President Director : Masato Iwamoto Director : Mutsuo Mochizuki Employees : 5 Japanese and 780 Indonesians (as of October 2011) Group Affiliates : Sanipak Company of Japan, Ltd. PT. Sanipak Indonesia is situated in Batam Island, which is only 20km and less than an hour ferry journey from Singapore. This geographical advantage has rapidly developed the island into Indonesia's "Golden Island". Free trade zone designation attracts several foreign investors to start business here. The free trade zone status allows us to reduce many administrative and manpower costs associated with import and export procedures to a greater extent than other Asian countries, including China. It also enables fast turnaround, which is vital for us to meet customers' unforeseen requests. This gives us more room to cater to customers' requirements.The close proximity to Singapore gives PTSI a convenient gateway to source competitively priced materials, while the country's labor costs compare favorably to other Asian countries, including China.
  18. 18. Teknik Informatika | UniversitasPuteraBatam 14 All five of our factories are located within Batamindo Industrial Park (BIP) -- a 320-hectare integrated industrial park owned and developed by a Singapore-Indonesia consortium. BIP has attracted over 90 international companies, including the internationally-known Japanese appliance makers. The leading polyethylene bag maker.... Since 1991, PT Sanipak Indonesia (PTSI), has developed into a polyethylene bag manufacturer that has grown to produce over 2,200 tons of PE bags monthly. We supply various kinds of PE bags, including garbage bags, food storage bags and drainage bags, to general consumers and industries through several major distributors in Japan. We are also expanding direct sales contacts with other worldwide retailers. Absolute quality control .... Japan has always had some of the world's toughest customers. And Japanese manufacturers are renowned for satisfying customer demands with their superior quality and service. To guarantee quality and consistency, we assign an experienced 53-member team to inspect our products carefully. This ensures that each product meets superior specification standards. We never let you down .... Every member of our Company shares absolute commitment to making the highest quality products and providing excellent service. We monitor the progress of every manufacturing process, so we can respond quickly to any changing production schedules, deadlines, etc. Such flexibility allows us to provide prompt, optimal solutions to our customers. Our unique experience and capability ensures that every customer order is satisfied, every time, exactly as we promise. Motivated to stay ahead .... We consistently ship over 2,200 tons of polyethylene bags per month to Japan (as of July 2005). We maintain such a high volume of business because our customers can always rely on us to deliver the most reliable products and services. Today, regardless of economic conditions, we continue to meet increasing
  19. 19. Teknik Informatika | UniversitasPuteraBatam 15 demand. We strive for continuous improvements in every process, meeting the challenge to move ahead of other manufacturers. Meeting diverse demands .... PT Sanipak Indonesia (PTSI) has five factories (as of March 2003) in the same industrial park, for capability to produce garbage bags and other bags, including those ranging from 20 liters to 90 liters in capacity, using LLDPE, HDPE and other high-value-added films. We can also make extra-large bags up to 1,500mm wide and gusset bags. Moreover, we have substantial printing capabilities, including cutout bag-making machines, that can be applied even to various small lots. Our food storage bags are manufactured in a plant specially designed to assure conditions as sanitary as those of a food factory. Picture productiof PT. sanipak :
  20. 20. Teknik Informatika | UniversitasPuteraBatam 16 PT. HOLCIM LIMITED, TBK History of the establishment of PT. Holcim Indonesia, Tbk. In 1962, the Department of Mines Geological Survey of Indonesia established a survey team to conduct a feasibility study on the possibility of establishing a cement factory in West Java. In 1963 conducted research on raw material reserves in sukabumi by EJ Patty and Cibadak by Rev. BN, so in 1964 discovered mineral deposits in CibadakSilka Soon BN Prayitno Revelation and conduct research in the area walihir, Cibinong and found limestone quarry (limes Stone) and clay (shale). In the same year, GoeiTjoeHouw also conducting research on limestone reserves in the area Kemuning, Village Coconut Nunggal. The results showed that the area had the potential to set up a cement factory and accompanied by the establishment of a comparative study that shows the exact location of the factory, this is because: 1. Raw material supplies are sufficient. 2. Easy to get employment. 3. Easy to get a power source. 4. Close to the market area. 5. Supply of adequate water resources. 6. Location of the port which is not too far away, making it easier for exports, to include equipment - heavy equipment during construction of the plant, and raw materials are imported from other places such as gypsum, Materials fuel, and so forth. At SU Representative 24 May 1968, the Directorate of Geology and PT. Coarse sand cement signed a cooperation contract research in the area of cement raw material and the surrounding Palm Nunggal. This project was conducted between June and December 1968 assisted by the International Finance Corporation (IFC), Wahsington DC, USA. On July 5, 1971 on the cement factory was established by notarial deed Cibinong Abdul Latif from jakarta and obtain approval from the Minister of Justice Decree No.1.AS/159/1971 well as in the State Gazette. 82 on 18 October 1971 SU Representative, which is further complemented by the State Gazette No. 466. Plant construction began in 1972, conducted by Kaiser Engineering
  21. 21. Teknik Informatika | UniversitasPuteraBatam 17 International Inc. America, then realized by the contractor Indonesia and Mitsubitshi Heavy Industries Ltd.. Japan. Formally, this joint venture was established on June 15, 1971 under the name PT. Cement Tjibinong. The construction of a cement factory PT. Semen Cibinong unit 1 with a capacity of 600,000 tonnes / year of new starts in 1973 and was officially opened by President Soeharto on August 14, 1975. Construction of the plant PT.Semen Cibinong Tbk. Unit II with a capacity of 600,000 tonnes / year, well resolved in July 1977 so that the total production capacity to 1.2 tons / year. Through planning, program improvement and modification are better then in 1985 PT.Semen Cibinong managed to increase cement capacity to 1.5 tons / year. Since the domestic status on 19 November 1988, the Company has a mission to establish itself as a manufacturer of cement and concrete in the forefront in the context of the Indonesian cement industry and in order to maintain his image as a reliable producer of cement in the quality and servant to its customers, then the business - the business as follows: 1. Installation of vacuum cleaner new in 1990, successfully reduce dust emissions from the chimney, a cement factory is the cleanest in Indonesia environmentally sound. 2. Thanks to the success of the convention fuel in the rotary kiln of gas to coal, since 1991 the cost of cement production can be reduced Cement distribution network in order to reach consumers on time, since 1991 formed its own transport fleet is managed by PT. Vehicle Transtama, which is a subsidiary. 3. In order to get closer to the consumer and the value-added benefits rangkameraup, has formed a subsidiary engaged in the manufacture and marketing of ready-mix concrete, namely PT.Trumix Concrete. Expansion of the plant continue to be implemented. One manifestation is the follow up with the construction unit pembangunanya III commenced on 2 March 1990. The project was completed about two years later (1992) and directly beroprasi. Hyundai of South Korea acting as a contractor, while fuller than the United States is primarily machinery and equipment makers are equipped with the
  22. 22. Teknik Informatika | UniversitasPuteraBatam 18 latest cement manufacturing process as well as dust control technology. With the operation of the third unit, making a total capacity of PT. Semen Cibinong increased to 3,000,000, - ton / year. In June 1993, the company made acquisitions of the entire shares of PT. Semen Nusantara located in West Java Cilacap. PT. The archipelago has a cement production capacity of 1.000.000, - ton / year. One year later the company increased the production capacity by building a second unit with a production capacity of 2,600,000 in Cilacap, - ton / year unit two which was built in 1994 began beroprasi 1997, so total production capacity in Cilacap at 4,100,000 tons / year. In 1996, the company signed a joint venture contract with The Union of Myanmar Economic Holding Limited (SOE Myanmar) in the cement industry Cement Company Ltd called Myanmar. The company is the first foreign cement plants in the country and planned to begin operation in 2000. In February 1997 by PT. Semen Cibinong tbk. Received ISO 9002 certificate from SGS Yarsley London, awarded by the President of Indonesia Mr. SGS ICS. Mr. Roger Erik on.HashimSumitroDjojohadiKusumopersiden as Director of PT. Semen Cibinong tbk. In June of 2000 a cement company Holcim Ltd., based in Switzerland official bid for shares. Semen Cibinong. In December of 2000 The Jakarta Intiative Force issued an announcement that Holcim Ltd and Steering Committee Of Creditors have reached an agreement to restructure the debt of PT. Semen Cibinong. At December 13, 2001 SU Representative Holcim Ltd. Officially became the main shareholder of PT. Semen Cibinong tbk, with 77.33% of total shares. In 2006 PT. Semen Cibinong officially changed its name to PT. Holcim Indonesia Tbk. Factory Location I.2. Administratively, the area of PT. Holcim Indonesia Tbk is included in the Regional areas NarogongCullinan district, Bogor regency, West Java Province. Located about 15 km from Cibinong, 42 km from the port of TanjungPriok and about 35 km from Jakarta. Overall area of approximately 838.3
  23. 23. Teknik Informatika | UniversitasPuteraBatam 19 hectares plant, consisting of: building share (91.6 ha) and the right to use (746.7 ha). There are several factors that influence the selection of the plant site: 1. Factors raw materials. The main raw material in this industry is limestone and clay, as The factory was set up not far from the limestone mining area and land clay. Other materials such as iron sand, silica and gypsum needed in small amounts imported from other regions. 2. Fuel factor. There are four types of fuel used, namely: the new coal, solar, AFR, and synthetic fuels. Kalimantan coal supplied from solar while and supplied from Pertamina, for synthetic fuel supplied from PPLI. Water Factor. Water plays an important role in the production process. To fulfill Water is taken from the Cullinanriver not far from the factory. Transportrasi factor. The factory is located not far from Jakarta at the center of marketing and with beroprasinyaJagorawi then transportrasi raw materials products to be more easily and quickly. 3. Labor Factor Assessed the potential plant locations to obtain employment in large quantities. 4. Environmental Factors The factory is located far from urban areas, so that the resulting dust pollution relatively no harm. Factory Layout I.3.PT operational processes.Holcim Indonesia Tbk takes place in an area of 839 ha PT. Holcim Indonesia Tbk is divided into several areas, namely: 1. Area mining of raw materials. 2. Area breakdown of raw materials. 3. Raw material drying area. 4. Areas combustion and cooling of raw materials. 5. Raw materials storage area. 6. Area of raw material and clinker grinding. 7. Area Development cement bags and bagging. 8. Area water treatment (water treatment). 9. Area office.
  24. 24. Teknik Informatika | UniversitasPuteraBatam 20 PT.TOYOTA ASTRA MOTOR INDONESIA PT. Toyota Astra Motor Indonesia or better known as the Toyota Indonesia is a manufacturer of vehicle manufacturers Toyota distributor in Indonesia. Production has been very widely known, maybe even you are one of the users. Car manufacturer company was founded in 1971 under the name of PT. Toyota Astra Motor. To support the performance of Toyota Astra Motor, founded in 1973 as the assembly plant vendors PT Multi Astra. After that, proceed with the establishment of PT Toyota Mobilindo as factory Toyota parts as the next vendor. The presence of PT Toyota-Astra Motor Indonesia oriented Japanese Companies, Toyota Motor Corporation. Japan Company that is the parent of many companies assembling cars Toyota, spread beyond Japan. Toyota Indonesia to run its industrial processes based on operational standards of Toyota Motor Corporation - Japan. Only with national-based management. Experts as well as automotive and assembly are also derived from the son of Indonesian nation itself. Popularity output products Toyota Indonesia is indeed highly acclaimed. Evident from the recapitulation of annual reporting, that between 2003 and mid- 2012, Toyota has sold products exceeded 800,000 units. All were supported by good systems operational techniques, management of reliable and systematic network between producers and consumers. Toyota product and its superiority Avanza KijangInnova Yaris Camry Alphard Fortuner Rush Vios Corolla Altis Hilux Dyna Prius Previa Land Cruiser
  25. 25. Teknik Informatika | UniversitasPuteraBatam 21 Excellence and Toyota products in Indonesia has been perceived by many consumers and product user community. Among the highlights of the Toyota products are: 1. Strong rushed over rough terrain. 2. Strength the engine. Both the diesel and the petrol engine with fuel. 3. Passenger capacity that can accommodate a lot of people. 4. Any type of car has the capability of each field. Such as being able to walk over rough terrain on steep terrain, or driving in rough terrain drums. 5. The model is stylish and modern. Promotion and Recruitment of employees The Toyota Astra Motor is also very much appreciate the dedication all of its employees. In addition there is the system of recruitment of new employees, as well as the promotion system old employee achievements are concerned. Especially the marketers who struggle with marketing, as the spearhead of the company. The career path they are to be considered correct. Toyota Designer If the vendor has been mentioned at the beginning of PT Toyota Astra Motor was first established, in supporting the performance, in the field of assembly and components. Then the next designer who handles this product is Toyota Indonesia is PT Toyota Engine Indonesia. Before its fourth fuse into one solid company, with the name of PT Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia (TMMIN).Range of PT Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia apparently reinforced by the son of a proud nation. Their designers toyota Indonesia's production, it is the native Indonesia. Some of them are known to be Graduates of Indonesian Universities, namely the University of Indonesia (UI) and InstitutTeknologi Bandung (ITB). Toyota Motor Corporation Toyota Motor Corporation is a Japanese car manufacturer whose operations center located in Toyota, Aichi. Currently, Toyota is the largest manufacturing company producing cars in the world. Toyota Motor Corporation
  26. 26. Teknik Informatika | UniversitasPuteraBatam 22 company was founded by Kiichiro Toyoda in 1937. The company focuses on the automotive industry, automobile assembly kususnya. Now, Toyota not only produce cars, financial services and robotic assembly was done by Toyota Motors Corporation. Toyota Motor Corporation (TMP) is the largest shareholder in the company Daihatsu and Hino. In addition, TMP also had shares in Subaru and Isuzu, but the percentage is much less. Toyota naming is unique to the company, the majority of company car or the company name with the name of the company founded, like Honda from Ford. However, unlike that experienced by Toyota. Toyota is a pun on the name of the founder, Kiichiro Toyoda. If using Toyoda, assessed b] is less mrnjual name. Therefore, the use of more selling than the Toyota brand using the name Toyoda. Astra Toyota Motor Indonesia In the period 1971 - 1976, stands 3 Toyota company, PT Toyota-Astra Motor (importers and distributors of Toyota in Indonesia). PT Multi Astra (assembly plants), and PT Toyota Mobilindo (factory parts). The three companies have different management. In 1977, the company launched its third "Kijang", the first product to offer to the market. In 1982, the Toyota engine plant stands with Indonesia, PT Toyota Engine. Toyota engine plant establishment is a breakthrough to further improve the production of Toyota cars in Indonesia. In 1987, the first product Toyota Indonesia, Deer, began to be exported to several countries. Later, in 1989, Toyota Kijang products are exported to several countries Asia-Pacific region. This suggests that the product toyota deer behavior and success in the domestic market and international market. To further improve and streamline the production car, Toyota indonesia four companies combined into one name, namely Toyota Astra Motor. PT Toyota Motor Astra, PT Multi Astra, PT Toyota Mobilindo and PT Toyota Engine Indonesia in a container-merger became more solid. To support the production, established a modern assembly plant in the filigree. The plant was inaugurated in 2000.
  27. 27. Teknik Informatika | UniversitasPuteraBatam 23 In 2003, PT Toyota Astra Motor changed its name to PT Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia and make astartoyotatoyota motors as an authorized distributor in Indonesia. In the same year, Toyota's flagship product, deer, generating units to one million. Subsequently in 2004, Toyota launched the Toyota Avanza as a family vehicle. Toyota Avanza is the product of collaboration between Toyota and Daihatsu. Toyota Indonesia Group Contribution Toyota Indonesia is not just merely thinking about profit, the production of the income from year to year, but also try to get close to the community. There is a real contribution made by the Indonesian Toyota. Contribution that is not reserved only to users Toyota only, but also to the wider community audience Indonesia. Through many programs, events and the momentum created. In addition to regular programs such company: services for cash or credit purchases, sales reteil, showroom development in these areas, repurchase of old toyota product and program cooperation (corporate fleet). The toyota in Indonesia also make a real contribution to the consumer in particular, as well as Indonesian society in general, such as: 1. Open tanta services charge in the customer service counter. 2. Club has a special built in the automotive field, the club owner Automotive. 3. Open a free consultation services free of rank on general automotive and special products Toyota. 4. Toyota spectacular raffle held. 5. Hold a free homecoming program Toyota. 6. Become sponsors of the charity and social service. 7. Sponsoring the event with the theme of education. And all of it, both general and specific contributions provided by Toyota Indonesia to the general public, did not stop there. And is expected to continue and there is a buzz-buzz new form of social contribution to the Indonesian public.
  28. 28. Teknik Informatika | UniversitasPuteraBatam 24 PT. GARUDA INDONESIA, TBK Garuda Indonesia is the flag carrier of Indonesia and serves as a full service airline. Garuda Indonesia currently operates 82 aircrafts and serves 33 domestic and 18 international destinations in Asia (Regional Southeast Asia, Middle East, China, Japan and South Korea), Australia, and Europe (The Netherlands). As a result of its concern to safety, Garuda Indonesia received IOSA (IATA Operational Safety Audit) as proves that the airline has fulfilled global best practice in safety and security procedures. In its ongoing efforts to improve its service, Garuda Indonesia has launched its new service called “Garuda Indonesia Experience”. This new service offers new concept of services that reflects the best and genuine Indonesian hospitality at all service aspects. In order to support the new service, all Garuda latest aircraft are fitted with Garuda Indonesia‟s new signature interior: individual touch-screen LCD TVs for executive and economy class passengers and equipped with Audio Video on Demand (AVoD). AVoD is an entertainment system that offers latest movie and audio tracks at your fingertips.
  29. 29. Teknik Informatika | UniversitasPuteraBatam 25 A number of awards in the last two years are a real prove of Garuda Indonesia competencies. In 2010, Skytrax rewarded Garuda Indonesia as a “Four Star Airline” and “The World‟s Most Improved Airline”. Subsequently, in July 2012 Garuda Indonesia received “Best Regional Airline in Asia” and “World‟s Best Regional Airline”. Sydney-based Centre for Asia Aviation (CAPA) awarded Garuda Indonesia as “Airline Turnaround of the Year” in 2010. And in 2012, Roy Morgan, indepedent international research in Australia, awarded Garuda Indonesia as "The Best International Airline" for the month of January, February, and July. Garuda Indonesia has successfully managed the period of “on the brink of failure” to “success” in era of 2006-2010. After the struggle period, Garuda Indonesia will continue with an aggressive 5-year expansion program known as the „Quantum Leap‟. The program will drive the company to grow much bigger with wider network and better quality of service. Garuda Indonesia has three services hub in Indonesia. First, business hub, based in Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Jakarta.Second, leisure hub, based in NgurahRai International Airport in Denpasar, Bali. In order to improve flight capacity and frequency to eastern part of Indonesia, Garuda Indonesia launched a third hub at Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport in Makassar, South Sulawesi. Apart from the main business as full service airline, Garuda Indonesia Group also consists of Strategic Business Unit (SBU) and Subsidiaries. The SBUs are Garuda Cargo and Garuda Medical Center. The subsidiaries are PT Citilink Indonesia as Low Cost Carrier (LCC); PT Aerowisata (hotel, ground transportation, travel agent and catering); PT Abacus Distribution Systems Indonesia (global distribution system); PT Aero System Indonesia/Asyst (provider of IT services for the travel and transportation industry), and PT Garuda Maintenance Facility or known as GMF AeroAsia (aircraft maintenance, repair, and overhaul). In February 2011, Garuda Indonesia has taken historic step to become a public company and listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange.
  30. 30. Teknik Informatika | UniversitasPuteraBatam 26 PT. FEDERAL INTERNATIONAL FINANCE (FIF) PT. Federal International Finance (FIF) is a subsidiary of PT. Astra International Tbk., And joined in the Astra Financial Services. Company that was born in May 1989 under the name PT. MitrapusakaArta Finance is a finance company that is a business entity outside of banks and non-bank financial institutions specifically established to undertake the financing institution. FIF is also a consumer finance company (consumers finance company) is a business entity that is financing the procurement of goods for the needs of consumers with periodic installment payment system. Additionally FIF also called the financial institution financing activities in the form of provision of funds or capital goods by not withdraw funds directly from the public. It can be inferred from Article 1 paragraph 6 of Presidential Decree 61 of 1988 jo. Article 1 point (p) of the Decree of the Minister of Finance No1251/KMK.013/1988 consumer finance stating that the financing activities in the form of funds for the procurement of goods based on consumer needs with the system or periodic installment payments by consumers. And Article 1 paragraph 2 of Decree 61 of 1988 jo. Article 1 (b) SK. MOF Reg. 1251/KMK.013/1988 on financial institutions that conduct financial activities in the provision of funds or capital goods by not withdraw funds directly from the public. As for the legal basis for consumer finance is divided into two, namely:Substantive Legal Basis. The substantive law which is the basis of existence of consumer financing is an agreement between the parties under the principles of "freedom of contract" is an agreement between the creditor and financial companies as part of consumers as debtors. As far as not contrary to the principles of applicable law, then such agreement is valid and binding in full. It is based peda provisions of paragraph 1 of Article 1338 Civil Code which states that an agreement was made legally valid as the law makes .Basic Administrative Law.
  31. 31. Teknik Informatika | UniversitasPuteraBatam 27 As well as to other activities Financing Agency, it's got the basic consumer financing and momentum with the issuance of Decree 61 of 1988 on "Financing Agency" which was then followed up by the Minister of FinanceNo.1251/KMK.013/1988 about "Provisions and Procedures for the Implementation of Financing Institutions ". Where it is determined that one of these financing activities are channeled funds to a system called "Consumer Finance". Shariah banking is officially operating in Indonesia in 1992 has further adds to the national banking system. Shariah banks in Indonesia is PT. Tenets of Shariah Bank Indonesia Tbk., Or better known as BMI is based on Law No. 7 of 1992 on banking enhanced by Act No.10 of 1998. Under this law, conventional commercial banks are allowed to conduct business based on the principles of Shariah through the opening UUS (Sharia Business Unit). In addition to banks, financial institutions also opened UUS or also called venture with Shariah principles, the principle of Shari'ah is meant here is the rule of Islamic law based on the agreement between the bank and other parties to deposit funds or financing and business activities, other ataukegiatan declared fit with Shari'ah. Then apply with the opening UUS PT. FIF known as Sharia FIF. FIF Shariah has placed branches in several cities in Indonesia, although not as much as conventional branches, one of which is in the Holy city of domicile in office Panjunan 4-A, the location of Shari'ah FIF with a conventional roof. The principles applied have led to success FIF Sharia, can be seen with increasing from month to month customers are interested in the products on offer, then this is the fact that the Sharia FIF able to realize the benefit of the public's willingness to address the Ummah.
  32. 32. Teknik Informatika | UniversitasPuteraBatam 28 PT. TDK-EPCOS BATAM INDONESIA Jl. Epcos Jaya Blok B1-10 Panbil Industrial Area, Muka Kuning 29433 Batam, Indonesia EPCOS, a global leading manufacturer of electronic components and modules, has startedconstruction of a new plant in Batam, Indonesia. The new facility, which will be owned andoperated by the newly formed PT EPCOS Indonesia, will manufacture mainly temperaturesensor systems. These ceramic components are used in heating and cooling systems inautomobiles and domestic appliances. The new plant, which is located in the Panbill IndustrialPark, is scheduled to commence production in the summer 2008. For the new production facility EPCOS will invest a high single-digit million euro figure, thusrepresenting a further commitment to Indonesia as a manufacturing location in the fastgrowingAsian market. The new plant is an essential part of the restructuring of EPCOS‟activities in Batam. It will replace one of two sites currently operated by the Batam-basedsubcontractor PT Hi-Tech Agratektron Sempurna. By insourcing manufacturing on BatamIsland EPCOS will streamline its processes and further improve quality management. Withthe new plant, for example, logistics and incoming goods inspections will be consolidated intoone centralized operation. Moreover, the new plant offers expansion capacity for futuregrowth. Altogether, PT EPCOS Indonesia will employ approximately 1500 employees at thenew plant, when production begins in 2008.EPCOS‟
  33. 33. Teknik Informatika | UniversitasPuteraBatam 29 activities in Indonesia date back to 1990, when its predecessor Siemens contractedPT Hi-Tech to assemble ceramic components. As a manufacturing subcontractor PT Hi-Techprovides manpower, operation space and production facilities. EPCOS will continue to workclosely with PT Hi-Tech in the future. Besides temperature sensors and sensor systemsEPCOS‟ manufacturing portfolio in Batam currently comprises multilayer ceramic capacitors,disc varistors and PTC thermistors. About the EPCOS Group EPCOS AG is a leading manufacturer of electronic components and modules headquarteredin Munich, Germany. With its very broad portfolio EPCOS offers a comprehensive range ofproducts from a single source and focuses on fast- growing and technologically demandingmarkets, in particular in the areas of information and communication technology, automotive,industrial and consumer electronics. The EPCOS product portfolio includes capacitors andinductors, ceramic components, arresters, and surface and bulk acoustic wave components.The EPCOS Group has design, manufacturing and marketing facilities in Europe, Asia, and inNorth and South America. Increasingly, EPCOS is expanding its global research anddevelopment network by intensifying R&D activities at its production locations, primarily inEastern Europe and Asia. With its global presence EPCOS is able to provide customers withlocal development know-how and support in the early phases of their projects.Electronic components are found in virtually every electrical and electronic product and areindispensable for their flawless operation. Products from EPCOS store electrical energy,select frequencies, and protect against overvoltage and overcurrent. SAW components, Highly integrated front-end module for smartphones
  34. 34. Teknik Informatika | UniversitasPuteraBatam 30 TDK Corporation presents the new highly integrated EPCOS D5058 front- end module for smartphones. In addition to the conventional GSM bands at 850, 900, 1800 and 1900 MHz, it also covers WCDMA bands 1, 2, 4 and 5, as well as LTE bands 2, 4, 5 and 17. Apart from three conventional SAW filters and five duplexers, the module contains the band selection switches and decoders as well as an ESD protection circuit for up to 4 kV at the antenna output. This new front- end module thus offers the highest level of integration possible today. In addition to its high integration density, the D5058 front-end module is characterized by highly compact dimensions of only 8.0 x 4.95 x 1.0 mm³. Depending on the band and filter, the insertion loss is between 1.2 and 3.8 dB. These integrated EPCOS front-end solutions allow developers to implement smartphones and conventional mobile phones in the usual compact dimensions despite the integration of additional functions. In comparison with discrete solutions, EPCOS front-end modules permit the footprint on the board to be reduced by up to 40 percent. Main applications Smartphones and conventional mobile phones Main features and benefits Covers the most important GSM, WCDMA and LTE bands Integration of three SAW filters and five duplexers Minimal dimensions of only 8.0 x 4.95 x 1.0 mm³ Film capacitors, MKP high density series expanded
  35. 35. Teknik Informatika | UniversitasPuteraBatam 31 TDK Corporation has expanded the high density series of EPCOS MKP film capacitors with two new voltage classes. The B32774* to B32778* series of DC link film capacitors are now available for rated voltages of 575 V DC and 900 V DC. Altogether the series cover rated voltages of 450 V DC, 575 V DC (new), 800 V DC, 900 V DC (new), 1100 V DC, and 1300 V DC. The capacitors offer capacitance values ranging from 1.0 μF to 110 μF and are designed for operating temperatures of up to 105 °C. Thanks to their low ESR values of down to less than 2.0 mΩ, they feature a current capability of up to 20 ARMS at 70 °C and 10 kHz. The capacitors exhibit minimal capacitance drift over the entire operating life of 200,000 hours. The MKP capacitors are self-healing, which significantly reduces the risk of failure even in the event of peaks and overvoltages. The new voltages provide additional flexibility to circuit designers. The specifications can now be met more accurately with the smallest possible component and reduced cost without sacrificing reliability. Due to their very good electrical characteristics the EPCOS MKP high density series is suitable for use in DC link and DC filtering functions in power converters. Thanks to their long operating lives the capacitors can be used in applications with high demands on reliability. Examples are power supplies in industrial electronics such as photovoltaic inverters, x-ray equipment, LED street lighting, induction cooktops, or charging devices. The capacitors are available with a lead spacing of 27.5 mm to 52.5 mm for PCB mounting. In addition to the conventional 2 pin designs, 4 pin designs offer enhanced mechanical stability against shocks and vibration so that the capacitors can be used in automotive electronics applications as well. Glossary  MKP: metallized polypropylene; the capacitor winding consists of a metallized polypropylene foil (dielectric) that is just a few µm thick.  Self-healing: dielectric breakdown induced by overvoltages causes a local vaporization of the metallization so that the capacitor remains functional.
  36. 36. Teknik Informatika | UniversitasPuteraBatam 32 Main applications  DC link capacitors in power supplies and frequency converters with high demands on reliability.  Film capacitors in switch-mode power supplies. Main features and benefits  Broad range of rated voltages from 450 V DC to 1300 V DC.  Low ESR values of down to >2,0 mΩ.  High current capability of up to 20 ARMS.  Long operating life of 200,000 h.  4-pin designs available with enhanced mechanical stability.
  37. 37. Teknik Informatika | UniversitasPuteraBatam 33 PT.VARTA MICROBATTERY INDONESIA Vartaestabelished 1960 and headquarted in Germany, Before headed by PtMr.LenderVartamicrobattery headed by Mr. SEA, PT VartaMicrobaterry center in Germany. In the PT Varta there are some managers who lead byDalinur as HR PT. VartaMicrobatteryBatam, and there Suyono as Production Manager in the field Pt.Varta VartaMicrobattery. Management GmbH based in Germany eventually replace President Director of PT VartaMicrobattery Indonesia, located in Batam. Jurgen Lindner of Germany would otherwise occupy the position. In a release received batamtoday, Saturday (06/16/2012) at 17:15 pm, the turn of the President Director of PT VartaMicrobattery Indonesia was based on the importance of the plant in Batam in supporting growth strategies VartaMicrobattery globally."MicrobatteryVarta in Germany underscores the importance of their factory in Batam, Indonesia, and their long-term strategy in Batam," read the release. Substitution president also mentioned it will bring new management that gives the company's growth strategy and provide adequate and sustainable solutions in labor issues are hot in recent months.For several weeks, VartaMicrobattery affected by a labor dispute at the factory Batam. However, VARTA Microbattery management board has decided to streng the Indonesian factories in Batam."Batam is a leading location for VartaMicrobattery. Labor issues will not affect our business or on our confidence in Batam," said Herbert Schein, CEO VARTA Microbattery."To enhance our growth strategy, we have to announce that Dr. Lindner was appointed as President Director immediately VartaMicrobattery," said Schein.Jurgen Lindner joined Varta since 1988 and held several positions with high responsibility. In addition, Lindner is a specialist in the field of lithium ion battery systems are recognized around the world and has a PhD in chemistry. VARTA Microbattery GmbH is a leading international manufacturer of OEM and retail batteries with more than 100 years of experience. We develop and
  38. 38. Teknik Informatika | UniversitasPuteraBatam 34 produce batteries of all electrochemical system types and sizes in Ellwangen, Germany. With professional teams in the fields of engineering, production, logistics and distribution we meet the requirements of customers around the world. As a global systems supplier, we are capable of offering effective, customer-specific battery solutions. We invest continuously in research and development to ensure our position as an innovation leader. Our focus is on providing high-quality products that guarantee maximum customer satisfaction. VARTA Microbattery provides energy for Mobile Communications, PC, Notebooks, Consumer Electronics, Wireless Technologies, Electronic Assemblies, Industrial Applications, Automotive and Medical Applications. Products: Primary Batteries o Alkaline Button o Alkaline Cylindrical o Lithium Button o Lithium Cylindrical o Lithium Button o Zinc Air Cells o Silver Oxide Button Custom Power Pack Solutions o CellPac PLUS Rechargeable Batteries o NiMH Button o NiMH Cylindrical and Prismatic o Lithium Button o Lithium Polymer o Lithium Cylindrical and Prismatic
  39. 39. Teknik Informatika | UniversitasPuteraBatam 35 CLOSING Company profiles are an excellent way to research companies you are considering hiring or working with. As a company, company profiles give you a way to create a business-focused page that describes your products and services, identifies personnel, presents offers and promotions, and gives interested parties an easy way to contact you. A great company profile can engage and attract the right customers or supporters for a business, or it can bore them to sleep driving them to your competitors which are easily googled in seconds. For media attention, a business needs an intriguing profile to entice editors or reporters to gain an understanding of the company's mission, products, services, personnel and uniqueness.To acquire financing, a comprehensive company profile should be submitted with a business plan to feature unique qualifications of the company or personnel, that aren't generally outlined in a business plan.
  40. 40. Teknik Informatika | UniversitasPuteraBatam 36 BIBLIOGRAPHY artseite,locale=en.html

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