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Soft Skills Training Modules for College Students


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Innovative Education start up that pioneered soft/life skills training for school/college children in India.

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Soft Skills Training Modules for College Students

  1. 1. MODULE FOR COLLEGES 1. Business Etiquette Art of greeting Art of introductions Art of sitting, standing, walking (Role play) Art of addressing protocol in a business hierarchy Art of conversations,- topics to avoid, small talk Art of being firm, polite, yet business like Interacting with a difficult client (Role Play) How to leave a lasting impression Telephone Etiquette The correct Fax, E-mail and letter writing etiquette Business Etiquette Cellphone Etiquette Communication Skills Addressing titles Art of Public Speaking Peer Pressure, and where to draw the line Board Room etiquette Interview etiquette (Role Play) Business Body Language Anger Management Time Management
  2. 2. MODULE FOR COLLEGES 2. Social Etiquette Art of entertaining: a) In Hotel   b) At Home Art of Gifting Art of Thank you notes Art of greeting, walking, sitting and conversing (Role play) Interacting and conversing socially Party / cocktail etiquette Art of Conversation in a social gathering Dealing with a Senior Official/VIP Understanding social ethos
  3. 3. MODULE FOR COLLEGES 3. Image Enhancing Personality development Confidence building Voice Modulation-Pronunciation Fitness-how to keep yourself business fit Protocol in a social scenario Body language Dress code- the Art of dressing Color combination to suit one's personality Hygiene and sanitation Hair care/Skin care Make up for ladies
  4. 4. COURSE DURATION: 40 Hours Course Fee: Rs.4000 per candidate (This Training Module is 100% Customizable as per the needs of the client)