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Project Definition Document


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Basically it's my 3rd year project.Project Title: Human Resource Management and Payroll System.

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Project Definition Document

  1. 1. Submitted to : Md. Sajedul Hoque. Lecturer Dept. Of CSE University of Chittagong Submitted by Group E. Group Member 1.Aseem Chakrabarthy(12205078) 2.NusratTasnim (12205070) 3. Obaidullah rahman imon(12205067) 4.Rafat nasir(12205017) 5.Sadek Romel(12205005) 6. Mohammad Munir(12205030)
  2. 2. Outlines 0f Project  Project Title  Problem Statements  Project Objectives  Preliminary Solutions  Project Scope  Time Duration & Cost for Feasibility Study  Conclusion
  3. 3. CU Automation: HR & Payroll System
  4. 4. Background of our Project  Organization: HR Department , University of Chittagong  Functions:  Finding new employee  Selecting candidates  Making payment of employee  Promotion  Dismissal of employee Number of Employee: 1500 Category of employees: (1) Officers (2) Staffs
  5. 5. Problems of Existing System Manual system is not satisfactory because: (1) There are too many employees. (2) It’s difficult to calculate a huge number of calculations.
  6. 6. Problem Solution  Solution: Computerized system could be the solution.
  7. 7. Project Scope Analyst’s functions: (1) Administrator’s budget: 5 lakhs. (2) Development cost: *Analyst’s salary=150000 *Designer’s salary=100000 *Programmer’s total salary=200000 *Other’s cost=50000 (3)Estimate cost & duration for next step: *Duration: 2 weeks *Cost: 10000.
  8. 8. Feasibility Report  Title: Payroll system and HR  Problem statement: * Present system is low *Present system is not cost-effective *Present system is not secured.  Project objectives: To investigate more efficient, cost effective and secured system.
  9. 9.  Preliminary Solutions: One possible solution would be to computerize HM & payroll System.A system with one server and at least 3 work stations will be required.  Project scope: The project cost, development cost should not be more than 5.00 lakhs.  Feasibility Study : One Analyst will perform feasibility study in order to investigate possibilities for the project. The cost and duration of doing feasibility study are 10,000TK (Ten Thousand Taka ) and 2 (Two) weeks .
  10. 10. THE END