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Simple solutions educational services nap time solutions!


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Simple solutions educational services nap time solutions!

  1. 1. Simple Solutions Educational ServicesNAP time Simple Solutions! Angela Searcy, M.S.Simple Solutions Educational Services 708-845-2343/866-660-3899 Simple Solutions Educational Services © 2011 866-660-3899
  2. 2. Developed by: Angela Searcy, M.S.• Angela Searcy M.S. holds a B.A. degree in English and secondary education with teacher certification though the state of Illinois and a M.S. degree in early childhood development from Erikson Institute, with a specialization in infant studies and a credential in developmental therapy. Angela is a Diversifying in Higher Education in Illinois Fellow at Argosy University in the Doctor of Education Program• Angela is the owner and founder of Simple Solutions Educational Services, has over 20 years of experience in the field of education, is an approved professional development provider by the Illinois State Board of Education, a national literacy trainer for the Multisensory Training Institute (MTI) in Needham, MA, and Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning (CSEFEL) at Vanderbilt University and an adjunct professor at Rasmussen College• A former associate at the Neuropsychology Diagnostic Center in Orland Park, Illinois, Angela has specialized training as a neuro-developmental specialist and is a nationally recognized speaker with extensive experience working with professionals, young children, and their families as an early childhood teacher, child development specialist, staff developer, mental health consultant, parent educator, language arts teacher, college professor and tutor. Her expertise encompasses developing behavior modification programs from a neuropsychological perspective, and creating professional development grounded in neuroscience research related to adult learning.• She has been featured on Chicago Public Radio’s Chicago Matters, Chicago Parent and Chicago Baby Magazines and is a regular speaker for the Learning and the Brain Conference Sponsored by Harvard, Yale and Stanford Universities. Simple Solutions Educational Simple Solutions For School Success! 1-866-660-3899 © 2011 Services 866-660-3899
  3. 3. Take photos of steps to NAP• Create a book ( literacy, step by step sequencing) as a project. Have a copy in the room and SEND it home so parents can read it to their child.• Read the book before nap daily!• IT works BEST if you take photos of your room and your students• This is something you can have as a CENTER – so children can “practice” steps with dolls in dramatic play. Play “nap” with kids first few weeks of school.• Talk about nap with your “nap puppet” first weeks of schools at Solutions Educational Simple circle time Services © 2011 866-660-3899
  4. 4. Nap time• Movement before nap ( for certain children )• Melatonin: hormone that makes you sleepy• Books on tape ( different than music)• Nap time helper ( stagger sleep for children who struggle)• Nap baggies ( after sleepers get to sleep)• As long as they are QUIET and NOT hurting anyone is the goal –don’t nit pick• Start nap music during tale end of lunch (play same music) Simple Solutions Educational Services © 2011 866-660-3899
  5. 5. Nap continued …• Put stuff on ceiling to look at• Ready, steady, go! Super napper! Super box!—get prize for going to sleep first• Mr. Nap Puppet• Quiet get a turn changing music –they fall asleep before their turn• Have a quiet sensory box ready for non-sleepers• Put cots down during lunch to make transition faster• Nap story with steps to nap• Make song that tells them to do stuff on cot ( grab a star) Sign language songs –they could sing with sign and be silent• Sweet dream spray/dust/ lavender or vanilla extract or spices for “dust”• Play possum• Ball massage ---children can be massagers –it can be a job• Nap wand/sleep lotion (Services © Educational allergies ) Simple Solutions make 2011 no sure 866-660-3899
  6. 6. Nap song"Find my cot, I find my cot, My Bodysworked so hard. Spread my sheet I spreadmy sheet, my bodies worked so hard. ..{..Stretch my hands...touch my toes...sit onmy cot.....stretch my legs......stretch myback (they all lay down on theirbacks).....close my eyes.....turn off the light(teacher does this while they sing) Children won’t talk because they will be singing! Simple Solutions Educational Services © 2011 866-660-3899
  7. 7. Want to See More? Contact us for a free Consultation! Weprovide on-site training, staff development, and webinars that are custom made to fit your staff needs. We offer CDA credits! Email Find us on LinkedIn and Face book! Simple Solutions Educational Services © 2011 866-660-3899