Judas by elder don ellis


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Judas by elder don ellis

  1. 1. JUDAS By: Elder Don Ellis
  2. 2. I feel impressed and burdened or saddened bythis continual argument of being skilled to detectthe non-elect or hell bound people in thescripture. We have to believe that certainpeople in the bible have to go to this eternaltorment just to be counted as a Primitive Baptist.It is a great pressure among our ministers whenone changes from believing that Judas wa~ achild of God, you can just laugh all the way tothe fellowship bank. Other wise if you maintainthat the elect family of God is of a very corruptnature and can commit any sin that therighteous wrath of our God is greatly opposedto, you then are considered a heretic. InMathew 18:32-35, would it be right for us to saythat God would freely, graciously forgive this tenthousand talent debt, and then change and sendthis man to eternal hell because he would notforgive others? Who would you say thetormentors were? If Judas was a thief, not onethat acted like a thief, then whom did God havein mind when it was written, "Thou shalt notsteal?" Are our eyes so sharp that we can seeone of the non-elect even better than we cansee the elect? Do not we judge and comparethese people with our own sinful nature incomparison with what they did? Would not oureyes be full of darkness?The first scripture mentioned was Mathew 10: 1,Jesus calls his 12 diSCiples unto him and gives 1
  3. 3. them power against or over unclean spirits tocast them out and to heal alt manner of sicknessand all manner of disease, Judas is namedamong these men. When this command wasgiven all twelve were included. The 11th chapterbegins by stating that all twelve were still there.When each had received power to cast out evilspirits is this not contradictory to the words ofChrist in Luke 11 :15-20? Christ is accused of ,.casting out devils by the spirit of the devil orSatan. His answer is, if Satan also be dividedagainst himself, how shall his kingdom stand?Verse 20 is very plain "But if I with the finger ofGod cast out devils, no doubt the kingdom of iGod is come upon you."Mathew 10:5-6: These twelve Jesus sent forthand commanded them saying "Go not in the wayof the Gentiles, and into any city of theSamaritans enter ye not. But go rather to thelost sheep of the house of Israel." Would ourJesus Christ send a devil to the lost sheep of thehouse of Israel? Verse 16: Behold I send youforth as sheep in the midst of wolves, be yetherefore wise as serpents and harmless asdoves." This seems to teach that the twelvewere by nature as sheep timid and meek andweak and they were to go among wolves whowere much more powerful. Did Christ send hisdisciples to preach to the non-elect who are 2
  4. 4. supposed to be so much more sinful than 1heelect? I· beJieve the wolves are the elect, the lostsheep who are following their Adam natures andare lost in practicing law, feeling that otherpeople are so much greater sinners thanthemselves. Shall we say, like the Pharisees(Verse 10:19) "Take no thought how or what youshall speak, for it shan be given you in that samehour what you shall speak." Verse 20: "For it isnot ye that speak but the Spirit of your Fatherwhich speakest." Did the Spirit of Judas fatherspeak in him? Was God his Father? IIlf youspeak what the Father says you will be hatedbut he that endureth to the end shall be saved."One of the elect does not have to endure to theend of his life to go to heaven. That end is fixedin Gods sight by the shed blood of our LordJesus Christ, but this child can lose his part inthe Kingdom of God if he does not endure thepersecutions of powerful men. This is whatJudas lost as well as we can when we fear whatmen can do to us rather than fearing our God.Verse 38: "And he that taketh not his cross andfolloweth after me is not worthy of me," Verse39: "He that findeth his life shall lose it." If youfollow the commandments of men to have abetter life you will lose it. This did Judas, Hegot powerful men on his side and lost hisfellowship with God. 3
  5. 5. This damning piece of evidence in John 6:70-71about Judas is damning, not just about Judasbut to us all that are prone to lie. Jesus says heis a devil and not one possessed ofadevil.Jesus says it plainly "and one ofyou is a devil"but he did not say the devil. What Jesus reallysaid was, and one of you is a liar: In a GreekConcordance, everywhere the word ·diabotos isfound, it is always used meaning devil or liar.But, in all places where it is as speaking of aperson it is rendered "the devil", That is except4 places it is rendered a devil or as a synonymof it to describe a liar such as slanderer or falseaccuser. These words are found in John 6:70;1Timothy 3:11 as slanderer, 2Timothy 3:3 is awarning against men that are lovers ofthemselves that can be false accusers (devils),lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God, Isnot the fellowship power in the Primitive BaptistChurch controlled by such men? Titus 2:3 iswritten to aged women not to be false accusersas they are to teach the young women to besober, to love their husbands, to love theirchildren, to be discreet, chaste keepers at home,obedient to their husbands that the word of Godbe not blasphemed, See what a false accuseror devil can do among the brethren of thechurch. These four scriptures are theadmonitions to the children of God not spoken tothe non-elect. Now if this fault is found in ourchurches, which actually is quite common, then 4
  6. 6. do we publicly exclude them as non-electwithout any repentance? In John 6:70 Jesus isnot calling Judas the devil but a devil or -liar.John 8:30: In this part of the article the questionis not about Judas, but is about whether or notone of the elect or child of God have the devil fora father. In John 8:24 Jesus speaks: "I saidtherefore unto you that ye shall die in your sins,for if you believe not that I am he ye shall die inyour sins. Now a child of God or the. elect does Ifnot have to believe on Jesus to go to heaven, ­but he can die unforgiven if he does not believeon Jesus in this world. Verse 30: "as he spakethese words many believed on him. Then saidJesus to those Jews which believed on him, Ifyou continue in my word, then are you mydisciples indeed. And you shall know the truth,and the truth shall make you free." Here arechildren of God in their lamb or babe state beingencouraged to become disciples or a pupil or alearner, or followers. Now here is where newchurch members begin to fall away or cease togrow in grace and knowledge of the truth. Thedevil begins to tell them that this is too hard.Brethren around them in their lives prove it is tooself-sacrificing to follow the Lord. They look atthe Kingdom of Heaven and see the strait gateand the narrow way and decide the broad way iseasier. This all comes from the Devil whoteaches them there is a more fun or easier way. s
  7. 7. JUDAS By: Elder Don Ellis
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