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Offshoring Global HR services - A blueprint


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A brief note to describe how Offshoring HR (HR Shared Service) can help an organisation to achieve business efficiency and cost optimisation in the Global Business Environment.

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Offshoring Global HR services - A blueprint

  1. 1. A Blueprint -Offshoring HR Service/HR Shared Service Deepak Sharmah Global HR Specialist
  2. 2. Offshoring HR Services is a shared service model of business operation where substantial onsite HR work/functions can be carried out from offshore. This model of business operation can lead to organizational effectiveness provided that various internal processes are strategized and streamlined within the organization. The HR functions or HR sub systems are linked to various other enabling functions in any organization where it is impossible to map the effectiveness of various HR functions without appropriate support from other crucial functional departments. When majority of crucial functions of any organization are located at offshore(or any central remote location) and crucial decisions are driven there, Offshoring service does play a vital role in creating synergy among various other functional departments across the organization. With special reference to an organization based out in India or any remote centralized location (who operates in the Global World) , Offshoring of HR Services/HR Shared service can play a crucial role in defining a new strategic meaning to Global HR Operations. Following are the key highlights of offshoring HR Service /HR Shared Service  Onboarding: Induction of employees at offshore.  Buddy Program: Assigning buddy to employees.  Employee handshake: Initiating handshake process for employees with all onsite key contacts.  Query handling: Employee grievance and query handing(Creation of centralized HR helpdesk)  Employee Connect Initiatives: Driving various employees connect initiatives for employees who are generally located /scattered across various locations.  Employee Engagement: Driving employee engagement activities.  Employee Communication: Releasing various employee communications as appropriate.  Automation: Driving and rolling out various automation interventions that would aim at business process efficiency.  Process improvement: Improvising the existing process with the help of various inputs from onsite HR, Employee Interaction experience and other enabling function.  Exit Interview: Exit interviews can be taken from offshore.  Reports: Preparing and Publishing various HR reports /Dashboards. Offshoring HR Services /HR Shared Service predominantly try to achieve the following organizational objectives:  Improving TAT (Turnaround Time) to deliver services.  Cost Optimization.  Smooth and Effective coordination between various enabling teams across the globe.