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An angle of interpretation on PMS


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Let's check out something about PMS today.

Published in: Career
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An angle of interpretation on PMS

  1. 1. An angle of Interpretation on PMS PMS should more focus on development needs of employees which we can call it as Training Need Identification (TNI). The PMS system should be able to show the progression status of identified development needs. This will enable employees to understand the importance of PMS which is unlike typical appraisal process in the organisation.Generally; PMS has become a system to manage self-performance. Majority of our HR colleagues spend time to administer PMS rather than improvement of the same. So, technically, when we (HR) talk about PMS, we are saying how we are doing things under the umbrella of PMS (which are instructed) wherein we are unable to catch the attention on performance improvement mechanisms. So, How many of us are thinking to work towards a system that is nurturing the in house talent and enabling skill up-gradation? Do we think that our existing PMS system is aligned to meet the expectations of employees? It is very important to think about reengineering PMS today especially when we have influx of Generation Y in the organization. Deepak K Sharmah An HR Enthusiast