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Domestic violence


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Domestic violence

  1. 1. Domestic violence
  2. 2. OverviewWhat is Domestic Violence?Teen Dating Abuse.What causes it?What are the signs?How to get out of an abusive relationship.Who to contact.
  3. 3. ThesisThe topic I chose is domestic violence. Domestic violenceis when one or both people in a relationship are beingabused. They could be getting abused emotionally orphysically but either way it’s still abuse and it’sconsidered domestic violence. The easiest way to stop theabuse is to get out of the relationship while you still can.
  4. 4. DefinitionDomestic Violence is when one or both partners in arelationship is being physically or mentally abused outof power and control.Who are the victims?Who are the abusers?
  5. 5. Physical AbuseWhat is it?What causes it?
  6. 6. Emotional/Mental AbuseWhat is it?What causes it?
  7. 7. Economic AbuseMoneyJobQuality time with family domestic_violence_abuse_types_signs_causes_effects.htm g0T7Ukgh9aM/s320/money.jpg
  8. 8. CausesEnvironmentPoor self-esteemDrug and/or alcohol abuse
  9. 9. Signs/What To Look Out ForFearControlLow self-esteemFeeling emotionally helplessPut downsIgnore opinions/accomplishments
  10. 10. Teen Dating Abuse vs. Domestic ViolenceTeens=Emotionally attachedAdults=Scared to leave
  12. 12. Myths“Some people deserve to be hit.”“Alcohol and drugs cause dating abuse”“Women only get beat”“Only poor people are victims”“Domestic Violence doesn’t happen in myneighborhood”
  13. 13. StatisticsOne in four women experienced domestic violence inher lifetime.50% of the men who beat their wives, abused theirchildren.In 2004, 1,544 deaths were domestic violence relatedand 25% of the deaths were males and 75% werewomen.
  14. 14. “He says he won’t do it again”“I’m sorry”“I do it because I can’t control my anger.”
  15. 15. How it starts...JealousyControl issues
  16. 16. Death Before it’s too late...Injuries Permanent Temporary
  17. 17. How to get out...CounselingHelp from adults, friends, familyPolice!
  18. 18. Personal Relevance Family members, friends, & neighbors. Why others should care?
  19. 19. Application ComponentMultiple slidesUse pictures, videos, etc.Approximately 8-12 minutes
  20. 20. Donating clothes, shoes, etc. +2009+(11).jpg
  21. 21. “Working to End Domestic Violence” Women and children. Locations. Donations.
  22. 22. VideoImbed videos into your slides as needed.Will break up some of your information and speaking.
  23. 23. OrganizationsLaurel House http://www.laurel-house.orgMarian’s Attic’s Way Communities & many more...
  24. 24. Works CitedJust citations
  25. 25. Class ActivityIdeas: Jeopardy Situation Cards True or false (Statistics)
  26. 26. ConclusionWhat did you learn?