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Helpful Guide for Saving Money in Leasing a Car


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Here we are providing a helpful presentation that can be useful for those who are thinking to lease a car rather than buy a new car. Watch it carefully and save you money in leasing a new car.


Published in: Automotive
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Helpful Guide for Saving Money in Leasing a Car

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Car Leasing Guide - How to Save Money? Car Leasing Guide - How to Save Money? Car leasing allows you to drive the car of your dream without having a huge amount of cash. Perhaps you are thinking that it is better to purchase second-hand or used car rather than purchasing the latest and most up-to-date car brand. You don’t have to envy those people who drive luxury cars.
  3. 3. You can easily achieve that when you lease a car. In general, a new car model will be outdated form three up to five years from now. You may want to purchase the latest ones but you are stuck and struggling to sell your car for anywhere that close to what you paid for at the first place.
  4. 4. Many people nowadays are considering not owning a car. Instead, they turn their interest to personal car leasing since it is more profitable and cost effective. It allows you to drive the latest car model without spending too much of your hard earned money.
  5. 5. . Also, you can change the car model or car brand after the leasing date is over. Between two to three years, the value of a certain car will be lessening. it is known as depreciation car rate. Car leasing system is based upon the principle that you are paying the deprecation rate of the vehicle plus a small amount of profits. Buying or Leasing
  6. 6. Numbers speaks by them, you might prepare or at least pay £20,000 which includes the tax and insurance. After three years and so, the value of the car will be lessen from 20 up to 40 percent. Do the Math
  7. 7. . Let us presume that the car you bought will become £14,000 later. That means you loss £7,500 without estimating the maintenance and repairs. While when it comes with cheap car leasing, you are going to pay £8,750 for five years with a normal instalment rate and monthly rate for about £200 up to £500. Overall, you are living through the good life.
  8. 8. It most cases, buying your very own car is outright when you are aiming to use the vehicle for a long period of time. It may cost the same amount when you make the most out of it. However, consider that you still need to keep most of your money for repairs and maintenance while on the other hand car leasing provides warranty whereas you no longer have to worry about a thing when it comes with repairs and other maintenance
  9. 9. Of course car leasing is not as simple as you are paying for a certain fee of service. Basically, there are mileage limitation that you have to consider in order to avoid any penalties and further charges. The good news is, this is not as bad as it sounds. Car leasing made easy
  10. 10. There are car leasing company that are willing to amend their car leasing deals for the sake of their customers’ satisfaction and convenience. Keep in mind that leasing is no difference from owning a car since you have to take good care of it since the car is not actually yours in the first place. Small scratches are forgivable when you return the car while a wretched car means a lot of payments you have to deal with.