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SpinTO Screen Projections


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Limited set of visuals that were projected at the SpinTO fundraising project kick-off party at the Mod Club in Toronto on May 15, 2009. Learn more at

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SpinTO Screen Projections

  1. 1. “AIDS knows no race, gender or sex – supporting our friends and family suffering from the disease is as important as curing it.” Ryan Taylor Gold Sponsor
  2. 2. $5,676,979 Total raised for the Toronto People with AIDS Foundation by the Bike Rally since 1998
  3. 3. “I’m sponsoring to support my brothers and sisters who are living with HIV/AIDS so they may have a more comfortable, healthy life.” Amrita Chandra Silver Sponsor
  4. 4. Win great stuff from our sponsors! Get your raffle tickets from our fabulous volunteers and models
  5. 5. $2,981 Average amount raised by each rider in 2008
  6. 6. “Bike Rally + geeks + PWA + queers = FTW. SpinTO is community cross!pollination at its very best. Online, in person and with an admirable goal. It's more than party it's building another kind of community.” Ian Capstick Silver Sponsor
  7. 7. There was no Twitter in 1981. #SpinTO
  8. 8. “It’s important to support our community whenever possible either by paying it forward, or backwards, or up, or down. CNW Group is excited to be involved as a sponsor of SpinTO, bringing together so many different groups for one great cause.” Heather Morrison Silver Sponsor
  9. 9. Raleigh Coasting Get raffle tickets to win this bike! Donated by
  10. 10. $25,875 Highest amount ever raised by a single rider
  11. 11. “We are supporting the event because we support the community and the combination of a great cause, a great event, and a great call to action!” Jennifer Evans Silver Sponsor
  12. 12. Get your photo taken by! Upstairs at the SpinTO Photobooth
  13. 13. 2,105 people served by Toronto People with AIDS Foundation in the last year
  14. 14. $1,208,000 Total raised for the Toronto People with AIDS Foundation by the Bike Rally in 2008
  15. 15. “We’ve not forgotten those two fundamental parts of our work, and even though we now sell our wine around the world, we appreciate the fundamental importance and strength of local communities.” Ted Robinson Silver Sponsor
  16. 16. SOLID GOLD
  17. 17. Order the Cause-Mo! A portion of all sales go directly to the Toronto People with AIDS Foundation!
  18. 18. “SpinTO is about people. For me, it's a chance to support my friends, support the community and support a great cause. Plus there's no chance in hell that I'm riding from Toronto to Montreal, so my donation is way less than the investment to actually do the ride.” David Crow Community Sponsor
  19. 19. 20 Support Vans for Riders 190 Outfit Changes for Safety Crew
  20. 20. “We heard about SpinTO through Twitter, and a challenge to raise some money ... that’s all it took. quot;This is a great cause, and we’re honored to be able to help.” David Suydam Silver Sponsor
  21. 21. 5,851 Number of times Toronto People with AIDS Foundation food bank accessed in the last year
  22. 22. $2,500 in Custom Bridal or Engagement Jewellery! Bid now at the auction table! Donated by
  23. 23. “The bike rally is an awesome platform to raise awareness for a great cause. quot;The team at Cycle Solutions is proud to be involved in such a dynamic event.” Kale Powell Silver Sponsor
  24. 24. 317 registered riders 108 volunteer crew members
  25. 25. “Harlequin is a longtime supporter of causes that are of concern to women and believes in giving back to its community. We’re proud to sponsor SpinTO's fundraising efforts.” Jayne Hoogenberk Community Supporter
  26. 26. 1,000 km Average distance riders train before departure
  27. 27. Rider Speed over 20 km/h Walking Speed 6 km/h
  28. 28. 161 Individual turns from Toronto to Montreal requiring route markings
  29. 29. “We see it as a way to say thank you to many great local communities at once and ask them to welcome us as a new community partner.quot;” Saul Colt Silver Sponsor
  30. 30. 2,007 km Combined distance of all GTA training rides
  31. 31. Specialized Globe Centrum Get raffle tickets to win this bike! Donated by
  32. 32. 300 Tents in the Bike Rally camp every evening
  33. 33. Ian Amell’s “Aarenical” Limited edition of 5, comes 44! x 34! framed. Bid now at the auction table! Donated by
  34. 34. “We’re passionate supporters of people in our community who are working to make it a better place. quot;We really admire the spirit and conviction behind SpinTO and grateful for the opportunity to help.” Rob Hyndman Silver Sponsor
  35. 35. Alabaster #16 Orange Alabaster 7” Tall, 10” Long, 4” Wide Bid now at the auction table! Donated by Julianna Yau
  36. 36. Thanks to all our amazing volunteers that are making SpinTO possible tonight! Alexa Clark Michelle Turingan Alistair Morton Mike Clark Andrew Lane Navid Taslimi Casie Stewart Nico D’Cruz Chris Ragobeer Paige Freeborn Colette Bayani Pamela Quiroga Dan Hocking Phouphet Sihavong Duarte Da Silva Qasim Virjee Erin Bury Rochelle Latinsky Gabe Toth Rohan Jayakasera Gerry Thorpe RT Lechow Glen Daniel Ryan Taylor Heather Craig Sheldon McIntosh Jaime Woo Wade Borges Jed Kilbourn Wendy Koslow Lee Dale Wesley Hodgson Martin Kuplens!Ewart ... and many more! COMMUNITY FTW