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Customer Exp Brochure Speaking Engagement


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Customer Experience

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Customer Exp Brochure Speaking Engagement

  1. 1. the Customer experience & engagement event Building Powerful, Profitable Connections by Doing the Right Things Right April 27-29, 2009 Find Your Way Through the Leadership create believers & Take action of a 25-Year Veteran on customer conversations Rosen Shingle Creek Resort Roy A. Barnes Douglas Atkin Customer Experience Expert; Former Senior Vice Author, “The Culting of Brands” President, Customer Experience Development Chief Community Officer Orlando, FL MarrioTT VacaTion cLub MeeTuP.coM How to Mark a clear Path to customer apply the Lens of the customer to Satisfaction every Touchpoint Mickey McManus Teri Yanovitch Learn How to Maximize President & CEO Co-Author, “Unleashing Excellence” MaYa DeSign, inc. Former Seminar Leader Every Interaction DiSneY inSTiTuTe Future Drivers of u.S. economic growth build Loyalty from the inside-out Gina Martin Adams Pete Winemiller Economic Expert; Institutional Equity Strategy Vice President, Guest Relations WacHoVia nba’S oKLaHoMa ciTY THunDer Designing Design customer Feedback Systems Communicating Mobilize Your Fans to create great the Customer to Maximize Value with Customers Word of Mouth Neil A. Morgan Experience Jill Ouellette Associate Professor Director, Consumer Services inDiana uniVerSiTY Lego Prioritization & resource allocation Satisfy generation 3.0 through for Profitability World-class Self-Help experiences Scott Ackerman Tish Whitcraft Vice President, Customer Care Measuring Empowering Senior Vice President, Customer Experience & Operations eHarMonY MYSPace Performance your Team Stand out in a cluttered World Translate Your business intent into Marc Wagenheim Tangible actions Product Marketing Director HaLLMarK buSineSS eXPreSSionS Kevin Clark Program Director, Brand and Values Experience 1 ibM corPoraTion Fine-tune your customer experience management strategy 32 by walking through the customer experience maze with the experts Information Partners Every dollar spent needs to be more targeted than ever at getting crucial customer returns: Learn about the loyalty and satisfaction metrics that are most valuable in predicting future business performance reasons 3 to attend Connect customer experience to bottom-line performance: Get the inside scoop on prioritizing and delivering the right customer experience to the right customers—and boosting your profitability as a result TO RegiSTeR: Call: 800-647-7600 or 781-939-2500 • Fax: 781-939-2543 • e-mail: •
  2. 2. The Customer experience & engagement event Who You Will Meet An exciting, experienced group of cross-industry leaders will Building Powerful, Profitable Connections by Doing the Right Things Right convene at this powerful event. Attendee Profile / Expertise Customer Experience These are trying times, but challenging economic conditions don’t mean Operations • Every dollar spent needs to be more targeted than ever at getting crucial that business stops. Quite the contrary, life goes on … in new, more creative, customer returns: Learn about the loyalty and satisfaction metrics that are most Customer Strategy valuable in predicting future business performance more industrious ways. Insights/Research Customer Satisfaction What’s vital in this next generation of business? Customer experience. Getting • Customer is king and expectations are constantly rising: Hear how customers- Loyalty first companies maximize every interaction across multiple business channels the experience right so that customers are attracted TO you instead of you having User Design to PULL, PULL, PULL them in (at a high cost) is crucial. • Connect customer experience to bottom-line performance: Get the inside scoop Marketing on prioritizing and delivering the right customer experience to the right The spectrum of what’s included in customer experience management is Customer Care/Service customers—and boosting your profitability as a result massive— everything from product design, store design and advertising to Consumer Affairs resolution of service failures, talent management and the post-sales experience. • Consumers are both the message and the messenger: Understand how to take How can you engage the customer at every step in the connection process? What’s action on conversations that are happening about your business Thanks to the ADVISORY new, what’s different, what counts? You can’t do everything… how do you decide BOARD for their support, • The human connection counts: Benchmark against successful companies who the right thing to focus on right now? vision and guidance in mold every business process across the customer life cycle AND put employees first creating the launch of introducing The customer experience • Hear dynamic perspectives from a diversity of industries: Financial services, The Customer Experience & engagement event technology, online services, automotive, consumer goods, entertainment, & Engagement Event The questions are many, the answers are often unclear and untested. Introducing hospitality, business services, retail the exciting launch of The Customer Experience & Engagement Event, the one Chris Moloney • Get access to more than 30 insightful speakers who are eager to share their event laser-focused on maximizing every customer interaction. From designing the Chief Marketing Officer stories so you can map your way to success customer experience and empowering your team to measuring performance SCOTTRADE our intention, our Promise and communicating with customers, the learning and connection experience Kevin Moyer you’ve been looking for has arrived. Fact: the customer experience itself is at least – if not more – as important as Director, Operations Tired of attending customer management events that are miles long and the quality of the product or service. How much longer can you afford to leave it to PEnn MuTuAl lIfE inches deep? If you’ve been waiting for a thoughtfully programmed event that chance? How much more effective would you be if you had a strong handle on how InSuRAnCE COMPAnY makes the connections for you, look no further. to tie everything together to truly engage your customers? Darin Phillips After plenty of in-depth conversations with industry heavy-hitters about the Our intention is clear - You’ll return to the office and tell your team: “I’ve never Director, Customer Experience biggest challenges in your world, we created this forum to dive deep into your pain been to a conference like that before. It was real, actionable, engaging and & Chief Talent Officer points and truly map out a strategic pathway to success. The Customer Experience intelligent. I was able to connect the dots.” We look forward to meeting you at the BAYVIEw lEnDIng gROuP & Engagement Event fills a need in the market for customer leaders looking for event that empowers you to convert your challenges into tangible action steps. Pete Winemiller a meeting place to hear what works, what doesn’t, and what could … told by Commit to making a true impact in the lives of your customers and the health of Vice President, Guest Relations corporate leaders like Estee Lauder, MySpace, Wachovia, IBM, LinkedIn, Volvo, your business … NOW. nBA’S OKlAHOMA CITY THunDER NBA, Lego, Pitney Bowes and big-picture visionaries like customer experience All the best, expert Roy Barnes, user design legend Mickey McManus, best-selling author Dave Albert Douglas Atkin, media maven Ginger Conlon. Manager, Customer Satisfaction Marketing Why This event? VOlVO • Fine-tune your customer experience management strategy by walking Jenny Fenig Roy A. Barnes through the customer experience maze with the experts Jill Ouellette Conference Director Event Chairman Director, Consumer Services WRG President lEgO BLUE SpACE COnSULTInG TO RegiSTeR: Call: 800-647-7600 or 781-939-2500 • Fax: 781-939-2543 • e-mail: • 2
  3. 3. Pre-conference Workshops – Monday, april 27, 2009 9:00 a.M. – 12:00 P.M. Capturing Customer experience and Loyalty Data in the 21st Century: Tied To the Corporate Bottom Line, Statistically Valid, and Managerially Actionable! Scott broetzmann bottom line, is statistically unreliable, and is not actionable. • Engage your peers and senior management in a “business case” President & CEO approach to using customer satisfaction results that result in a Building on its cross-industry global work with hundreds of positive ROI Jeff Maszal companies, CCMC reviews the key pitfalls in collecting and using Vice President customer satisfaction and loyalty survey data and how to address • Develop a cost-effective, ongoing customer satisfaction tracking cuSToMer care MeaSureMenT & conSuLTing them. This tutorial exposes these pitfalls and provides participants with system that facilitates actionable data and improvements rather than (cMcc) practical tips on how to: score “chasing” Voice of the Customer data is a lynchpin to improving quality and • Quantify the economic “bottom line” consequences of delighting vs. • Evolve into targeting next generation issues such as the impact of non- driving improvements to the bottom line. Customer satisfaction and disappointing customers monetary vs. monetary responses to the customers and understanding loyalty data are an important component of any program. Surprisingly, the bottom line impact of targeted demographic groups. • Design surveys that provide statistically reliable and actionable data while most companies have developed an appreciation for the about how to improve the customer experience in those areas that • Learn from real-life case studies of corporations that have been importance of customer satisfaction and loyalty data, many fail to benefit have the biggest bottom-line impact successful in implementing Voice of the Customer surveys from this investment because the data they capture is not tied to the 1:00 – 4:00 P.M. implementing a Process to establish a Culture of experience excellence Teri Yanovitch customer experience excellence. Engage in interactive discussions and • Link employee behaviors to service philosophy and standards Founder, T.a. YanoViTcH, inc. receive practical tools that can be put to use immediately. • Bridge the gap between your business processes and customer Former Seminar Leader, DiSneY inSTiTuTe • Develop a succinct service philosophy that clearly defines the experiences Co-Author, “Unleashing Excellence: The Complete customer and employee connection • Make it easy to do business with your organization Guide to Ultimate Customer Service” • Identify the result of the ideal customer experience • Establish systems and processes to engrain service excellence into Interested in creating a culture of quality and service? Teri • Ensure the customer experience is developed through the lens of the the culture Yanovitch – who spent over a decade with the legendary guru of quality customer vs. the lens of the organization • Identify the leader’s role in ensuring commitment and involvement management, Philip Crosby, and another 10 years with Walt Disney • Apply the lens of the customer to every point of contact through the World – has developed a sensible step-by-step approach to make a use of a Service Map tool positive memorable customer experience a consistent part of your Unique offer to workshop participants! • Identify everything your customer sees, hears, and smells that impacts organization’s day-to-day operations. Teri Yanovitch adds further value to your workshop by offering the customer experience This workshop is a how-to program with a focus on reality vs. theory. a 30-minute, one-on-one follow-up call. Teri will coach you on the • Clarify the ideal service environment and recognizing “Everything It gives you the benefit of Teri’s 20+ years experience in educating issues and opportunities that matter most to your business. Speaks” leaders and implementing a process to establish and sustain a culture of THe conFerence beginS roy a. barnes Roy Barnes has experienced it all as he worked his way up through DaY 1 Former Senior Vice President, Customer Experience the ranks. Starting as a front desk manager, he led his hotel to the Development highest guest satisfaction scores in the Marriott system worldwide for Tuesday, april 28, 2009 MarrioTT VacaTion cLub two years in a row. Years later, as a member of Marriott Vacation Club President International’s Executive Team, Roy spearheaded the customer-focused 7:00 bLue SPace conSuLTing strategic reorganization and business process redesign effort that Conference Registration & Morning Coffee Move beyond the platitudes and buzzwords that reference the need for achieved an exponential revenue increase from $400 million to over $2.8 great customer service. In an era when the commoditization of products and billion over eight years. Roy has worked directly with many of the leading DeSigning THe cuSToMer eXPerience services is the norm, the only defensible and differentiated competitive high business authorities including: Martha Rogers, Michael Hammer, Daryl ground is in the purposeful creation of awesome customer experiences. 8:00 Conner, James Gilmore, Robert Kaplan, David Norton, and C.K. Prahalad. Opening Session from Event Chairman Stuck? Lost? Find your way with event chairman Roy Barnes – a 25- Finding Your Way: Creating Awesome Customer year customer experience master - as he shares his vision for charting a new path forward. Experiences TO RegiSTeR: Call: 800-647-7600 or 781-939-2500 • Fax: 781-939-2543 • e-mail: • 3
  4. 4. 8:45 2:20 – 3:05 effective media for brand stories. Best-selling author Douglas Atkin gives Taming the Complexity of the Customer Walking in Your Customer’s Shoes: some key guidelines on how to create believers and fully leverage the community and social networks. Experience: Separating the Important from the Understanding Pain Points & Moments of Truth Arbitrary for Greater ROI to Identify Improvement Opportunities 11:30 Mickey McManus Lucia aschettino Online Customer Experience 3.0: Building President & CEO Senior Manager, Customer Experience World-Class Self-Help Experiences to Reap MaYa DeSign, inc. PiTneY boWeS Unprecedented Loyalty By walking a mile in the customers’ shoes, we can determine meaningful Delivering a customer-centric experience begins with reviewing VOC customer interactions, analyze the breakpoints, and create a coherent model (Voice of Customer) feedback. VOC feedback comes in different forms Tish Whitcraft Senior Vice President, Customer Experience & Operations of the ideal customer experience. In this way we can tame the complexity and from different places within your organization. Is this enough to MYSPace of the interactions among information, people, and the physical space— improve processes, remove known pain points and deliver world-class providing a clear and seamless path to customer satisfaction. experience? No! Today’s consumers demand gizmos and widgets at the click – they demand service at the click too! This session reveals how to: Achieving customer centricity begins when “you” purchase a product or service from your own company. By actually walking in your Tolerance for empty marketing speak and clunky online support • Go beyond focus groups to determine the components and patterns of customer’s shoes you really understand what the key interactions are are net zero. Businesses that deliver efficient, seamless transparency the customer experience across the customer life cycle! and empower users to help themselves, stand to reap unprecedented • Take a systematic approach to determining experience challenges and loyalty. Meeting your customer eye to “I” is not easy in a scalable online • Experience the relationship from cradle to grave – across the opportunities across various types of interactions environment, but is essential for survival. We’ll tackle the challenge of customer life cycle: Browse, Buy, Install, Use, Service and Dispose • Use information architecture to develop design principles for important how to create customer intimacy online, how to build world-class self- • Importance of mapping out your interactions by communication nodes in the customer experience cycle help experiences and what customers of generation 3.0 expect. type (Document Emails, Customer Care Telephone Calls, Direct Mail Communications, On-site Service Visits) and touch points (Web, Email, 9:30 12:15 Phone) Experience-Driven Business: Connect Your Networking Luncheon • What is a “Moment of Truth”? A silent “Moment of Truth”? Business Intent to Your Actions • Leverage learnings by using proactive communications (push out Kevin clark aFTernoon TracKS 1:30 p.m. – 3:55 p.m. Program Director, Brand and Values Experience tailored, timely event-triggered communications), driving to self ibM corPoraTion service channels, managing customer expectations and addressing TracK a: Designing the customer experience next issue avoidance. Experience methods and practices can help drive successful business brainSTorMing SeSSion 1:30 – 2:15 strategies. Learn how to connect your business intent to what you Defining Customer Experience Management: 3:10 – 3:55 actually do in the marketplace. Use your ecosystem of relationships to Advancing the Industry & Building a Strategic Effective, Creative Ways to Engage Customers bring new experiences to life for customers – and all the constituencies Roadmap that do business with you. Through Business Communication Tactics Facilitator: Darin Phillips • Connecting your business strategy and values to what you do Marc Wagenheim Director, Customer Experience and Talent Management Product Marketing Director • Using experience methods to drive strategic business goals baYVieW LenDing grouP / bLogger HaLLMarK buSineSS eXPreSSionS • Bringing experience practice to new constituencies eXTraorDinaire Hallmark Business Expressions (HBE) helps businesses build and Wikipedia does not have an entry for Customer Experience strengthen relationships with customers and prospects using greeting 10:15 Management. If you enter CEM it redirects you to CRM, which is only one cards. Serving a wide variety of companies, from the Fortune 100 to small Connection Break element of CEM. In this interactive group activity you have an opportunity businesses, HBE leverages the nearly 100 years of relationship experience of to shape the definition of the CEM field and how others will come to Hallmark Cards to provide distinctive ways to communicate with customers coMMunicaTing WiTH cuSToMerS understand CEM through its entry in Wikipedia. while making a lasting impression. Learn effective, creative ways to: • Contribute to a comprehensive definition of Customer Experience KeYnoTe • Strengthen business relationships using authentic, personalized 10:45 Management that will be viewed by thousands of Internet users communications Believing & Belonging: Building a Community • Understand how Wikipedia works and become an active editor Around Common Passions, Causes & Needs • Effectively engage customers, establish trust and build your brand • Enjoy a spirited collaborative activity with significant networking • Stand out in a cluttered world Douglas atkin opportunities Author, “The Culting of Brands” Chief Community Officer MeeTuP.coM Some of the most effective word of mouth can be generated by “A customer is the most important visitor on our premises. He is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. He is creating believers. Those who have bought in hard to the brand and its not an interruption in our work. He is the purpose of it. He is not an outsider in our business. He is a part of it. We are community can be the most passionate advocates. And the communities not doing him a favor by serving him. He is doing us a favor by giving us an opportunity to do so.” – gandhi and the social networks that spring from them are some of the most TO RegiSTeR: Call: 800-647-7600 or 781-939-2500 • Fax: 781-939-2543 • e-mail: • 4
  5. 5. 6:00 • Maximizing customer feedback TracK b: communicating with customers End of Tuesday Activities • Creating programs based on customer feedback 1:30 – 2:15 • Understanding real-time online reporting tools and how to turn data Web 2.0 & Professional Networking: Marketing 7:00 into actionable information. Strategies, Tactics & Success Stories Dinner Dine-Arounds • Sharing customer feedback in a B2B environment april Kelly Traveling solo? With a group, but want to make new connections over • Setting up a best practice idea-sharing site Senior Director, Service Center dinner? Let us facilitate your dining experience. Sign up at the event • Real-life examples of how it is being put into practice today LinKeDin registration desk to join your new friends for dinner in O-town. (Dinner Web 2.0 has provided some of the most innovative Web technologies costs not included.) and methodologies since the creation of the Web itself. Blogs and wikis 3:55 – 4:25 are becoming commonplace in the enterprise, and social networks are Connection Break DaY 2 gaining traction. Are you challenged with attracting and retaining top talent and customers? This session explains how to use LinkedIn as a 4:25 – 5:00 Wednesday, april 29, 2009 professional to grow your network, locate business opportunities and Economic and Financial Market Outlook – 2009 maintain valuable professional contacts. and Beyond eMPoWering Your TeaM • Discovering the secrets to LinkedIn: Marketing strategies, tactics and gina Martin adams success stories KeYnoTe Economic Expert; Institutional Equity Strategy 8:45 WacHoVia • Maximizing new tools in the quest to develop Brand YOU The Leader You Were Meant To Be: Establishing Severe disruptions in financial markets likely forced an already a Clear Vision, Focus, Style and Knowing Your • Cultivating internal and external relationships to guide customer weakening economy into recession in 2008. Will we claw our way out Power Bases delight in 2009, and what metrics will get us there? How can we prepare for Teri Yanovitch the best outcome? Although times are tough, business goes on … how 2:20 – 3:05 Founder must your shift your strategy to take advantage of the current economic T.a. YanoViTcH, inc. Customer Co-Creation: Creating a Culture Former Seminar Leader reality? Where Customers Are Part of Your R&D Team DiSneY inSTiTuTe • Review the financial system’s progress in recovering from the Jill ouellette Co-Author, “Unleashing Excellence: The Complete Guide destruction of 2008 Consumer Services Director, North America to Ultimate Customer Service” THe Lego coMPanY • Discuss the impact of broader deleveraging on expected growth of the There are many leaders who have been successful in taking their Customer centricity is the name of the game. How do you get U.S. economy, specifically the U.S. consumer and housing markets. Is organization to the next level, but there are very few leaders who make there? By transitioning from a sales-focused company to a customer the consumer weak, or just shifting priorities? an impact on their employee’s lives after they are gone. Becoming a experience-focused organization. This session led by LEGO – the • Discuss current and future drivers of U.S. economic growth, and what successful leader involves establishing a clear vision, focus, style and company behind your favorite interlocking toys you played with as a kid – the growth drivers should mean for stocks knowing your power bases. However, beyond success as a leader is reveals the details of giving your customers a voice on the board. What’s becoming significant. the payout? Dividends. 5:00 – 6:00 • The difference between being a good leader and being a great leader • Mobilize your fans to create great word of mouth aSK THe eXPerTS rounDTabLe DiScuSSion • Establishing a clear vision and focus to influence and lead others to • Leverage all consumer touchpoints to build your brand Execute: How Can We Prepare Today for success Tomorrow’s Business Challenges? • Identify opportunities for customer co-creation • Having a lasting impact on people and leaving an indelible imprint on Moderator: their lives 3:10 – 3:55 roy a. barnes • Learning what it takes to engage and motivate employees beyond just The Voice of the Customer: Do You Know What Former Senior Vice President, Customer Experience “doing the job” is Being Said & How to Act on the Information? Development MarrioTT VacaTion cLub Dave albert 9:30 President Manager, Customer Satisfaction Marketing Moments Matter! Building a Culture that bLue SPace conSuLTing VoLVo TrucKS norTH aMerica Empowers Employees, Benefits Customers and Today’s speakers reconvene for a fast-paced, future-forward Joel Hoff Creates Loyalty Inside and Out discussion about customer experience. Hear off-the-cuff thinking about Manager of Customer Experience hot topics like: VoLVo TrucKS norTH aMerica Pete Winemiller Vice President, Guest Relations • What’s next in the world of blogs, wikis, portals and more? There are many ways to collect customer data. See how Volvo Trucks nba’S oKLaHoMa ciTY THunDer North America collects customer data in a B2B environment. See real • How will the economy affect customers’ purchasing decisions? People don’t remember days, they remember moments – Moments life examples of how Volvo Trucks North America uses the data to • What are the true drivers of purchasing behaviors? Matter! Your verbal and nonverbal communication with customers can develop programs to increase customer satisfaction as well as measure • What is the next generation of customer experience? make or break consumer loyalty in a split second. That is because effectiveness of dealer CSI. • Shifts that you may not be thinking about, but should be customers think more about their experiences with people than they TO RegiSTeR: Call: 800-647-7600 or 781-939-2500 • Fax: 781-939-2543 • e-mail: • 5
  6. 6. 2:50 – 3:35 do about products and services. Research shows retaining a consumer PaneL DiScuSSion 11:30 Engagement and Empowerment of a Virtual or sending him/her off to the competition comes down to the sum of Connecting Customer Experience to countless interactions between customer and employee. Team: How to Treat Your Internal Team Like Bottom-Line Performance: Identifying Priorities Your Best Customers Pete Winemiller is charged with creating repeat customers (referred and Allocating Resources to Build Engagement to by the organization as “Guests”) in a business environment where beth nelson and Value you cannot control the level of success on the basketball court (the Executive Director, Online Customer Service Moderator: eSTee LauDer coMPanieS purchased product), but you can control what happens in the stands ginger conlon (the customer experience). Recently Pete was honored as a “Customer Learn how a world-class service organization ensures their virtual Editor Champion” executive by 1 to 1 Magazine. service team delivers exemplary service. Hear how Estee Lauder has 1To1 Magazine achieved their highest levels of satisfaction by empowering their internal • Feel the power of thinking big & ACTING SMALL Panelists: customers – their employees. • Learn to design and maintain a culture of problem-solving Janet Leblanc • Engage and empower your representatives • Commit to telling the story that your front-line staff dictates your Director, Customer Value Management canaDa PoST • How to communicate, coach, and educate your team bottom-line cash Scott ackerman • Achieve year-over-year service excellence • Believe you can treat all of your customers differently, just as long as Vice President, Customer Care you treat all of them well eHarMonY • Define FUN as Fully Understanding Nonsense™…Loosen-Up! TracK b: Measuring Performance check the Web site for an additional panelist to be announced 2:00 – 2:45 10:15 SHARE YOUR STORY! Delivering a top-notch customer experience throughout the customer Connection Break lifecycle is challenging enough. Proving the ROI of doing so can be even For more information about speaking in this session, contact Aron tougher—unless you prioritize your strategy based on customer value Barkan at MeaSuring PerForMance and dedicate resources accordingly. In this panel discussion, moderated by 1to1 Media Editor-in-Chief Ginger Conlon, you’ll hear from three KeYnoTe 2:50 – 3:35 10:45 award-winning customer strategists on how their organizations prioritize Making Big Customer Wins Using the Voice of Research Talks: Linking Customer Feedback to and excel at delivering the right customer experience to the right the Customer Business Performance customers—and boost their profitability as a result. Joy Whinham neil a. Morgan Online Customer Advocate Leader Associate Professor, Nestlé-Hustad Professor of 12:30 WacHoVia Marketing, Kelley School of Business Networking Luncheon inDiana uniVerSiTY Learn how Wachovia listens to the Voice of the Customer and puts Most firms collect feedback from their customers, and managers use processes in place to satisfy the customer needs using limited resources. 1:30 this data to set goals and monitor performance on metrics such as “Top 2 • Identifying improvements that can drive customer loyalty Dessert, Tea & Java in the Exhibit Hall Box” customer satisfaction scores and “Intention-to-Repurchase” loyalty • Analyzing the data scores. However, academic and consultant analysts have advocated • Putting the data into action aFTernoon TracKS 2:00 p.m. – 3:35 p.m. a number of different customer feedback system approaches and • Making small hits big wins metrics. In studies conducted with Lopo Rego at the University of Iowa, TracK a: empowering Your Team researchers at Indiana University have empirically examined which customer feedback system designs and customer feedback metrics are 2:00 – 2:45 3:40 – 4:00 most valuable in predicting future business performance. concLuDing WraP-uP The Devil is in the Details: Creating Surprise & Delight at Each Touchpoint & Moment of Truth to Hear the answers to the following questions: 20 Tips in 20 Minutes: Round Robin Drive Great Customer Experiences • Do satisfaction and loyalty metrics predict future business Collaboration Finale performance? christophe Julliard You know you’ve got ‘em. What? Ideas … good ones at that. To Vice President Quality and Planning • Which aspects of business performance are most affected? conclude our inaugural event, we’re opening up the floor to YOU. 20 accor norTH aMerica (SoFiTeL, noVoTeL, lucky attendees will get a chance to pitch their technique, tip or tool for 1 • How should satisfaction and loyalty be measured to maximize MoTeL 6) minute. Bring your business card so you can keep in touch with potential predictive validity? Operational excellence is at the heart of a memorable hotel stay. Learn collaborators. • How should customer feedback systems be designed to maximize how to master the parameters driving great customer experiences. One of the best things about events is the chance to GROW your their value? • Understand your key customer segments network and BUILD relationships that simply can’t be done over the • People factor: Emotional intelligence is a pre-requisite to success phone or e-mail. Share your wares here … EXPAND your world. SEE • Use a sophisticated approach to raise accountability levels “The customer has all the answers… what’s possible. • Putting the right tools and measures in place and all the money…” – Sam Walton TO RegiSTeR: Call: 800-647-7600 or 781-939-2500 • Fax: 781-939-2543 • e-mail: • 6
  7. 7. Sponsorship & THe conFerence eXPerience eVenT organizer exhibit opportunities Sponsorship and exhibits offer an excellent opportunity to showcase your products and services to decision- Dinner Dine-Arounds World Research Group is committed making executives attending The Customer Experience & to delivering focused, timely and Traveling solo? With a group, but want to make new connections over Engagement event. WRG events help you achieve branding, value-added business-to-business dinner? Let us facilitate your dining experience on Tuesday, April 28. Sign up sales and marketing objectives by providing a select amount of information that you can utilize to sustain your at the event registration desk to join your new friends for dinner in O-town. sponsorship and exhibit spaces to maximize exposure at this competitive advantage. Our senior level business-to- (Dinner costs not included.) leading-edge event. business conferences provide value in three key ways: • Knowledge Transfer: Our conferences provide Strengthen & Stretch: Morning Yoga For more information on these Sponsorship and Exhibit intimate and interactive forums for the assembly and Opportunities, please contact Aron Barkan at 646-723-8035 Get your om on during sunrise yoga on Wednesday, April 29 from 7 – 7:45 dissemination of focused information that senior level or a.m. The class is limited to 30 people and sign-ups will be taken at the event professionals can take away and implement. registration desk. Start your day off right: breathe, focus, stretch yourself. registration information • Networking: Our conferences offer effective networking with industry peers, consultants and even competitors. Our Venue Register by: Register by: Register by: Register after: • Strategy Development: Participants value the context- Situated on 230 acres of lush landscape, the Rosen Shingle Creek Resort 12/19/2008 1/30/2009 3/20/2009 3/20/2009 centered setting that our conferences provide. There is Central Florida’s newest and most luxurious meeting destination. The Conference $1595 $1795 $1995 $2095 is an environment for strategy development, idea history of Shingle Creek reveals the captivating tale of how its majestic OnLY validation and concept cross-fertilization that is Conference + cypress trees provided some much needed shelter for early settlers and their $1995 $2195 $2395 $2495 1 Workshop invaluable and is provided at no other forum. homes. Today, the stunning grand lobby welcomes you into a world of lavish Conference + $2195 $2395 $2595 $2695 Please visit our website at for a choices, complete with luxury accommodations, enticing restaurants and a 2 Workshops complete listing of our upcoming events. championship golf course. Fee includes continental breakfast, lunch, refreshments, and conference documentation. Please make checks payable to WRG Research, Inc. TEAM DISCOUnT: Register 3 team members from the same organization at the same time and the 4th team member attends FREE! (Valid only at inForMaTion ParTnerS regular registration rate.) pAYMEnT pOLICY/SUBSTITUTIOnS/CAnCELLATIOnS: Registration fees must be paid by April 13, 2009. Your registration may be transferred to a member of your organization up to 24 hours in advance of the conference. All cancellations received on or before April 13, 2009 will be subject to a Business Trends Quarterly establishes a dynamic forum where business strategy experts and IT decision-makers $195 administrative charge. We regret that no refund for cancellations will unite to analyze existing enterprise systems and challenges from an IT solutions standpoint. BTQ continues to supply be made after this date. In case of conference cancellation, World Research senior-level decision-makers with on-demand, real life business experience and leading industry research to address Group’s liability is limited to refund of the conference registration fee only. the needs of a diverse and consistently changing marketplace. World Research Group reserves the right to alter this program without prior notice. All cancellations must be submitted in writing on or before 14 days CRMXchange is a premier web site dedicated to providing information in an innovative and interactive environment to prior to the conference date in order to receive a refund, minus cancellation CRM/Contact Center professionals. The site offers free webcasts, on-line training, white papers, newsroom, monthly fee. SATISFACTIOn GUARAnTEED: World Research Group stands behind columns, and a showcase for products and services for the industry. the quality of its conferences. If you are not satisfied with the quality of the conference, a credit will be awarded towards a comparable World Customer Service Group provides a wide range of management and training materials designed to improve service Research Group conference of your choice. levels, productivity and performance in the customer contact center. Visit us online for information on our books, print COnFEREnCE VEnUE newsletters, Customer Service Week support materials, benchmarking studies, and free email newsletter, Service Rosen Shingle Creek Resort Starters. You’ll find us at or phone (973) 265-2300 for additional information. 9939 Universal Blvd. Orlando, Florida 32819 is the leading online magazine and community for customer service professionals. (866) 996-9939 Reservations (866) 996-6338 The CSM website contains a wealth of customer service knowledge and skills as well as an active discussion forum. DOCUMEnTATIOn CD-ROMS: If you are unable to attend the conference Membership is free of charge and benefits include a free monthly newsletter. For more information or to join CSM visit or you would like extra copies for your colleagues, you can order your conference documentation CD-ROM today. Don’t miss out on the valuable information presented by industry leaders exclusively at this event. The There is no point in spending a fortune acquiring new customers, if the old ones are leaving in droves. Read www. CD-ROM is available for only $250. Add $50 for international shipments. every day for the latest on CRM, call centers, loyalty rewards, customer data and the current The CD-ROM includes overheads, articles and presentations. Simply fill market from International contributors with impressive industry track records. Subscribers also receive a weekly email out the order form and the CD-ROM will be shipped to you 2 weeks after update with all the week’s latest news. To subscribe log onto or email the conference occurs. TO RegiSTeR: Call: 800-647-7600 or 781-939-2500 • Fax: 781-939-2543 • e-mail: • 7
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