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Fce speaking part


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Presentation to prepare the FCE speaking part.

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Fce speaking part

  1. 1. FIRST CERTIFICATE IN ENGLISH<br />SPEAKING PART<br />Mª Ascensión Villalba Varona<br />Lda. Filología Inglesa – <br />Drd. en Nuevas Tecnologías Web 2.0<br />
  2. 2. PART 1( 3 minutes)<br />Theexaminerwillaskyoubothtotalkbrieflyaboutyourselvesbyansweringquestionssuch as:<br />First of all, we’dliketoknowsomethingaboutyou.<br />Where are youfrom?<br />What do youlikeabout living in yourtown?<br />Whatisthereforyoungpeopleto do in yourarea?<br />
  3. 3. PART 2(2 or 3 minutes)<br />Youwilleachbeaskedtotalkfor a minute withoutinterruption. <br />Youwilleachhavetwodifferentphotographstotalkabout. Youmust compare, contrast and speculate.<br />Youwillalsohavetoanswer a questionafteryourpartner has spoken.<br />QUESTION <br />COMPARE <br />CONTRAST<br />SPECULATE<br />1 MINUTE<br />
  5. 5. Describing each of the pictures<br />You might start by giving a brief description of each of the pictures. <br />You do not have to describe them in detail.If you are not sure what the picture is, use your imagination and say what you think it is. It doesn't matter if you are wrong.<br />There are different ways in which you can refer to the pictures. <br />Describing: <br /><ul><li>The first/second picture/photo shows ...
  6. 6. This picture must have been taken outdoors/indoors/ in a park / in a bedroom</li></ul>Comparing and contrasting: <br /><ul><li>Use most of the comparing and contrasting functional language.</li></ul>However. Nevertheless... On the one hand / On the other hand,... Although...<br />Speculating:<br /><ul><li>I’d say he’s about ready to quite his job.
  7. 7. It might need some oil.
  8. 8. He could be in the garden.
  9. 9. Use other speculating functional language.</li></ul>Giving your opinion: <br />In my opinion, ... For me, ... I think that ... I prefer A to B. / I like A more than B. / I like A, but I dislike B. / A is more ... than B<br />
  10. 10. Part 2:<br />Study places:<br />CANDIDATE A, compare and contrastthesephotographs, and saywhythepeoplehavechosenthese places tostudy. Youhave a minute to do this.<br />CANDIDATE B, do youeverstudy in a library?<br />USEFUL PHRASES:<br />Well, thepeople in thesephotos are studyingin verydifferent places. In thefirstphoto, there are severalstudents in a library, in thesecond, a girlisstudyingonthefloor. Thispicturemusthavebeentaken in herbedroomoranyotherpart of thehouse.<br />Thestudentsseemtobeworking in paris, helpingeachother. I thinkstudyingwithotherpeopleisenjoyable – you can share information and learn more easily. Perhapstheyhavechosentostudy in thelibrarybecausethey can haveeasyaccesstolots of books. <br />I gettheimpressionthatthegirlisnotverycomfortablesittingonthefloor. She looks likeshe’sa bit ansxious. She’sclearlyconcentratinghardonherwork. Shemayhavechosentowork in herbedroombecauseshe can besureshewon’tbeinterrupted.<br />
  11. 11. PART 2<br />DOING EXERCISE:<br />CANDIDATE B, compare and contrastthesephotographs, and sayhowgoodtheseforms of exercisemightbeforthepeople in thephotos. Youhave a minute to do this.<br />CANDIDATE A, do youliketeamsports?<br />USEFUL PHRASES: <br />Thepeople in thesephotos are doingverydifferenttypes of exercise. Theboys in thefirstphoto are playingfootball and theyseemtobeenjoyingthemselves more thanthepeople in thesecondphotograph, who are exercising in a gym. Forchildren, I thinkoutdoor sport ishealthierthanworkingout in a gym. Footballisanexcellentform of exercise and italsoteacherchildrentheimportance of teamwork.<br />In thesecondphoto, I thinktheyoungwoman looks bored. Sheprobablyexercisesseveral times a weektokeepfitortoavoidputtingonweight. There are more peopleonthebackgroundbutmaybetheyhavenevermetbefore. Perhapsall of themhave full-time jobs and they come tothegymafterwork.<br />
  12. 12. PART 3(3 or 4 minutes)<br />Youwillbeaskedtodiscusssomethingtogetherwoithoutinterruptionbytheexaminer. <br />Youwillhave a page of picturestohelpyou.<br />TravelProblems (discuss and evaluate)<br />Have a look at thepicturewhich shows differentproblemspeoplemayhavewhentheytravel.<br />Howserious are theseproblemsforthepeopleinvolved?<br />What can people do toavoidtheseproblems?<br />
  14. 14. PART 3<br />TravelProblems(discuss and evaluate) - Have a look at thepicturewhich shows differentproblemspeoplemayhavewhentheytravel (goonholiday).<br />Howserious are theseproblemsforthepeopleinvolved? / What can people do toavoidtheseproblems?<br />
  15. 15. Sample dialogue:<br />- Some of theproblems are reallyserious, don’tyouthink?<br /> - In my opinion, some of thesesituations can befrighteningifyou are travelling onyourown in a foreign country. Forexample, gettingill and needingtosee a doctor …Wouldyouagreewiththat?<br /><ul><li>Yes, absolutely. That’smuch more seriousthanhaving a longdelay at theairport…. What do youthink?
  16. 16. I’mnotsure I agreewiththat. Havingtowaitforhours can bereallyupsetting, particularlyforpeoplewithchildrenorelderlypeople….. What do youthink of thepeoplewho are stuck in a trafficqueue? Isthat a seriousproblem?
  17. 17. Do youthinksome of theseproblems can beavoided?
  18. 18. Well, themanwho has losthiswaycouldhaveplannedhisjourney, don’tyouthink?
  19. 19. I couldn’tagree more…….
  20. 20. In a nutshellwhenyou are planningtogoonholidaysyoumustforsee and preventthepossibleproblemsthatmightoccur.</li></li></ul><li>PART 4(3 or 4 minutes)<br />Theexaminerencouragesyoutodevelopthediscussion in Part 3 byaskingquestionssuch as:<br /><ul><li>Do youlike ‘adventure’ holidays?
  21. 21. Has anythinglikethiseverhappenedtoyou? Howdidyoureact?
  22. 22. Howdangerousisittogoon safari holidays?</li>