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World is Flat Slide Deckby Adam BischoffP431<br />Opening Executive Summer<br />	WIF provides a great number of examples a...
Outline<br /><ul><li>Microsoft3.0
Dot Com Bubble
Telecom Revolution
Work Flow Software
Checks and Balances
The “New Middlers”
Skills needed</li></ul>Berlin Walls Falls<br />Netscape Goes Public<br />Open Protocols<br />Digitization<br />Telecom Bur...
While Friedman Slept<br />Thomas Friedman came to realize Christopher Columbus is no wrong. The world is no longer flat. I...
A Brave New World<br />The Berlin Wall symbolized the struggles between democracy and communism. All eyes around the world...
Silent Giant Awakes<br />After seeing  Netscape people wanted more other than just to connect. People fathomed the idea of...
Businesses on the Move<br />As flattening of the world continued, companies have seen the resources other countries have t...
Controlling the SC & Getting Paid For It<br />Supply chaining is the ability  to  work together with retails, suppliers, m...
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World Is Flat Review


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World Is Flat Review

  1. 1. World is Flat Slide Deckby Adam BischoffP431<br />Opening Executive Summer<br /> WIF provides a great number of examples and facts to support Mr. Friedman’s theory and summarization of his understanding the flattening of the world. He did not set behind a desk researching this material but rather went and saw for himself and interviewed several key players: Netscape, Wal-Mart, IBM, Microsoft, Google, Apple, UPS, and more. Thomas Friedman collaborate his first hand accounts and research along with his liberal arts thinking of connecting the dots and developed a satisfying and intriguing breadcrumb trail to attract readers .<br />WIF includes 10 items/events which Friedman calls flatteners: fall of the Berlin Wall accompanied by Microsoft, Netscape going public, silent developing work flow technology, uploading and open sourcing, moving specific business practice elsewhere, moving whole factories elsewhere, transparency of supply chains, in sourcing and collaborating, in-forming, and “steroids.” These 10 flatteners did not take place solely on their own but rather converged together and integrated amongst each other. In addition as the world flattened the playing field leveled which increased the competition amongst businesses as well as amongst new hires. With the increase in competition business practices and skills become more vital to lead and to create innovation. <br /> With all these factors coming together, Friedman also called for a time for sorting or what one could call adapting and keeping changes in check. Without boundaries these changes could lead to catastrophes. Yet by keeping an eye and check on change people still must adapt. Change the impacting all nations that has resulted from these flattener is free trade. Thomas shows how things come together as well as what is needed to keep up with it. He highlights jobs/skills in which are right-brained and can limit availability to be outsourced. <br />The World is Flat is a 300 page book that shows the revolution of the a world that was taken by the storm of technology and change. A storm that slowly progressed and one that has now taken full speed. More changes will come and it is the responsibility of nations to set standards and the responsibility of people to continuously grow and learn. <br />
  2. 2. Outline<br /><ul><li>Microsoft3.0
  3. 3. Dot Com Bubble
  4. 4. Telecom Revolution
  5. 5. Work Flow Software
  6. 6. Uploading
  7. 7. Open-Source
  8. 8. In-sourcing
  9. 9. In-forming
  10. 10. Steroids
  11. 11. Checks and Balances
  12. 12. The “New Middlers”
  13. 13. Skills needed</li></ul>Berlin Walls Falls<br />Netscape Goes Public<br />Open Protocols<br />Digitization<br />Telecom Burst<br />Fiber Optics<br />Outsourcing<br />Supply Chain Importance<br />Integration of Flatteners<br />Free Trade Impact<br />
  14. 14. While Friedman Slept<br />Thomas Friedman came to realize Christopher Columbus is no wrong. The world is no longer flat. In the past years while he spelt the world change. Businesses change and were built that were not foreseen. Without globalization, “remote executive assistances” were made possible. These are assistance that are located across the globe that any level of management can hire to become their assistant. <br />Business activities that were developed around the people started to move overseas. Basic accounting task became cheaper to ship oversea rather than to be completed in the US. Through IT innovation this was made possible through secure systems. He found a variety of brews of call centers. Those located in India are given English training along with English names. Those located in the US, through JetBlue, are done within one’s house. <br />Change, fast change swelled throughout the globe and impacted all. It hit Friedman that those across the big blue are now companies and people competing in the same industries as well as the employment pools within the US. By increasing the number of businesses and people come an increase in knowledge, talent, skills, and ideas that will continue to create change.<br />
  15. 15. A Brave New World<br />The Berlin Wall symbolized the struggles between democracy and communism. All eyes around the world were fixed upon this situation. Prior to and during this era the world was seen not as a whole but rather maybe up by separate entities. The fall of the wall shifted eyes from the communistic philosophies to that of capitalism and free markets as well as gave a glimpse as at the world as a whole. In addition the fall of the wall let lose a wave of people to who were once held back. Windows 3.0 was the first common stage the falling of the fall of the wall that provided tools for personal empowerment. It allowed individuals to obtain and edit documents and information through easier usability than what was on the market. This platform along with those individuals who were held at bay by eastern philosophy helped to stimulate creativity.<br />Currently control of information is taking place in China. The communist government in China is censoring search results discovered in Google search results. The censorship along with cyber attacks has made Google question to leave. Google in turned placed its Chinese site on Hong Kong servers to go around the government, however China has blocked search results focusing on democracy. Although the wall came down and eastern philosophy continues to battle free-market doctrine.<br />With the development of the internet and foreseen limitless capabilities Netscape was developed and later had enough following to go public. Word of Netscape carried along with it news of the net and increased the WWW reach as well as developed hype. Netscape provided open protocols allowing it to be used on any system and ended the hope to make it proprietary knowledge. Netscape standards led to the development of other standards such as SMTP, SOAP, and FTP. The hype produces what is known as the dot com bubble through outrageous investment. Netscape and digitization foreshadowed the need for this investment which helped the telecom industry to take off but later caused companies to go bankrupt due to permanent overinvestment especially of fiber optics. However the American people still had access to this which decreased cost dramatically. <br />With the expansion of the net and overinvestment in cable companies such as Vonage and Magic Jack have arisen to take advantage of this. Customers spend less than $20 a year to use the net to make call and to communicate. Both include the capability of calling overseas which is done through fiber optic cable laid at the bottom of the ocean. <br />
  16. 16. Silent Giant Awakes<br />After seeing Netscape people wanted more other than just to connect. People fathomed the idea of buying, selling, design, and more. Work flow software brought these to a reality. Prior to having work flow software within a company departments tackled task in different manners thus there was little to none standardization throughout a whole company. Now this software not only allows departments to collaborate and integrate with one another but makes it possible to work from anywhere 24/7 and still keep track. SMTP, XML, and SOAP provided protocols for computer programs to exchange formatted information. These standards spread throughout the industry. The development of standards allowed companies to stray away from worrying how things are working and to focus on what really matters. <br />In the past month Hertz integrated work flow software not for integration of the whole business but rather a specified version to assist with PR. Hertz will be using CisionPoint, on-demand system, which allows them to monitor, evaluate, manage and standardized activities throughout their PR department. Although Hertz is known to be the largest car rental agencies, such a moves shows the need for better integration and room for improvements and that work flow software is the step in the right direction. <br />As the internet grew, uploading became an important part of the community. Uploading gives individuals the to share information with one another. Uploading allows for individuals to place what they want online. Blogging continues to grow in popularity and is another outlet for individuals to place information. Chad Ochocinco , an NFL player, has his own blog where he uses it to inform players but also to use it as a social outing to let fans know where he is at, gives fans the opportunity to travel with him and more. Through twitter he selected four male and female followers to accompany him on his trip to the Pro Bowl. He flew them out to Cincy and road with him on his motor home and made stops along their way to Florida. Uploading is used through Ebay to leave feedback for sellers. Uploading has given all individuals the ability to get their voice heard and in cases have led to hurting corporate giants which many videos can be seen on YouTube. Kenneth Harvey started a blog called meant to be vocal and create a negative feelings towards Wal-Mart. <br />
  17. 17. Businesses on the Move<br />As flattening of the world continued, companies have seen the resources other countries have to offer such as cheap labor, part making, and natural resources. Companies are always looking for ways to decrease their cost and scoring a competitive advantage. In addition they have come to realize they are competing around the globe. To decrease cost companies have moved specific in-house activities to other companies and in many cases other countries which is called outsourcing. Once the other company has completed the task, it would then return into the flow of the outsourcing company. Doing so allowed companies to reduce cost and to focus on their core competencies. <br />Outsourcing not only has to happen for business but can also take place in an individuals home. In a Wired article called “I’m Outsourcing My Kids Music Lessons to Korea”, Kathy Cerceri is using YouTube videos and working with a female Korean with the screen name of sori1004jy to homeschooled her child. She has had a child take lessons with a real individual as well, but the cost are high. With the child’s work ethic plateaued so did his play, thus the need to spend the money was no longer needed. Instead they used Suzuki book along with the matching videos to teach. <br />One may wonder if you can move a single task else where why not move the whole factory. The idea of off shoring arose due to the offering major reductions in cost. In many cases when off shoring, the play where the plant will be located would be cheaper due to lower labor, healthcare, and taxes to get the same quality of product. Again similar once their task is completed, in this case the whole product, it would be integrated back into the supply chain. <br />Ford Motor Co. in 2008 decided to install and build their Fiesta car manufacturing plant not in the US but rather in Mexico. Due to severe losses Ford decided to make the move due because of the large labor cost discrepancy. Ford will be investing $3 billion which will make it the largest investment in manufacturing Mexico has seen. Later it was said that Ford was abandoning making US factories profitable. <br />
  18. 18. Controlling the SC & Getting Paid For It<br />Supply chaining is the ability to work together with retails, suppliers, manufacturers and customers. Doing so through information sharing and other means increases the visibility of the chain. Through information sharing responses to situations increases a companies flexibility with control the flux in demand and supply. Information sharing helps assist in reacting to hard to demand situations. By focusing on horizontal integration companies come to find that cheap parts are not always the answer. When understanding the whole chain companies realize that focusing on the total cost of delivering an item. <br />Boeing is a good example of a company that greatly understands their supply chain. In the development of their 787 through global outsourcing of the project. Parts of the plane were made in Italy, Australia, Japan, France, and several places in the US. With Boeing’s transparent supply chain they understood the cost of transportation to move the pieces of the plane throughout the world, and from that they found they could reduce production time by two years. <br />Few companies have the ability to develop a complex and efficient supply chain like Wal-Mart has. In-sourcing has given these companies the opportunity to do such an activity for them. In-sourcing is hiring another company to handle ones supply chain. Friedman uses UPS as an example by doing repairs for Toshiba at their hubs and getting involved with Ford Motor Co. and developing for them a better way to track their vehicles. <br />Amazon is similar to that of UPS. Amazon is developing their third party selling business along with their fulfillment. Amazon’s fulfillment allows them to track , store, and sell 3rd party items as well as provide 3rd party companies the tools needed for them to key an eye on things. The Amazon speaker discussed a situation when an individual decided brownie pans and sold it via a site on her own. She tracked inventory, tracked finances, as well as made the products. After joining her reached sky rocketed because her item was now available to all Amazon customers. Her sales shot up meaning she needed to increase her production to a level she never imagined. This story shows how important companies like UPS and Amazon can be for the small guys. Additionally shows that no matter how small one’s operations are that Amazon’s mastery of their SC can be very helpful and possibly a key for growth. <br />
  19. 19. What You Are Looking For Is What You Will Get<br />Prior to the internet if you wanted to know something , one must first find a book or the place that has it and then look through pages and pages and spend countless hours looking up information. Not any more. With the inception of the internet, all one has to do is type what is needed into a search engine and “poof “you have information on your topic. This information ranges from pieces of the topic all the way down to extreme details about it. The same information can be found around the world. Information on the net is not dependent on where you live, it is only dependent on your accessibility to the technological equipment. Individuals are not just students, they can be their own teacher and researcher. The net provides them the tools for endless learning. However this also applies to information on can pull up on people: address, phone number, just think of Myspace, Facebook, even dating websites. The net is allowing ways to for it to become personalized. Which begs the questions where can the privacy line be drawn in all this information. <br />Currently a PA school is being sued for crossing the grey online privacy line. Lower Merion HS lent laptops to their students. Following this school admin called a male student into their office and was told they caught him in the act of inappropriate behavior. The student nor his parents were aware of the schools ability to accessing the webcam. This case will test and hopefully provide a better line to know where privacy lies. <br />Friedman’s steroids are applications and devices the resonates each of the flattners effects and they encompass: computing, IM/FS, VoIP, videoconferencing, and computer graphics. With technilogical advances computers continuously get faster, smaller, and increases their ability to do more. IM/FS allows for sharing and communication amongst networks. VoIP has provided a new manner of communication in which calls can be made over the internet. Videoconferencing allows for face-to-face meeting without being in the same room. Computer graphics can increase the means to interact with one’s computer. Due to prior overinvestment by telecom companies these steroids can be used at a free to a low cost price. Now one can access any information from any locations with such devices. <br />Mark Cuban mentioned in Inc. how he has been productive. He believes email is the best way to communicate. When talking with Inc. he only answered and read questions via email. Using this steroid, version of IMing since he is always on the net with his Blackberry, has taught people to be straight to the point, which removes all the extraneous stuff.<br />
  20. 20. Convergence of the Tri-Fecta<br />The ten flatteners are not only enforced one another but them themselves were also supported by other factors such as the importance of the individual and the outburst in the number of the world’s labor force. Each one of the flatteners use and build upon one another. None would have occurred without the fall of the wall, without Netscape’s success in open protocols most of the net would be proprietary knowledge, the lack of WF software may have lead to off-shoring and out-sourcing, and more would have happened. The “steroids” as Friedman calls them are devices and applications that other flatteners have built. However with these flatteners came changes not only in technology but also in business practices. The need for college degree exploded after the US came to realize we will not be about manufacturing especially due to the global labor force which can offer cheaper cost. By obtaining college degrees and through different experiences individuals know and need different skill sets to compete. In many cases some students wonder if a single major is enough anymore. <br />Personally that is a small reason why I took on three majors, studied abroad, jumped on board of activities, but it was not my sole reason. Without my experiences and without such schoolings I knew I would not stand out as much because I am not longer in a pool of just Americans but I am just one of the fish in the sea of the globe competing for jobs. People are starting to realize that they need more and more to differentiate themselves. In my opinion that wont stay stagnant. Continuous education through the likes of Phoenix University or certification through an organization like APICS will be needed as one grows in one’s professional to get closer to the hook. <br />
  21. 21. Horizontal  Vertical…Troubling Times Ahead?<br />As the world becomes flatter, connectivity and collaboration starts to trump over control and command. However this will come with very little ease nor be fixed in a short time. The Great Sorting is for the refocusing and recalibration of the systems at hand. Just because things change does not mean you just let them play out. For example implementing a new and amazing IT system into a business. Just because you know what it can do and the possibilities that can come out of it does not mean you shouldn’t keep an eye on it. Look at Telecom companies who laid fiber optic cables, they just went with it. They did not research and analyze to the fullest extend. That is what should happen here, keep tabs, ask questions. In addition you are not only worried about yourself but must apply worries to a global scale. Nike saw damage to their image and an uproar when they had poor labor practices such as using kids as well has poor work environments. However the standards at those work places within their countries are legal. This brings up the question where does the company start and finish? To what account is one responsible? <br />With the flattening of the world standards and international laws are needed. These checks on the system are needed, but they must be followed. In the WTO there are 153 members but there are 192 members within the UN, meaning there is 21% that are not following WTO standards. Even with being part of the WTO international standards such as ILO are not followed by always followed. One countries labor standards differ from another so deciding on international law is difficult. Development of more international standards as well as gathering all countries under one organization are needed to provided the checks needed to make sure the changes don’t go wild. <br />
  22. 22. US and Free Trade<br />The worry of free trade lingers throughout the US. Citizens believe that free trade is bad and seems unable to look at the benefits. Many want barriers and walls to be placed up to protect us from this. Yet that seems similar to what has taken place in the past. Establishing barriers and fences works more towards eastern philosophies and away from free markets. <br />People are normally are near sighted, they worry about the now. People see that businesses are leaving causing individuals to lose jobs and when it hits close to hope it impacts them. If all invest stops, then yes they would be correct outsourcing and off shoring is harmful, but investing won’t stop it will continue. Manufacturing jobs will be limited due to cheap labor in other countries but jobs are not based on production and manufacturing, they are based on idea creation.<br />The loss of our manufacturing jobs places emphasis on the fact that education is needed to pursue jobs and careers. With such jobs leading education is truly needed to educate individuals and give them the skills sets which are driving forces (Convergence II). Thus a change in the US’ domestic strategy is needed.<br />
  23. 23. Application of US & Free Trade<br />Free trade is not just impacting those in the US but rather those throughout the world. Fear of continuous job loss and little hope for new jobs resonate in countries throughout the world as well. One may think that it only impacts the big players, those without the jobs however that is not the case. Africa and Asian nations are feeling some heat from free trade.<br />Farmers in Africa, when the free trade gates were opened, were asked to compete against those who are more efficient and had equipment to assist them. Once tariffs were eliminated African farmers were forced out of business because less expensive agriculture flooded in. Unlike the US farmers in Africa receive zero help, they are on their own. This shows that free trade, without assistance, small business will likely fail. It makes one wonder if some kind of protectionism will be needed.<br />Members of Asean, the third largest trade organization, are worried once their already low tariffs, 5%, is eliminated the imports from China will flood their countries and damage local markets. Concern is especially focused on the textile industries. Concerns flutter for all countries that have to deal with free trade. Leaders see hope to increase access to China’s 1.9 billion people as well as opening borders for China to outsource and offshore their activities. <br />
  24. 24. Cant Touch These<br />With the flux in the global labor force having a constant set of skills will not suffice in today’s world. Meaning that if one is stagnant with their skills they will not be wanted down the road. The workers that are wanted are those that are continuously learning. <br />The Nine Types of Untouchables or “New Middlers”<br />Great Collaborators & Orchestrators<br />Managerial talent who lead and inspire those around to foster collaboration<br />Great Synthesizers<br />Masterminds that can integrate two unrelated things<br />Great Explainers<br />Individuals who can take and see complex items and reiterate them in common tongue<br />Great Leveragers<br />Those able to leverage technology to increase efficiency and productivity<br />Great Adapters<br />Versatile persons, who have the ability to apply a variety of talents on situations, leading to growth<br />Green People<br />Persons focusing on renewable energies & sustainability and are environmentally conscience<br />Passionate Personalizers<br />Individuals with a purse passion with great people skills that add that special touch<br />Math Lovers<br />Not just math genius but those with a like and act for all things math<br />Great Localizers<br />People who exploit the global resources and applications, and bringing them back locally<br />
  25. 25. Application of the Untouchables<br />Importance of continuously learning is assumed to be a reason behind companies that develop rotations for new hires as well as flexible career paths throughout an organization. From my first and second round interview with Discover Financial I found they offer flexible career advances in their organization which can be vertical or horizontal. Individuals can take make moves dependent on position available. However current employees mentioned that vertical movement may not always be the best. With their experiences they shared moving horizontal enables employees to learn and grow in different areas of the company, thus increasing their skill sets. In addition when interviewing for vertical movements and an employee has made horizontal movements hints at their want to learn as well as a want to expand their skill sets. <br />
  26. 26. Da Right Stuff<br />With a changing world and to become one of the untouchables one must want to know how. Friedman identified several key characteristics.<br />Learn how to learn<br />What individuals learn today will so be outdated. Individuals will need to continuously learn and educate themselves. <br />Working well with others<br />With the increase in service jobs and a decrease in manufacturing jobs, collaborating with other people is needed. Human interactions is hard to outsourced. <br />Passion and curiosity<br />In a flat world one’s passion and curiosity will carry one farther than their IQ. Passion and curiosity will push an individual to learn and educate oneself leading to continuous improvement.<br />Right brain useful<br />Jobs leaving the US are considered left-brained, ones that structured and limited. Using the right side enables one to be creative, to image, to design, used to find things outside the box.<br />Navigation<br />With all the information made available to an individual, one must learn how to obtain proper information and roam throughout the net effectively.<br />
  27. 27. Application of Da Right Stuff<br />Interviews are an application of trying to find the “right stuff.” If education and IQ were prime indicators on who would better do a job then resumes and an IQ test would be sufficient and businesses would not have to waste their time and money in sorting out new employees. Companies look for the “right stuff” that fits their company. <br />In one of my first interviews in college I used a resume with an opening involving the word passionate. In two of my three interviews I was asked to explain that. Prior to those interviews no one ever mentioned my opening lines. After reading this book I got a better understanding of why and to a certain extent I felt that I matched much of the description he used. When I get started on something I like to take the extra steps and force the boundaries to bend to see what I can and can’t do. In some cases I get so caught up I do not always see the whole picture which I am working on. <br />My first 2nd round interview with Discover used a case interview to see how well we work with individuals. We had groups of 3 or 4 people and were given a scenario and ten minutes to determine the best outcome then give a presentation. Our group members we met only an hour ago and little time to get to know each other. Discover knows the importance of working well with others is importance especially in when they like to work with groups. Thus what better way to test potential hires with incorporating that in their interviewing process.<br />
  28. 28. Personal Summary<br />Continue pursuit to diversify self<br />Change is inevitable<br />Do not stop learning<br />Network, meet new people <br />Do what you love which will create passion and provide inspiration<br />Short term impact will cloud judgment, but make your way through to find what the future holds<br />Expand experiences, work outside your comfort zone<br />You are not alone, look around. Collaborate, Integrate <br />When expanding stick to your routes: mission and ethics. Develop detailed missions and ethics, do not just know them, live them<br />Standards are needed. Standards foster innovation and quality<br />
  29. 29. Closing Remarks<br />•Did you like the book/assignment and find-it useful?<br /> I thought this assignment was great! I started the book last semester and never finished it and having this as an assignment got me back into the book. I was amazed by how the world has been flattened. I knew of the Berlin Wall and heard about Netscape but did not gather their complete importance to the world. In addition it got my mind thinking: what is the next flattener? Will the flattening process ever stop? Will there ever be a need to un-flatten the world? This books gives me a glimpse at the overall picture and increased my excitement to stay up-to-date and to get out there and experience it myself.<br />•What would you do to improve this assignment?<br /> I think this assignment is great. If I would change anything it would be adding a some type of presentation. It would not be over the book but involve applying one of the flatteners to real life experiences. Example one could create a correlation between Google pulling out of China with flatteners 1 and 2.<br />•Was there anything that inspired you?<br />After reading the different stories and experiences my curiosity grew and I do want to got out and experience things for myself. In addition if I have the opportunity to view different industries, I will make time to see them. Lastly I was inspired to network. Mr. Friedman knew many people those connections got him to the places he visited going. Proving that networking can take you anywhere, if you have the right connections. I want to make those connections.<br />