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Pharma sages clinical advantage

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Pharma sages clinical advantage

  1. 1. R&D Facts• More than $120 billion worldwide is spent onpharmaceutical R&D• Most of the money is spent by US or coreEuropean companies (for example France andGermany)• Without clinical cost reduction, pharmaceuticaland healthcare industry are headed towarddoomsday scenario• CROs market share of R&D has grown in doubledigits over last several years• Asian and non-core European shares of clinicaltrial market has grown from 16% in 2004 to morethan 50% in 2012
  2. 2. PharmSages Advantage_Pharma and Biotech• Independent and unbiased review of client’sprojects by PharmaSages consultants• Part-time consultants do the job instead of FTEs-resulting significant savings for clients• Bids from multiple CROs and/or hospitals withoutdisclosing client’s identity• Contract and budget negotiations with CROs• Assistance with FDA compliance and filings• Document preparation and review
  3. 3. PharmSages Advantage_CROs and Hospitals• Local representations to non-US CROs which canhelp them reduce costs by reducing their USemployees and their US travel• Provide CROs with clinical and non-clinicalconsultants• Help CROs in acquiring clinical and non-clinicalexpertise• Contract and budget negotiations with CROs• Assistance with FDA compliance and filings
  4. 4. PharmSages_Snapshot of Document Database
  5. 5. Contact usAjay Shrivastava, CEOPharmaSages58 Magnolia LanePrinceton, NJ 08540Phone: (609)423-7602E-mail:asbiopro@pharmasages.comWeb: