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Pharma sages 5 drug discovery rules


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Pharma sages 5 drug discovery rules

  1. 1. PharmaSages _ Five R&D Rules*1) Science not product _ Success of all the biotechs including Genentech, Amgen, Regeneron etc. came from good science. Good science leads to good products like good chickens lay good eggs.2) Targeted delivery _ If you don’t know the target, most likely you won’t hit it.3) Patient selection _ Choose patients that are most likely to respond using prescreens for mutations, targets etc.4) Combination therapy _ Combine your drug with other drugs to multiply response. Choose drugs with different targets and mechanisms for success.5) Encourage innovation _ In Steve Jobs words “People who are crazy enough to think they can change the World often do.” *Unauthorized reproduction of this slide or its content is prohibited.
  2. 2. PharmaSagesIf you want….• Second opinion on your research• To reduce your R&D budget• To figure out growth strategy• To acquire specific talent or expertise• Help with clinical documents for FDA filings• To maximize ROI
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