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Ae Powerpoint Linked In


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Ae Powerpoint Linked In

  2. 2. AMERICANEAGLE.COM OVERVIEW  Family-owned and operated  Started in the software design business in 1978 and transitioned to Web development at the advent of the Internet  Developed over 5,000 Web solutions since 1995  Employs over 200 full-time Web professionals  Offices in Chicago, New York, Washington DC, Dallas, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Cleveland  Solutions range from simple brochure sites to complex online applications, including many robust B2B and B2C ecommerce sites
  3. 3. AMERICANEAGLE.COM ADVANTAGES  Stable: With over 160 full-time professionals and 30 years of experience, is a solid and debt-free organization.  Portable: Client owns the source code for the Web site and Content Management System.  Reliable: platforms are developed in proven technologies to ensure that Web applications are scalable and sustainable .  Scalable:’s platform is highly customizable and new features and web initiatives can be implemented at any time, per your desire and need. Clients are not forced to wait for upgrades.  Innovative: is at the forefront of design, architectural, and technological advances to create highly relevant and engaging Web sites.  Focused: designs and develops sites with great attention to user interface and marketing tactics to ensure that sites are built for optimal traffic, conversion rates, and sales.  Versatile:’s exposure and experience across a wide array of industries enables us to apply tools and strategies from one industry to another where relevant.
  6. 6. AMERICANEAGLE.COM SERVICES  Web Strategy & Consulting  Search Engine Marketing  Web Site Design & Branding  Social Networking Development  Web Development  Content Management Systems  Ecommerce System Development  PCI-Compliant Hosting  Third Party Integrations  Ongoing Maintenance Services  Multimedia  Unparalleled Customer Service  Email Marketing  And more… “We have used for our Chicago Auto Show Web site for about 8 years now. I think that speaks volumes for our level of endorsement. There are tons of designers and hosting firms out there, all wanting to have our business. We choose AE because they get the job done for us in great form….We get hundreds of compliments from viewers/visitors and our participating manufacturers and media visiting our site for everything from basic information to detailed specs for the show. is an outstanding organization.” Paul Brian, Director of Communications Chicago Auto Show
  9. 9. AMERICANEAGLE.COM DESIGN & USER INTERFACE  creates ecommerce designs that are tailored to the unique needs of the client’s brand, product, and audience. ’s graphic design services focus on best practices, as well as customizing the user interface to produce optimal usability and conversion rates for the client at hand. ’s goal is to maximize the client’s ROI by engaging the user in your brand, designing well-crafted navigation, creating a streamlined ordering process, and optimizing marketing and merchandising opportunities. “Since the re-launch of, we have experienced nearly a 50% increase in overall conversion rates. We appreciate the professionalism and expertise shown by everyone at your find company!” Brian Evans, Director of Ecommerce
  10. 10. AMERICANEAGLE.COM DESIGN & USER INTERFACE STEPS TO DESIGN SUCCESS  Creative Discovery  Brand  Product  Audience  Information Architecture  Site Map  Homepage Diagram  Design Guidelines  Character  Treatments  Palettes  Typography  Navigation  Template Development
  12. 12. AMERICANEAGLE.COM ECOMMERCE  leverages the proven idev ecommerce platform to begin all ecommerce projects.  Implementations and customizations are managed by a dedicated project team within’s ecommerce department. ’s idev ecommerce platform powers many large retail sites that handle millions to hundreds of millions of dollars annually. KEY FEATURES  Product Management w/ Item Wizard  Social Networking Integration  Order Management  Search Engine Marketing  Shipping Management  idev Site Search  Back Office Integration  idev Broadcast Email  Reporting Tools  idev Content Management  Merchandising  Custom Development  Marketing & Promotion Tools  And more…  Multimedia Integration
  13. 13. AMERICANEAGLE.COM ECOMMERCE STORE MANAGEMENT  Manage Departments  Manage Shipping and Tax Parameters  Manage Subdepartments  Custom Shipping Solutions  Activate or Deactivate Departments  Manage Orders  Manage Attributes  View and Export Orders  Manage Items  Create Orders for New and Existing Customers  Item Wizard for Child Item Generation  Shopping Cart Look-up  Manage Product Attributes  And more!  Manage Product Departments/Subdepartments  Manage Product Descriptions  Manage Product Pricing  Manage Product SEO Data  Upload Product Images  Automatic Picture Resizing  Upload Related Documents  Upload Related Media  Manage Related Items  Manage Inventory and Inventory Actions  Manage Product Reviews  Flag Featured Items
  14. 14. AMERICANEAGLE.COM ECOMMERCE MERCHANDISING & MARKETING  Search and Sort by Top Sellers, Popularity, Rank, etc.  Search and Sort by Product Attributes  Product Finder Tools  Advanced Fly-out Menus w/ Merchandising Space  System-Generated Related Items based on Purchasing Behavior  Product Placement based on Browsing and Purchasing Behavior  In-cart Product Placement  Product Reviews  Advanced Marketing Rules and Promotions  % Off, $ Off, Free Shipping  Buy X, Get Y  Free Gift with Purchase  Single-Use Promo Codes  Tiered Discount Promos  Customer Announcements  Customer Loyalty Programs  Email Responders w/ Merchandising Space  And more!
  15. 15. AMERICANEAGLE.COM ECOMMERCE REPORTING  Customer Reports by Purchase Behavior  $ Spent, # of Orders, AOV, etc.  Order Reports  By Item, Department, By Promo Code, By Order Value, etc.  Top Selling Reports  By item, department, location, etc.  Abandoned Cart Reports  By Item, Department , By Top Abandoned Items, etc.  Saved Cart Reports  By Item, Department, By Top Saved Items, etc.  Related Item Reports  Promo Code Reports with Conversion Tracking  Banner Ad Reports with Conversion Tracking  Referral Code Reports with Conversion Tracking  And more!
  17. 17. AMERICANEAGLE.COM ADVANCED SEARCH KEY FEATURES  AJAX Auto-Suggest Menu  Visual Search  Spell Check  Stemming Algorithm  Faceted Navigation  Sort by Rank, Price, Alphabetical, etc.  Intelligent Ranking  Control Product Ranking  More Items Like This  Suggestions for Zero Results  Search Term Reporting w/ Conversion Tracking  And more!
  19. 19. AMERICANEAGLE.COM CONTENT MANAGEMENT KEY FEATURES  Fully Customizable  Almost 100% Web Site Control  Intuitive Graphic Interface  Privilege-based User Administration  Access Rights and Workflow  Personal Quicklinks  Custom Dashboard  Navigation Control  Page Builder  Manage Dynamic Content Areas  Intuitive WYSIWYG Editors  Asset Management  Integrated Ticketing System
  20. 20. AMERICANEAGLE.COM CONTENT MANAGEMENT CONTENT TOOL Beyond managing the ecommerce store, clients are able to control virtually every static page of the Web site through’s Content Tool Editor. You will be able to provide your site visitors with timely, value-added content that not only encourages repeat visits but also opens up the door to enhanced SEO exposure. The tools for building new content pages are based on clear, step-by-step processes that non-technical staff can manage. Key features of the Content Tool Editor include:  Manage Navigation  Create New Pages  Choose from Templates  Edit Pages  Activate and Deactivate Pages  Control SEO Data  WYSIWYG Text Editor  Insert Programming Modules  Preview Page  Schedule Page
  22. 22. AMERICANEAGLE.COM INTEGRATION INTEGRATION EXPERIENCE Most ecommerce website solutions today involve some level of integration with back-office systems. has integrated with many third-party systems. A few of these include, but are not limited to:  NetSuite  Quickbooks  Escalate (Ecometry)  Stone Edge Order Manager  Retail Pro  Dydacomp MOM  Microsoft Dynamics  New Haven Software  MAS90  MNP  MAS200  AS400  MAS500  Custom Solutions  SAP  and More…
  23. 23. AMERICANEAGLE.COM INTEGRATION INTEGRATION PROCESS looks at every integration project individually; however it is always a step-by-step process:  Define  Develop  Test INTEGRATION HIGHLIGHTS  Communication techniques include but are not limited to: Flat File Exchange, XML Web Services, EDI, Com API, and Database Replication.  All integrations have debugging and logging interfaces to manage the communication.  Failover techniques in order to keep the e-commerce platform up and running although communications with outside systems may not be available.  Monitoring of communication between applications.  Transition plans for data migration out of legacy applications or old e-commerce platforms.
  25. 25. AMERICANEAGLE.COM BROADCAST EMAIL KEY FEATURES  Intuitive interface for Web site administrators.  Unsurpassed reliability, performance and deliverability.  Delivery monitoring, virtual routing, smart bounce management, real-time reporting, and live updates keep your system current with ever-changing domain policies.  Supports all leading authentication standards.  Create, modify and store as many subscription lists as you need.  Upload email list(s) to broadcast email system for a custom email to a targeted list that is not in your broadcast system.  Unlimited list data segmentation based on custom fields.  Message preview and testing.  Send e-mail now, schedule it to go later, or create a recurring broadcast.  Can-SPAM compliance features  Opt-Out provision for users to remove themselves from your email list(s).  Performance tracking to assess the success of email campaigns.  Sync unsubscribes, bounces, and tracking activities with your database.
  26. 26. AMERICANEAGLE.COM SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING  Good organic search exposure is important to the success of a Web site. Indeed, search-engine exposure will ensure achievement of two primary goals: increased Web traffic and improved online sales.  As we do with any site development project, will design and program each page of the site to conform to current search engine indexing technology. will not only develop the site for optimal exposure at launch, we will build in the tools that allow key SEO data to be maintained over time. ’s search engine tools and tactics have contributed to top search engine placement for many online retailers, leading to increased traffic and, moreover, increased conversions. KEY SEO FEATURES  Content and Keyword Development  Title Tag Management  Alt Tag Management  Meta Description Management  URL Rewrite Controls
  27. 27. AMERICANEAGLE.COM SOCIAL MEDIA INTEGRATION Participating in social media puts your brand into realms online where people are socializing, so your audience can learn about your brand and share with others. Implementing a strategy to capitalize on social media includes:  Remembering your main website is the brand hub – this is where you ultimately want to drive people to come and interact with your brand – preferably in online sales or redirecting them to physical locations.  Developing and following a company social media strategy.  Making your website and corporate communications social-media friendly.  Being an active member in the social media solutions (ie Blog, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, etc.) KEY SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGIES  Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Blog, YouTube, etc.  “Follow Us” Call-outs  Integration of Feeds  Posting Valuable Content (from company news to store promotions)  Custom Design for Twitter and Blog  App Development  Ecommerce Integration  And more!
  29. 29. AMERICANEAGLE.COM HOSTING  Park Ridge, IL Primary Data Center  New PCI-Compliant Data Center in Chicago, IL  Currently Supporting over 200 PCI-Compliant Sites  Dedicated OC-3 & T-3 Circuits (SBC & QWEST)  Natural Gas Generator Power Backup System  20 Hour Battery Backup System  24x7 Monitoring and Alerts  Firewall and AntiVirus Systems  Microsoft IIS, SQL, ASP, .NET – “Mainstream”  Secured Facilities and System Access  15 Full-Time Server Administrators in 3 Shifts for 24x7 Support
  30. 30. AMERICANEAGLE.COM HOSTING  No Service Disruption – Ability to handle high-volume traffic.  Chicago Bears Web site suffered NO downtime during their run to the Super Bowl in 2007 (unlike competing teams).  brought in 2,800+ e-commerce transactions, valuing more than $250,000 in sales, while competitor’s site was down.  Again in 2008, was able to handle increased traffic for for Super Bowl XLII.
  31. 31. AMERICANEAGLE.COM CUSTOMER SERVICE  Live customer service 24x7.  No Outsourcing! Customer Service staff is located in our Park Ridge, IL headquarters.  Staffed with 30+ full-time professionals, including skilled customer service representatives, html staff, programmers, and server staff  You will have dedicated Account Managers who will oversee your account after launch.  Issues and requests are managed through the extranet for organized and timely follow-through on outstanding issues and requests.  We are here to support any issues and provide ongoing services from strategic consulting to seasonal updates to launching unique online marketing programs and more.
  33. 33. AMERICANEAGLE.COM SUCCESS STORIES launched the official site for the US White House at the inauguration of President Barack Obama. The timely and seamless transition of the new site contributed to what was the most public site launch in the history of the Internet. The new, which incorporates blogs, video, photo galleries, and more, has been fundamental to the President’s communication efforts and is fully integrated with Twitter, Google Moderator, and other social media outlets. Chicago Bears Store: The official store for Chicago Bears merchandise more than doubled their sales after launched the ecommerce redesign in the 2007 playoff run. The store processed numerous transactions per second with no disruption, despite incredibly high traffic. WeatherTech: Since 2000, has redesigned the auto accessory retailer’s Web site 3 times. Since the original redesign, sales have increased exponentially, due largely to improved user interface with each redevelopment. The latest redesign improved the conversion rate from 6% to 10%. Since 2000, sales have gone from less than $1million to well over $20million per year.
  34. 34. AMERICANEAGLE.COM SUCCESS STORIES Fence Center: Fence Center, the largest fencing source on the Internet, initially contacted in 2005 to create their first e- commerce site. With the success of the original online storefront, due in large part to optimal search engine visibility, recently redesigned to align the site with the latest Web technologies and design standards, which doubled the site’s conversion rate. Air-O-Swiss: Launched in 2008, Swiss-based company Air-O-Swiss has experienced online sales totals nearing 8x the company’s initial investment in under 6 months. Air-O-Swiss was careful to launch the new ecommerce store as a soft sell so as not to cause turmoil with their current US vendors, but since launch, vendors are experiencing higher sales as well. Foods Across America: Cross channel merchant, Foods Across America (established by Vienna Beef) has experienced online sales totals surpassing 4x the company’s initial investment in under a year. In addition to a highly navigable and branded website, the success is also attributable to cross channel marketing efforts including two catalog drops since the site launched in October 2008.
  35. 35. AMERICANEAGLE.COM SUCCESS STORIES Chiasso: Internet Retailer recognizes a select number of e-commerce Web sites each year for their innovative approaches to online retailing. In December 2007, proudly celebrated the recognition of client Chiasso as one of the “Top 50” retailing sites in Internet Retailer’s annual selection of “Best of the Web.” This came shortly after gave Chiasso’s online storefront a major overhaul. Snow Blowers Direct: For 2008, Internet Retailer expanded its Best of the Web from 50 sites to 100 sites, due to the growing number of outstanding ecommerce Web sites. Among the “Hot 100” selected by Internet Retailer was client Snow Blowers Direct. As a leading online snow blower superstore, Snow Blowers Direct was selected as a pace-setting Hot 100 Web site following a complete redesign by Elderluxe: For 2009, client Elderluxe was featured as a “Hot 100” ecommerce site in Internet Retailer’s Best of the Web. launched the start-up ecommerce store of high-end products for aging audiences in 2006 with a focus on interface and functionality for an older demographic of Internet users.