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Strategic mgt of Ebay


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Strategic mgt of Ebay

  2. 2. GROUP MEMBERS• Farah Naz• Sidra Kousar• Javeria Mehmood• Faiza Tariq 2
  3. 3. SLIDE LAYOUT• Introduction• Ebay business model• Competitors• Present and future problems• Internal audit• External audit• Swot matrix• CPM• Space matrix• Grand matrix• Conclusion• Recommendations• Current position 3• References
  4. 4. INTRODUCTION• eBay Inc. is an American internet consumer to consumer corporation• An online auction and shopping website• Founded in 1995• Pierre Omidyar, the founder of eBay• Headquarter San Jose, California, U.S• Today, the eBay community includes more than a hundred million registered members from around the world. 4
  5. 5. E EBay’s Mission Statement“eBays mission is to provide a global trading platform where practically anyone can trade practically anything” 5
  6. 6. WHAT THEY SELL!• Millions of items listed on eBay• eBay used to buy and sell items in thousands of categories• Collectibles like trading cards, antiques, dolls, and house wares to practical items like used cars, clothing, books and CDs, and electronics.• Auction-style format or a fixed price through a feature called Buy It Now. 6
  7. 7. WHERE ARE THEY…• Currently, eBay has local sites that serve Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Malaysia, the Netherlands, New Zealand, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, and the United States. 7
  8. 8. IN STARTING….• Initially conceived as online marketing place• Person to person trading community• 94.9 million registered users from more than 150 countries• Registered users ranged from school, college students to Fortune 500 companies such as IBM, government agencies e.g. U.S Postal Service 8
  9. 9. KEY SUCCESS FACTORS IN ONLINE RETAILING• Challenge is to generate traffic on website• Tactics used to generate traffic were:• Partnering with search engines• Direct e-mails• Online advertising at portals• Print and television media 9
  10. 10. CONT…..• Providing extensive product information• Easily navigable site• New things happening on sites, to keep customers coming back 10
  11. 11. ONLINE AUCTIONS• Endured through out the history• Convenient way to find a buyer• Collect difficult-to-find items• Purest markets, buyers and sellers arrive at a mutually agreeable price• Works in the same way as traditional auctions 11
  12. 12. CATEGORIES..• Business to business auctions• Business to consumer auctions• Person to person auctions• eBay is pioneer of person to person online auction• 6.5 million customers used online auction in 2002, Forrester Research 12
  13. 13. WAYS TO GENERATE REVENUE• Charging sellers for listing their goods/services• Charging a commission on all sales• Selling advertising on their websites• Selling their own new or used merchandise• Selling their own goods or allowing other sellers to offer goods in fixed price format 13
  14. 14. AUCTION TYPES• Auction-style listings: Allow the seller to offer one or more items for sale for a specified number of days. The seller can establish a reserve price• Fixed price format Allows the seller to offer one or more items for sale at a Buy It Now price. Buyers who agree to pay that price win the auction immediately without submitting a bid. 14
  15. 15. ONLINE AUCTION USERS Six categories• Bargain hunters• Hobbyist/collector buyers• Professional buyers• Casual sellers• Hobbyist/collector sellers• Corporate and power sellers 15
  16. 16. EBAY AUCTION WORKING• Users registration• Users provide both credit card number and bank account information• Single bid or automatic bidding (proxy bidding)• Insertion and final value fee for sellers• Auctions fees different for different goods 16
  17. 17. EBAY ACQUISITIONS• The Gifts Project, Group purchasing of gifts•, Shopping Engine• Magneto, Electronic Commerce• Skype limited, voice over internet protocol• PayPal, Ecommerce payment systems• Butterfield & Butterfield, Auction house•, fixed price format 17
  18. 18. PAYPAL• Safe, easier way to pay online• Pay without exposing credit card numbers to merchants• 100% protection from unauthorized payments• 24/7 monitoring to help prevent fraud• One account and one password• No need to retype credit card information 18
  19. 19. FEED BACK FORUM• 1996, eBay pioneered a feature called feedback forum• Build reputation with in its community• Comments about trading partners• Helps in overcoming hesitance about trading over internet• February 9,2004, additional feature of withdrawal of feedback comment 19
  20. 20. EBAY BUSINESS MODEL• Model was built around three profit centers• Domestic business( auction operations with in U.S)• International business( auction operations outside U.S)• Payments (e.g. PayPal)• 2003, 31.7% revenue growth from U.S operations• 34.6% international share• 33.8% from payments 20
  21. 21. ELEMENTS OF BUSINESS MODEL• Largest online trading forum• Compelling and entertaining environment• Trust and safety programs e.g. Safe harbor• Cost effective, convenient trading• Strong community affinity• Intuitive user interface, fully automated 21
  22. 22. EBAY STRATEGYEBays strategy to sustain growth rested on fiveElements:• Broaden existing trading platform• Foster eBay community affinity• Enhance features and functionality• Expand value added services• Continue to develop U.S and international markets 22
  23. 23. STRATEGIC ALLIANCESImpressive portfolio of over 250 strategicAlliances:• America Online (AOL)• Yahoo• IBM• Compaq• Walt Disney 23
  24. 24. CONT…For value added services:• Leading shipping services (USPS and UPS)• Tradesafe and I-Escrow• Mailboxes• 24
  25. 25. COMPETITORS Main competitors of eBay are:• Auctions•• Yahoo Auctions 25
  26. 26. AMAZON.COMStrategy is to “ be the world’s most customer centric company where customers can find and discover anything they may want to buy online”• Customer base of 35 million users in over 150 countries• Created in July 1995• Internet’s number one music, video and book retailer 26
  27. 27. CONT..International sites:• ( Germany),• (United Kingdom)• (Canada)• (France) 27
  28. 28. CONT…Strategic alliances:• Border Books•••• Sotheby’s• Co-branded toy and video game online store with 28
  29. 29. UBID.COMMission is to: “be the most recognized and trusted business to consumer market place, consistently delivering exceptional value and services to its customers and supplier partners” 29
  30. 30. CONT…• They started consumer to consumer auctions but discontinued in 2002, due to the costs associated with fraud and concerns over product quality• Founded in April 1997• 14.7 percent share of revenues in online auction market 30
  31. 31. YAHOO AUCTIONS• Launched in 1998• User base grew from 120 million to 180 million during 2000• 2004, offered auctions in China through joint venture with dominant Chinese web portal, Sina 31
  32. 32. PRESENT AND FUTURE PROBLEMS• Too many Sellers as compare to Buyers• Security( of the auction process and payment)• Fraud( through users in the auction process)• Necessity to accommodate power sellers( businesses)• Changes in number of categories• Expansion in terms of different types of sellers• Apart from system related issues, integration of professional sellers is most urgent issue 32
  33. 33. INTERNAL AUDIT 33
  34. 34. SWOT ANALYSIS 34
  35. 35. STRENGTHS• Most well known online auction company in the world.• Recognizable Brand Name• Over 250 Alliances• Publicly Traded• Partnerships with international companies• Global reach• eBay University• Entertaining site• Over 27,000 different categories• Zero inventory held by company 35
  36. 36. CONT…• No need for the traditional sales force• Strong auction community of loyal customers.• Excellent financial situation.• Strong customer service.• Percent of revenue in international markets increasing significantly.• Have a fair payment system that encourages merchants to list products.• Experienced management team. 36
  37. 37. WEAKNESSES• Weak promotional and marketing activities• eBay does not pay dividends on their stock• Some customers feel the website is cluttered• eBay’s position in the business to business (B2B) market is weak.• eBay has very little debt, therefore the company is not taking advantage of low interest rates to expand.• eBay has a higher tax rate since they do not take advantage of depreciation as well as other companies. 37
  38. 38. CONT…• The company relies too much on word of mouth advertising, assuming everyone already knows about eBay.• Longer transaction times, since many merchants will not receive payment until a buyers check clears.• Open to fraudulent activities• System breakdowns could affects trading activities 38
  39. 39. IFE MATRIX 39
  40. 40. INTERNAL STRENGTHS WEIGHTS RATING WEIGHTED SCOREWell known auction company 0.1 4 0.4Loyal customers 0.04 3 0.12Financial situation 0.1 3 0.3Fair payment system 0.03 3 0.09Global market 0.05 3 0.15Management system 0.1 4 0.4Zero inventory 0.05 3 0.15Customer service 0.03 4 0.12International markets 0.02 3 0.06Over 250 alliances 0.2 3 0.6eBay university 0.2 3 0.6Over 27,000 different 0.08 4 0.32categoriesTOTAL 1.0 40 3.31 40
  41. 41. INTERNAL WEAKNESSES WEIGHTS RATING WEIGHTED SCOREWeak promotional and marketing 0.1 1 0.1activitiesWebsite is cluttered 0.08 2 0.16Weak in B2B 0.2 1 0.2eBay has very little debt, therefore 0.1 1 0.1the company is not taking advantageof low interest rates to expandeBay has a higher tax rate since they 0.05 1 0.05do not take advantage ofdepreciation as well as othercompaniesThe company relies too much on 0.07 2 0.14word of mouth advertising, assumingeveryone already knows abouteBay.Longer transaction times, since 0.1 1 0.1many merchants will not receivepayment until a buyers check clears.Open to fraudulent activities 0.2 1 0.2System breakdowns could affects 0.1 1 0.1trading activities 41TOTAL 1.0 11 1.15
  42. 42. EXTERNAL AUDIT 42
  43. 43. OPPORTUNITIES• Changing lifestyles of people• Acquisition of• Continued international expansion• Increasing use of the internet• Expand community services• Foreign markets especially in Asia are improving• Market development in new and emerging markets like China and India• Market penetration/ Improve market services in current markets 43
  44. 44. THREATS• Success attracts greater competition• Attacks by illegal practices might happened• Some cost like credit card charges cannot be easily controlled by eBay• Transportation systems could be poor• Future taxation• Fluctuations in currency and exchange rates• Rapid growth of• Increasing number of online stores 44
  45. 45. EFE MATRIX 45
  46. 46. OPPERTUNITIES WEIGHTS RATING WEIGHTED SCOREChanging lifestyles of people 0.2 3 0.6Acquisition of 0.04 3 0.12Continued international expansion 0.1 3 0.3Increasing use of the internet 0.2 3 0.6Expand community services 0.08 3 0.24Foreign markets especially in Asia 0.1 2 0.2are improvingMarket development in new and 0.2 3 0.6emerging markets like China andIndiaMarket penetration/ Improve market 0.08 3 0.24services in current marketsTOTAL 1.0 23 2.90 46
  47. 47. THREATS WEIGHTS RATING WEIGHTED SCORESuccess attracts greater competition 0.2 3 0.6Attacks by illegal practices might 0.04 3 0.12happenedSome cost like credit card charges 0.1 3 0.3cannot be easily controlled by eBayTransportation systems could be 0.2 3 0.6poorFuture taxation 0.08 3 0.24Fluctuations in currency and 0.1 2 0.2exchange ratesRapid growth of 0.2 3 0.6Increasing number of online stores 0.08 3 0.24TOTAL 1.0 23 2.90 47
  48. 48. SWOT MATRIX 48
  49. 49. Strengths Weaknesses Leading Global Brand for auctions Fraudulent Activities SWOT Matrix Customer Relations Management System Breakdown on trading activities Known Generic Brand for e-commerceOpportunities SO WOAcquisitions provide new business Global Expansions Online Bankingstrategic opportunities Maintain simplicity of interaction with Diversify productsMarket Development the online community’s capability Systems for Online verification ofMarket Penetration/ Diversification products Strategic alliance with courier companies Penetration of all types of marketThreats ST WTAttracts competition Acquisition strategy – global Alliance to postal services expansionIllegal Practices Authentication of consumers identity Use online security options forCredit Card charges not controllable verification and authenticationby eBay Reinforce marketing management and systems 49
  50. 50. PROPOSED STRATEGIES:• Market penetration• Market development• Product development• Diversification• Acquisitions• Alliances 50
  52. 52. KEY SUCCESS WEIGHT EBAY WEIGHTED AMAZON WEIGHTED YAHOO WEIGHTED UBID WEIGHTEDFACTORS SCORE SCORE AUCTIONS SCORE SCOREBRAND NAME 0.15 4 0.6 4 0.6 3 0.6 3 0.6QUANTITY OF 0.3 4 1.2 3 0.9 3 0.9 3 0.9BUYERS ANDSELLERSCONVENIENCE 0.1 4 0.4 3 0.3 3 0.3 3 0.3CUSTOMER 0.1 4 0.4 3 0.3 2 0.2 2 0.2SERVICESPEED OF 0.05 3 0.15 3 0.15 2 0.10 2 0.10TRANSACTIONERROR RATE 0.05 2 0.10 3 0.15 2 0.10 2 0.10LOW 0.1 2 0.2 2 0.2 2 0.2 2 0.2INVENTORY/COSTGLOBAL 0.15 4 0.6 3 0.45 3 0.45 1 0.15DISTRIBUTIONWEIGHTED 1 27 3.65 24 3.05 20 2.85 18 2.55TOTAL 52
  53. 53. ANALYSIS• eBay ranked ahead of all the others.• ranked each category based on the information provided to us in the case study.• Three categories they were on top of; Quantity of Buyers and Sellers, Brand Name, and Global Distribution• This analysis shows that a company does not have to be better than its rivals in every category, just as long as they are ahead in the most important ones. 53
  55. 55. FINANCIAL RATINGS COMPETITIVE RATINGSSTRENGTH (FS) ADVANTAGE (CA)Return on 6Investment Market share -1Leverage 2 Product quality -2Liquidity 6 Customer loyalty -2Working Capital 5 Technological -3 know-howCash flow 6 Control over -5 suppliers andExit from market 4 distributors Competitors -2Risks 4 capacityFinancial Strength 4.7 Competitive -2.5average Advantage Average 55
  57. 57. INDUSTRY RATINGS STABILITY RATINGSSTRENGTH (IS) POSITIONGrowth potential 5 Rate of inflation -1Financial stability 4 Technological -4 changesRivalry among 4 Price elasticity of -3competitors demandResource utilization 4 Competitive -4 pressureProfit potential 6 Barriers to enter into -6 marketIndustry strength 4.6 Stability position -3.6average average 57
  58. 58. CALCULATIONS:• X axis: Industry strength + Competitive advantage 4.6 + (-2.5) = 2.10• Y axis: Financial strength + Stability position 4.7 + (-3.6) = 1.10 58
  59. 59. Quadrant 2 Quadrant 1( Conservative) (Aggressive)Quadrant 3 Quadrant 4(Defensive) (Competitive) 59
  60. 60. PROPOSED STRATEGIES• Market development Company can develop its market, by moving into China and India• Product development• Market penetration• Diversification strategies ( Related & Unrelated)• Integration strategies( vertical & horizontal) 60
  62. 62. • Four Quadrants• Two dimensions• X-axis: Strong Competitive Position Weak Competitive Position• Y-axis: Rapid Market Growth Slow Market Growth 62
  63. 63. Rapid market growthWeak strongcompetitive competitivePosition position Slow market growth 63
  64. 64. PROPOSED STRATEGIES• Concentration on current markets and products• Firms with excess resources can integrate horizontal or vertical• Intensive strategies• Integration strategies• Related diversification 64
  65. 65. CONCLUSION• Company is in strong financial position• Achieving its targets successfully• Have acquisitions and alliances with different companies to run effectively• Expanding its value added services with the help of PayPal, and other companies e.g.• Developing international and U.S markets• Company is trying to stay in touch with customers and hold group meetings known as VOICE OF CUSTOMER. 65
  66. 66. RECOMMENDATIONS• eBay must develop their strategies to ensure great demand, high profit return and to meet their target market• Put up securities to ensure that no fraudulent activities can happen through authentication and verifications 66
  67. 67. Maintain global growth initiative• Acquisitions (develop new markets)• New markets• New products• Adopt into different culturesTechnological development• Rapid application development• Selling new applications/programs• Creating standards for the industry• Program interface and developers programs 67
  68. 68. Security• Back up systems• Online verifications• Enhance trustee services• Online banking improvements• Enhance after sales services Reinforcing the Marketing department• Improve image through advertising• Global branding to make eBay a generic brand 68
  69. 69. CURRENT POSITION OF EBAY• In 2010, the total value of goods sold on eBay was $62 billion -- more than $2,000 every secondQ3 2011 Overview• Revenue for the third quarter ended September 30, 2011, increased 32% to $3.0 billion, compared to the same period of 2010.• The company reported third quarter net income of $490.5 million• Since Q1 2007, the companys revenue from all sources other than Marketplaces transactions has increased from 37% of eBay Inc.s total revenue to 54% as of Q3 2011. 69
  70. 70. Strong Company … Getting Stronger• $5.8 billion in cash and cash equivalents and non-equity investments on balance sheet at the close of Q3 2011• $809 million in operating cash flow in Q3 2011• $526 million in free cash flow in Q3 2011 70
  71. 71. REFERENCES•••••• FeeUpdate2010.html• _inc_corporate_fact_sheet_q3_2011 71
  72. 72. 72