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LiMo Platform And Mobile Linux


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LiMo are building an open mobile middleware platform upon the Linux kernel, drawing from the best of open source and using many common components found in GNOME Mobile.

The big challenge for mobile companies working with open source is how to be graceful in our interaction with upstream projects and how to ensure a reciprocal flow of innovation that benefits everyone.

This presentation introduced the LiMo platform, talked about the challenges of building for mobile devices, and how we want to work with open source projects to make them more mobile in the future.

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LiMo Platform And Mobile Linux

  1. LiMo Platform and Mobile Linux FOSDEM 2010
  2. Hi, I’m Andrew.
  3. Who, or what, is LiMo?
  4. How many people have heard of LiMo? How many people know what LiMo is?
  5. LiMo is a Foundation
  6. Foundations are good Neutral third party Central location for code, resources Protection for legal issues Apache Software Foundation, Eclipse Foundation, Free Software Foundation, GNOME Foundation, Linux Foundation, Mozilla Foundation, Symbian Foundation, ...
  7. LiMo is a platform (the first truly open*, hardware-independent, Linux-based operating system for mobile devices) * open as in governance
  8. Platforms are good The operating system stack is a commodity layer* Reduce development and maintenance costs Decrease time to market / increase innovation Maemo on Debian, o2 Joggler on Moblin, Moblin on Fedora/SUSE/Ubuntu/Mandriva/... * i.e. becoming more alike / less differentiated, standardised; able to run on multiple hardware; the point of differentiation moving up the stack
  9. LiMo is a diverse cross- section of the mobile ecosystem
  10. Diversity is good A key metric of a healthy (open source) community Represent everyone’s views, not just “the driver” Must be coupled with clear and open governance LiMo members include chipset companies, handset manufacturers, network operators, software companies
  11. Shipping matters
  12. 45 handsets and counting
  13. The LiMo Platform
  14. User interface Increasing commoditisation LiMo “middleware” Linux kernel Some Implications of Software Commoditisation
  15. Challenges
  16. FLOSS FTW! Open or Closed?
  17. De bi a n GNU/L i n u x f o r Mo bi le s v3. 5
  18. Help us! Definitive project website Readily identify the license(s) the code is under Easily downloadable source code As HTTP resource, including many years of archives! Bonus, nice to have: Roadmap, release history, links to issue tracker and SCM repository, up-to-date listing on
  19. Crazy things we do* * ... but wish we didn’t have to Data-mine repositories and catalogues for useful stats e.g. GTK = $30m for us to build from scratch Automated pulls from upstream projects Read through every source file to check licensing
  20. !"#$%&'%(#)*+,%-.,/%0&123,%!"3,/#,# ! !"#$"%&'(#)*"#+' ! ,-.'*/01'234456&&777085"$+89#:"08#;&%):"$+"+&;5%</010535=' ! >$?'5"#@)++)*"'A+BC%"'D5"$'E89#:"'%):"$+"&:85?#);34'7B)*"#&59C%):'F8@B)$'$84):"'B+'B55#8*"F'C?'43"'.EG' ! H88%+' ! .,-.*/''234456&&7770;$908#;&%):"$+"+&8%F<%):"$+"+&%)C#B#?034@%='B$F'/0I''234456&&777085"$+89#:"08#;&%):"$+"+&%;5%< Compliance is hard work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please don’t make it harder!
  21. The “F” word
  22. “[...] this whole thing stinks of people not liking Forking. Forking is important and not a bad thing at all. From my perspective, forking is why the Linux kernel is as good as it is.” - Chris DiBona “[...] the ability to fork is important, it keeps everyone honest, but actual doing a fork is a sign of failure on someone's part” - Greg Kroah-Hartman
  23. Where an open mobile platform is already using key open source projects of Mobile critical importance, there is direct economic value in Open Source constructive engagement with Economic Analysis the corresponding open source communities. LiMo Foundation White Paper August 2009 ™ ™ White Paper 1
  24. The four merge strategies •  Here we define merge as bringing upstream open source changes back into internal code lines, and contribute as the process of offering internal feature enhancements and bug fixes back to the relevant open source community •  Merge Never: Develop in isolation and never resync with upstream development •  $40 million/283 FTEs per year •  Merge Late Contribute Late: Acknowledge technical debt and resync at end •  $20 million/141 FTEs per year •  Merge Early Contribute Later: Continuous resync with upstream, commit later •  $10 million/70 FTEs per year •  Merge Early Contribute Early: Continuous resync with upstream and commit •  $3.3 million/24 FTEs per year •  In increasing order of potential for long-term cost reduction BUT with a catch: •  Also increasing sophistication in organisation of integration infrastructure •  Or “investment in absorptive capacity”
  25. Software Supply Chain Management Cost of upstream resync Closer integration with upstream innovation Community open source development codeline Greater sophistication required to manage MN integration activity MLCL With ME, the Resync vendor’s internal MECL (merge) dev branch is OSS with MECE Contribute upstream upstream later Time Product development cycle approx 2 years Software selection decision Product shipment made at this point made at this point
  26. How to engage?
  27. ... build the business case for structured / bilateral engagement with Open Source projects ... ... use a simple Memorandum of Understanding, our Industry Liaison Partner Agreement, and a Letter of Intent ...
  28. “We don’t have an official agreement that needs to be signed.” (But we can put one together if you need one.)
  29. The Source Code
  30. diff noun informal short for difference . verb [ trans. ] Computing compare (files) in order to determine how or whether they differ.
  31. $ du -sh upstream_diff_dir 86M upstream_diff_dir
  32. alsa-lib-1.0.16.diff gstreamer-0.10.22.diff libXdmcp-1.0.2.diff atk-1.24.0.diff gtk+-2.14.4.diff libXext- bigreqsproto-1.0.2.diff inputproto- libXfixes-4.0.3.diff bluez-libs-3.36.diff ipkg-0.99.163.diff libXfont-1.3.3.diff bluez-utils-3.36.diff kbproto-1.0.3.diff libXft-2.1.13.diff cairo-1.8.0.diff libexif-0.6.16.diff libXi- compositeproto-0.4.diff libfontenc-1.0.4.diff libXinerama-1.0.3.diff damageproto-1.1.0.diff libICE-1.0.4.diff libxkbfile-1.0.5.diff dbus-1.2.3.diff libogg-1.1.3.diff libxml2-2.6.26.diff dbus-glib-0.74.diff liboil-0.3.14.diff libXmu-1.0.4.diff fixesproto-4.0.diff libselinux-2.0.71.diff libXpm-3.5.7.diff fontcacheproto-0.1.2.diff libsepol-2.0.37.diff libXrandr-1.2.3.diff fontconfig-2.6.0.diff libSM-1.1.0.diff libXrender-0.9.4.diff fontsproto-2.0.2.diff libtheora-1.0.diff libXres-1.0.3.diff freetype-2.3.7.diff libvorbis-1.2.0.diff libXt-1.0.5.diff GConf-dbus-2.16.0.diff libX11- libXtst-1.0.3.diff glib-2.18.2.diff libXau-1.0.4.diff libXv-1.0.4.diff gst-plugins-bad-0.10.0.diff libXcomposite-0.4.0.diff metacity-2.25.89.diff gst-plugins-base-0.10.22.diff libXcursor-1.1.9.diff ncurses-5.6.diff gst-plugins-good-0.10.13.diff libXdamage-1.1.1.diff tiff-3.8.2.diff
  33. Working together
  35. Thank you.