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From Content to Commerce: Branded Apps -- Branded content and social media guru Avi Savar will discuss best practices for Brands looking for opportunities in social and mobile applications. He will share some basic principles for success across the branded content spectrum . Does your app pass the 6am test? Who's App is Anyway? If You Build it Will They Come? Avi will cover the key topics helping take your app from content... to commerce. Spotlight Presenter: Avi Savar, CEO, Big Fuel Communications

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Content To Commerce: Branded Apps

  1. 1. Content to Commerce TM spotlight: Branded Apps
  2. 2. bridging "people stories" to "product stories" through branded content and social media commerce content consumer engagement Engagement Point
  3. 3. audience truth brand truth engagement point business mandate
  4. 4. a few simple rules...
  5. 5. the content spectrum give me help me find something to cool “stuff” talk about provide me give me a chance connect me to with utility and to win community convenience helpful entertaining show me how it let me express works myself help me fit your make me smile, product into my life let me laugh or cry experience something new
  6. 6. who’s app is it anyway? know your audience they’re in control it’s not about your brand... it’s about their brand who is your core customer? what commonalities exits within that group? think of them as “people” not “consumers”
  7. 7. can you pass the 6am test? be relevant relevant to the audience and relevant for the brand but, relevancy is not your unique selling proposition! so, beware of the curse of knowledge ultimately, the audience needs to care
  8. 8. “be excellent to each other” be useful & provide utility solve a problem for your audience how do they use mobile or social in their lives? help them make their life easier or better help them get more from a relationship with you
  9. 9. a few important decisions...
  10. 10. i now pronounce you brand and app marriage or fling? long-term relationship building requires commitment of resources requires monitoring and planning updates and enhancement longer development & more cost greater reward if properly executed on occasion, revenue (but beware) short-term gimmick or promotion consumers don’t mind having a “fling” less expensive & quicker to market allows for testing and experimentation can be hit or miss
  11. 11. different horses for different courses the big question... build or buy? if an app already exist then consider it but, effective brand integration is the challenge will the user feel “the relationship” is there a demand or need? do you have the resources? distribution, distribution, distribution... if you build, what’s your strategy? what’s your objective? is it long or short-term? promotion, CRM, brand building? are you willing to see another brand own it in the future?
  12. 12. let’s put it all together...
  13. 13. so remember... Content Spectrum From “helpful” to “entertaining” Who? Audience Are they Core? What’s their Commonality? 6am Test Relevancy Will anyone care? (other than you) Be Excellent Utility Is it useful? Does it solve a problem? Brand/App Relationship Long-term? Short-term? Horse Approach Sponsored? Custom? Build or Buy? Course Objective Promotion? CRM? Brand Building?
  14. 14. zipcar help me Spectrum core customer Audience improved customer Relevancy service and experience helps you find available Utility cars and also starts them long-term “marriage” Relationship custom-built Approach CRM Objective
  15. 15. charmin help me Spectrum general public Audience public restrooms can be Relevancy scary. charmin can help find public restrooms, w/ Utility reviews and photographs long-term “marriage” Relationship sponsorship Approach brand building/ Objective awareness
  16. 16. maloney & porcelli’s entertain me Spectrum core, business crowd Audience economic crisis = cost- cutting (no expensive lunches) Relevancy generates fake receipts Utility for your expense reports short-term “fling” Relationship custom built Approach promotion Objective
  17. 17. longhorn entertain me (i think) Spectrum very general Audience steak lovers can cook a Relevancy steak, and hear it sizzle none Utility short-term, gimmick Relationship custom Approach unclear Objective
  18. 18. taking branded apps from Content to Commerce TM a few simple rules... • who’s app is it anyway?... know your audience • stay on the content spectrum... help me to entertainment • pass the 6am test... be relevant • be excellent to each other... be useful a few important decisions... • i now pronounce you... marriage or fling? • horses for courses... build or buy?
  19. 19. thirsty? avi savar founding partner, chief executive officer