10 Beginners Keyboard Songs that can be Played on any Size of Keyboard


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10 Beginners Keyboard Songs that can be Played on any Size of Keyboard

  1. 1. 10 Beginners Keyboard Songs That Can BePlayed On Any Size of KeyboardThere are millions of songs out there to play on a keyboard and what is great about this instrumentis there are always new journeys and songs to learn.This is why so many people continue their studies of keyboard throughout their life once they takethe initial plunge to study.Below are 10 popular songs that are perfectly suited for learning keyboard as a beginner and thereare many different versions of these you can find online and offline in music stores: -1) Clocks by Coldplay. This is a great modern rock song, has a lovely keyboard arrangement, with anice easy repetitive pattern that you will be singing along to all day! The chords that are used in thissong are D Major, A Minor, E minor, F Major, C Major and G Major.2) I will do anything for love by Meatloaf. This classic song was made for keyboard, has a powerfulchord structure which will stand out to anybody and is the perfect song choice for any beginner. Itsin an easy key signature of C Major and the chords used are C Major, G Major, F Major, A Minor, andD Minor.3) The edge of glory by Lady Gaga. Written by one of the leading artists in the world, Lady Gaga is akeen musician and writes many of her number one hits on piano. The chords used in this are AMajor, E Major, D Major, and F# Minor.4) Piano man by Billy Joel. This song will certainly lively up a dull winters evening, has a great 3/4waltz rhythm, and is in the easiest of key signatures C Major. The chords used in this are C Major, AMinor F Major, D Minor and G Major.5) Sailing by Rod Stewart. This classic song by famous rocker Rod Stewart is loved by audiences allover the world, and uses simple chords including C Major, A Minor F Major D Minor and E Minor.6) Canon by Johann Pachelbel. This popular classical song can be adapted to all levels and there arelots of different versions available which will suit a beginner perfectly on keyboard. For a beginnerslevel it uses chords C Major, G Major, A Minor, E Minor, and F Major.7) Lets twist again by Chuck Berry. This ever popular rock and roll song, has a great chord pattern toit, and is lots of fun. This is played using chords C Major, A Minor, F Major and G Major.8) Love the way you lie, by Rhianna. This classic pop hit has a beautiful melody structure and wouldimpress any audience. It uses chords Bb Major, G Minor, Eb Major, and F Major.
  2. 2. 9) Memory by Andrew Lloyd Webber. This flowery arrangement by one of the best composers in theworld is simple, but effective. It has a great feel about it and would impress anybody! The chordsused on keyboard are C Major, A Minor, F Major, G Major and E minor.10) My heart will go on by James Horner. This is one of the most popular soundtrack songs everwritten, and would melt peoples hearts! The chords used in this song are F Major, C Major, BbMajor, and D Minor.It can take many years of practice to reach the standard to be able play your own one hour songrepertoire on piano or keyboard.But what if there was a simple method that could show any beginner how to do it in just 12 days?Find out how it’s done...http://www.asapiano.com/