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Putting Storytelling To Work: 2018 Business of Farming Conference


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What makes your farm stand out? No matter where you sell, communicating your farm story is critical for success in local markets and for tapping into consumer demand for authenticity. Learn how to use your stories to create media exposure over many platforms.
Marilyn Ball of 12TwelveMarketing, Anna Eason of Sunburst Trout Farms

Published in: Marketing
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Putting Storytelling To Work: 2018 Business of Farming Conference

  1. 1. Gather Your Stories Find a place to keep them Know in advance how you will use the stories Keep track Use good grammar
  2. 2. Integrating Storytelling Advocacy/Programs Development Internal Communications PR/External
  3. 3. How To Use Your Stories Requests from reporters looking for real people Show the importance of who you are Create media messages Educational activities
  4. 4. Word of Mouth Website Blogs Pinerest #Hashtags
  5. 5. Good News Spreads Faster Create a photo album Produce a video Create a YouTube Channel E-newsletters
  6. 6. Everywhere You Are, Your Story Should Be Too Create a storytelling web page In emails In brochures In direct mail At events
  7. 7. Know Your Media Players Do your homework Market your request in a targeted manner Identify the most relevant media outlets Zero in on journalist or program manager
  8. 8. Establish Yourself as A Trusted Source Respond quickly Don’t bother media contacts No guarantees No complaining Be media-friendly
  9. 9. Hire to Your Weakness The DIY approach only goes so far These are time-consuming pursuits Sometimes PR is better left to the professionals PR firms come in every shape and size
  10. 10. Bring Visitors Back To Your Campaign Build your story bank Web page is the central hub for all content Make sure there is clear path back home
  11. 11. Become a Story Banker Date story is entered Track media appearances Search terms Note each time you use the story