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Pastured Chicken Handout (NC Choices)


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Introduction to Niche Meats Workshop Handout

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Pastured Chicken Handout (NC Choices)

  1. 1. Chicken Any opinions, findings, conclusions, or recommendations expressed in this publication are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the view of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Breaking Down the Cost NC Growing Together is funded by the United States Department of Agriculture, National Institute of Food and Agriculture, grant #2012-68004-20363
  2. 2. 1.5oz 6lbs 3.6lbs 3.6lbs SALE FOR MEAT ................ ............... $1.20 $0.50 Chicks Feed Labor Farm Costs Transportation Processing Marketing & Sales Pastured Chicken Breaking Down the Cost $5.00 chicken feed $6.00 LABORFEED $4.20 $1.20 TOTAL: PER lb. $1.20 $0.33 $6.00 $1.67 $4.20 $1.17 $0.50 $0.14 $5.00 $1.39 $3.00 $0.83 10 weeks FARM COSTS STARTHERE $0.50 per trip TRANSPORTATION PROCESSING MARKETING & SALES $3.00 CHICKS RUNNING TOTAL : STOPHERE Farmers have approximately $6.42/lb break-even value using commercial feed, $7.00/lb using GMO-Free feed, and $7.46/lb using Organic Feed. Note: Data will vary. $5.30 (GMO Free Feed) $3.20 (Conv. Feed) $6.95 (Organic Feed) Transportation & Slaughter Whole Bird Cut & Wrap Retail Packaging $13.40 (w/ Conv. Feed) $15.50 (w/ GMO Free Feed) $17.15 (w/ Organic Feed) TOTAL COST/BIRD TOTAL COST/LB $8.00 $23.10 $25.20 $26.85 $6.42/lb (w/ Conv. Feed) $7.00/lb (w/ GMO Free Feed) $7.46/lb (w/ Organic Feed) $3.20 $0.89 /lb (w/ Conv. Feed) $5.30 $1.47/lb (w/ GMO Free Feed) $6.95 $1.93/lb (w/ Organic Feed) $23.10 $6.42 /lb (w/ Conv. Feed) $25.20 $7.00/lb (w/ GMO Free Feed) $26.85 $7.46/lb (w/ Organic Feed) For more information behind the cost assumptions visit: Totals estimated at price per bird based on a 100 bird flock