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Mary Kay Skype Beauty Party


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Introduction to using Video Conferencing services to hold Mary Kay beauty party.

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Mary Kay Skype Beauty Party

  1. 1. Why Use Videoconference?• Great for the consultants who have family, friends, and customers in cities across the United States.• New customers who just moved to the area but have family/friends in another city can “host” video parties.• Convenient for customers who are always “on-the-go” and can only meet late at night.
  2. 2. The ToolsMy TOP 3 choices are: • Skype • Google Hangout • Facetime
  3. 3. SKYPE• Free to download• Recognized by most users who videoconference• Great for one-on-one• Can upgrade to premium for $53.88 w/a 1year subscription & have group parties (up to 10)
  4. 4. Google Hangout• FREE TO USE!!!• Need to have a Gmail Account first (free to create one)• Integrated into your Gmail Account so if you use Google Talk already, this would be ideal• Can have up to 10 people• Ability to record the party “live” and then post up the video later to share!
  5. 5. Facetime• Can only be used from Apple enabled devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac computers)• Great for those who only have iPhone or iPad• Any Apple fanatic will probably want to use this• Can only be one-on-one
  6. 6. Before You Party….• With the Hostess (if you are not it): • Schedule the date/time and which tool will be used • Get her guest list • Along with the normal info. you will also need to ensure you have their Skype User Name, Gmail Info, or Cell # • Will they all be in the same place or in different cities? If different cities, make sure time zones are okay. • Make sure she knows that you will be doing a follow-up with them the day after the party • Review Hostess Gift/Rewards
  7. 7. Before You Party cont….• Add all guests to your contact list on the tool you’ll be using • CONFIRM that they’ve accepted!!!• Send out care packs w/the samples that you will be using 7-10 business days before to each guest • Along with samples, I include a personalized note and a flyer with Hostess bonuses so that they know what they can receive if they decide to host a party • Offer an incentive for being on-time and joining the video beauty party
  8. 8. Day Before You Party.…• Test your Skype, Hangout, Facetime in the location where you’ll be sitting during the party. • Make sure you have good internet connection • Check the lighting (the lighting will differ day/night) • If you can, do a test-call either with your hostess or a friend and make sure audio is working• Confirm with the Hostess and all guests via email, text, or phone call the date/time of the party.
  9. 9. Party Day!!!!• Set up 15-30 min before your scheduled time • If you will be using the products at the same time, use the full-size product bottles so they can see what they look like • Have all your products w/in reach of where you will be sitting• Make sure you don’t have any audio/video interference
  10. 10. After the Party…• Follow-up with the Hostess the day after or even once the party is over and everyone has signed off.• After you follow-up with her, follow-up with the guests. • You can get the best time to contact them and the method they want to be contacted while on video with them. • This will be your individual close
  11. 11. Some Tips…• Package your “beauty box” like you would a present, this is the 1st impression they’ll receive of YOU!• Keep your video party to 30-45min. • 30-min at night since they won’t be doing any color • I always send some color samples and tell them that they can try the makeup the next day after using what is left of their skincare sample since they’ll have the Day Solution to use too! • 45-min during the day since you can get them to do a color card• Ask the guests to mute their audio so there is no interference from them as you talk. • They can un-mute if they have a question• If you’ve never used a video conf. tool or are not comfortable with them, do a few test-runs with family/friends and offer them a discount for helping you out!
  12. 12. Now You’re Ready to Party Online!If you have any other questions or want more info, please contact me You can also view my Facebook Page and sendme a message there!