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Mk time wise


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  • This is the PPT that I use w/the client on the Skype/Hangout/FaceTime beauty party. I let them keep a copy as it gives the oder of application and the highlights of the products
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Mk time wise

  2. 2. THE TIMEWISE ULTIMATE MIRACLE SET 6 Products  3-in-1 Cleanser, Microdermabrasion Set, Day Solution, Night Solution, Age-Fighting Moisturizer, Firming Eye Cream Delivers 11 age-defying benefits in one skin care regimen: cleanse, exfoliate, freshen, energize, hydrate, smooth, firm, soften, protect, rebuild and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. And it even works with sensitive skin and those with rosacea . Dermatologist-tested. Oil and fragrance free. Hypoallergenic. Clinically tested for skin irritancy and allergy. Non-comedogenic (will not clog pores).
  3. 3. TIMEWISE 3-IN-1 CLEANSER Combines age-fighting benefits plus three essential skin care benefits in one product to cleanse, exfoliate and refresh – revealing younger-looking skin Application:  Apply TimeWise® 3-In-1 Cleanser to wet face and neck.  Avoid eye area.  Rinse or remove with a warm, wet cloth  Use in morning, evening or anytime skin needs to be refreshed
  4. 4. TIMEWISE MICRODERMABRASION SET This two-part system immediately fights fine lines, reduces the appearance of pores, and creates noticeably softer, smoother - feeling skin with a healthy, more radiant -looking glow. Contains an advanced exfoliator and lightweight lavender serum. Use 2-3 times weekly; wait two days between applications Do not use with acne treatment products
  5. 5. STEP 1: REFINE An advanced exfoliator containing key exfoliating ingredients used by dermatologists to energize skin immediately by effectively removing dead skin cells from inside and around the edges of pores This creamy, white lotion with exfoliating crystals:  Feeds and nourishes the skin from below through increased microcirculation. This brings oxygen to the surface of the skin to stimulate circulation, creating a healthy, more radiant -looking glow.  Reduces the appearance of pores by effectively removing the dead skin cells that naturally form inside and around the outer edge of every pore . Application:  After cleansing, apply a quarter-sized amount to wet face with fingertips.  Rinse thoroughly with warm water and pat dry.
  6. 6. STEP 2: REPLENISH Replenish is immediately absorbed into the skin to leave skin feeling smooth and soft. This lightweight, opalescent lavender serum:  Feeds and nourishes the skin from above with an exclusive Mary Kay® triple-tea complex.  Aids the rejuvenation process and protects against environmental pollutants.  Soothes the skin and helps to bring it back in balance.  Prepares the skin for the next step in skin care. Application:  After rinsing off Step 1: Refine and patting face dry, use fingertips to apply Step 2: Replenish gently.
  7. 7. TIMEWISE DAY AND NIGHT SOLUTION Together, TimeWise® Day Solution Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 35 and TimeWise® Night Solution deliver the exclusive Pronewal® System around the clock with:  Crucial protection during the day  Boosted renewal at night.
  8. 8. TIMEWISE DAY SOLUTION SUNSCREEN BROAD SPECTRUM SPF 35 TimeWise® Day Solution Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 35 helps prevent sun damage such as lines and discoloration before they occur by blocking damaging UVA/UVB rays. A calming peptide helps relax expression lines Application:  After cleansing and before your moisture balance step, apply TimeWise® Day Solution Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 35 liberally prior to sun exposure and as often as necessary.  Store above 0 degrees Celsius.
  9. 9. TIMEWISE NIGHT SOLUTION TimeWise® Night Solution contains ingredients that help rever se the signs of aging by enhancing your skin’s renewal process while you sleep and help the appearance of deep lines and wrinkles fade away. This remarkable solution helps counteract daytime damage with botanicals and two specialized peptides so skin looks and feels renewed.  A calming peptide helps relax expression lines.  An age-fighting peptide enhances collagen to smooth and firm the skin Vitamin-rich Nutribeads® microcapsules bur st as you dispense the serum to deliver fresh, highly ef fective antioxidants .  Contains vitamins A, C, and E. Application:  After cleansing and before your moisture balance step, apply Night Solution
  10. 10. TIMEWISE AGE-FIGHTING MOISTURIZER Formulated with an exclusive dream humectant (helps retain water) blend plus powerful antioxidants that help guard against free radicals to help skin look and feel smooth and radiant. This emollient-rich lotion combines the action of 10 hours of hydration and a patented complex to accelerate the skins natural renewal process Application:  Smooth TimeWise® Age-Fighting Moisturizer on face and neck after using TimeWise® 3-In-1 Cleanser.
  11. 11. TIMEWISE FIRMING EYE CREAM This luxuriously rich eye cream works to better protect the skin around the delicate eye area while it counteracts this damage. The combined power of a collagen -enhancing peptide duo works to restore the supporting structure to revitalize cells for firmer - looking skin. Soothing botanical extracts and brightening agents are used to condition and prepare the skin for moisturization, resulting in a more even skin tone. Ophthalmologist-tested. Suitable for all skin types. Hypoallergenic. Suitable for contact lens wearers . Application:  Gently pat around the eye area