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Conference proposal ams 602


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Conference Proposal 602 ODU

Published in: Education
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Conference proposal ams 602

  1. 1. The Question:
  2. 2. The Sweet Spot of the School is Where the Past Meets to Future Free Cool The Library, Of Course!
  3. 3. My Background
  4. 4. A Sweet Voice Tool: Voki Subject Standard Foreign Language W.1-5 all levels US History 1865- Present USII.3c, USII.6c Art 7.10- 7.17
  5. 5. Limitations to Voki Imageretrievedfrom:
  6. 6. Wordle A Sweet Word Cloud
  7. 7. Uses for a Word Cloud Subject Standard Science LS4 English 7.4 b and e Physical Education 7.3 b Image retrieved from www.jackson.stark.k12.oh.us521 Image from www.complete-health-guide.com228
  8. 8. Limitations to Word Clouds Imageretrievedfrom:
  9. 9. Sweet Images from Big Huge Labs English SOL 7.7d
  10. 10. Options at Big Huge Labs
  11. 11. More Options at Big Huge Labs
  12. 12. Sweet Posters Poster format is from Photofrompersonalfile. Health 7.2d and Physical Education 7.4
  13. 13. Sweet Photos Made Sweeter URL: Photo from personal file.
  14. 14. Sweet Story Telling with Foldplay Subjects and SOL
  15. 15. Limitations to Image Tools Imageretrievedfrom:
  16. 16. Sweet! Info Graphics Quick Information At a Glance Tells a Story Sequence of Events Patterns InfoGraphic Creators URL
  17. 17. Two Examples of InfoGraphics Time Spent on Line Info Graphic of Digitally Responsible Teacher
  18. 18. Sweet! Classroom Applications Images retrieved from tips-for-designing-infographics/ Math SOL 7.5a and b Health SOL 7.2a.
  19. 19. Limitations to Info Graphics Imageretrievedfrom:
  20. 20. Sweet Video Clips Past. Present. Future. URL: History Social Studies Sol 7.
  21. 21. Videolicious Sweet! Videolicious is a free app for your iPhone or iPad Maker Spaces: The Sweet Spot for Libraries
  22. 22. Limitations to Video Tools Imageretrievedfrom:
  23. 23. Maker Spaces: Sweet Spot Community Spaces Metalworking Woodworking Textiles Electronics CNC Cutting Computers 3-D Printing Laser Cutting Middle School Spaces Puppeteering Textiles Paperfolding-- Oragami Paper cutting Quilting Knitting/Crocheting
  24. 24. My Sweet Dachshund All Subjects and SOLs Dachshund Logo
  25. 25. The Dachshund Logo
  26. 26. Scout and Sheba PreZENtation
  27. 27. Sources Slide 4Uses for Voki development/strategy-guides/speak-teaching-with-voki-30884.html Slide 5 Limitations for Voki avatars/ Slide 6 Uses for Wordle ways-to-use-word-clouds-in-the-classroom-word-clouds-in-education-series-part-2/