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Cell phone multiple choice items


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Cell phone multiple choice items

  1. 1. Copyright © by Holt, Rinehart and Winston. All right reserved. NAME CLASS DATE SCORE __m_ m__m____ SELECTION TEST Cellular Telephone Owner’s Manual COMPREHENSION (100 points; 10 points each) On the line provided, write the letter of the best answer to each of the following items. . INFORMATIONAL READING __ 1. The purpose of an instructional manual is -— A to inform you about the design of a product B to persuade you to buy a product C to help you operate and care for a specific device D to compare and contrast different types of products 2. All of the following items tell you where to get additional help from the manufacturer except the — F index _G Web site H e-mail address J customer service phone number 3. Instructional manuals usually contain diagrams showing - A Where to go to buy other products B important parts of the device and their functions C the people who designed the product D other products available for sale 4. In an instructional manual, the glossary provides — F an alphabetical list of special terms and their definitions G a list of all the topics covered in the manual H e-mail addresses and Web sites I directions telling you how to use the device 5. This instructional manual helps you understand how to change batteries by providing — A only steps B only diagrams C both steps and diagrams D important abbreviations 6. Use the standard method to change the battery when you —« F are talking on the phone to someone important G want to take half the time as the quick-change method H can turn off your phone I have only one extra battery Cellular Telephone Owner's Manual - 31
  2. 2. NAME CLASS DATE SCORE 7. Use the quick—change method to change the battery when you — 32 A receive the ”loW battery” message during a call 3 want to take half the time as the standard method C can turn off your phone D I have only one extra battery 8. Which step is the same for the standard method and the quicl<~change method? F Turn off your phone. G Change the battery. H Press PWR. J Advise the party on the other line thatlyou are going to change batteries. 9. Why would you press PWR? A To put in the new battery B To return to your telephone call C To make another call D To remove the old battery 10. How do you know it is time to change the battery? F You receive a ”low battery” message or anvaudible tone during a call. G One month has passed since you last changed the battery. - H You have a spare battery. J The person you are calling tells you that there is interference. Holt Assessment: Literature, Reading, and Vocabulary Copyright © by Holt, Rinehart and Winston. All rights reserved.