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Big Tent Capabilities August 2010


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Big Tent Capabilities August 2010

  1. 1. San Mateo Mothers Club, 355 members 1 Will add new photo Howard County Striders Females
  2. 2. The Digital Platform for Trusted Groups Exercise Group Parents Club PTA Neighborhood Association Family GroupVolunteer Committee
  3. 3. 95% Influence others purchases Over 1 Million Community Influencers 95% female 92% have children 89% are 25-54 82% facebook67% Use coupons 69% Have pets 81% homeowners 28% early adopters 52% Smartphone users Influence life online and off in their local communities 59% $80K+ HHI 70% BA/BS or higher
  4. 4. What Members Do Share news, files and photos Search the best local deals, sourced daily Review and recommend products and services Watch videos and add comments Buy, sell and trade Seek and give advice to friends Plan and schedule events Share member profiles
  5. 5. Gain consumer insights Orchestrate successful launch Drive purchase, brand advocacy Share a passion Reach targeted audience BigTent Engagement Marketing Capabilities Living Labs Product Introduction Brand Activation Cause Marketing Display Advertising
  6. 6. Display Ads Survey Product Review Form Email Communications Calphalon Key Influencer Case Study – Consumer Insights
  7. 7. Results • 1.5 million impressions served • CTR .20% • 1,900 survey respondents • 82% of respondents opted in to participate in key influencer group • 500 Cooks with Style identified • 500+ product reviews created (goal was 250 reviews) • Averaged 120 words per promotion review (35% increase from regular reviews) • Organic Blog posts outside of BigTent: Canning with Kids: The Zimmer Zoo: LIVE TO EAT: Living in Maryland: Break the Cycle: • Next Steps: Branded Community Calphalon Key Influencer Case Study – Consumer Insights
  8. 8. #Members Clorox Green Works Brand Community Case Study – Brand Activation Branded Community Group News Email
  9. 9. Clorox Green Works Brand Community Results • 300+ Key Influencer Members • Survey – Battery Segmentation and Key Influencer • 1.2 MM impressions • 2,248 Completed Survey – 1 Week • CTR .23% • 85% of survey respondents opt-in to participate • Ongoing living lab used for: – Product research – Consumer perceptions • Next Steps – Consumer Insights and Promotional Programs “I'm definitely a convert to all things Green Works since I tried the dish soap - seriously, you've got to try it! It's the first environmentally friendly soap that actually cuts grease and doesn't destroy my hands. Thanks for helping me see the light.”— Dominique Case Study – Brand Activation
  10. 10. Case Study – Geo-targeted New Product Introduction Godiva Coffee Tasting Parties © 2009 Big Tent Design, Inc. Confidential. Display Ads Entry Form Viral Sharing
  11. 11. Results • 300K impressions phase one – Total of 800k • 12,370 invitees • CTR .21% • 15 Offline Group integration Parties • 720 party attendees – 300 + Consumer Insight Surveys completed at the parties – Hundreds of Photos • Geo-Targeted in Northern California • Next Steps — Scaling to National Footprint Godiva Coffee Tasting Parties Case Study – Geo-targeted New Product Introduction
  12. 12. Program Currently Running • 814K impressions • CTR .23% • Second of four campaigns Case Study – Cause Marketing Cloud B Audubon Campaign Display ads Donation landing page
  13. 13. eBay Classifieds Sponsorship Currently in Development • 3 tiers of sponsorship - Display advertising - Product sponsorship - Product integration & cross-posting Classifieds Sponsorship Case Study — Feature Sponsorship
  14. 14. BigTent Engagement Marketing Partners