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Prostitution presentation


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Prostitution presentation

  1. 1. The reasons for and solutions Written by: Angela Lovato June 27, 2012
  2. 2.  “The Reasons For” include: ◦ Poverty ◦ Demand ◦ Profits ◦ Promotion of tourism in some countries ◦ Violence ◦ Debt ◦ Threat ◦ Coercion ◦ n_spain_july04.pdf
  3. 3.!/2012/01/women-trafficking-and-prostitution-in.html Victim Children Women Men
  4. 4. In the United States there are many runawaysthat turn to prostitution as a way to survive.Americans account for the largest group offoreign tourists (ECPAT Newsletter 1996).Eighty-five percent of the worldwide sales ofchild pornography comes from America(Flowers, 2001, p. 152).
  5. 5.  In the video Cambodia “The Virginity Trade” (2009) it shows the callousness of the people, government and the innocence taken from their children. Families sell their young girls to men paying up to $1000.00 to have sex with a young virgin girl. Because of the fears of HIV/AIDS these men are seeking younger and younger girls to ensure they are virgins. Many girls are raped repeatedly by several men and once they are finished with them, they have no option but to turn to the sex trade industry.
  6. 6. Cambodia-The Virginity Trade 2g07fz48VZI?h1=Cambodia%3A+The+Virginity+Trade
  7. 7.  Why are children at risk for sex trafficking and prostitution? ◦ Their families are involved in gambling, drug use, divorce and parental death. ◦ Children who are jaitaek are viewed by others as unacceptable due to drug use or sex. ◦ Children from Myanmar who often work on the Thai-Myanmar border (Flett, 2012, PowerPoint presentation week 4b, p 5).
  8. 8. ◦ Individuals need to realize that the participants of prostitution (child or adult) are victims.◦ Generally, they are either forced into it due to debt, drug addition or various other reasons.◦ Help should be available to anyone without fear of disclosure, medical, financial, housing, food and education.
  9. 9. ◦ Complete withdrawal of financial aid to countries that allow or turn a blind eye to prostitution, especially with regard to children.◦ Harsher legal action taken against those committing the crimes.◦ Prosecute the ones in charge of the prostitutes and traffickers and collecting a cut of the money exchanged.
  10. 10.  The convention calls for the following: ◦ Freedom from violence, abuse, hazardous employment, exploitation, abduction of sale ◦ Adequate nutrition ◦ Free compulsory primary education ◦ Adequate health care ◦ Equal treatment regardless of gender, race or cultural background ◦ The right to express opinions and freedom of thought in matters affecting them ◦ Safe exposure/access to leisure, play, culture and art Source: UNICEF; Amnesty International. (2011). Convention on the Rights of the Child: Frequently Asked Questions
  11. 11.  Works cited: Amnesty International. (2011). Convention on the Rights of the Child: Frequently Asked Questions Flett, Sarah.2012.PowerPoint presentation week 4b. p 5. Flowers, R.B. (2001). The sex trade industry’s worldwide exploitation of children. Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, 575, 147-157.Picture and hyperlink: prostitution-in.html#!/2012/01/women-trafficking-and-prostitution- in.html 2g07fz48VZI?h1=Cambodia%3A+The+Virginity+TradeVideo:Watson, M. (Director). (2009). Cambodia: The Virginity Trade [MotionPicture].