Spanish ii aztec unit


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Spanish ii aztec unit

  1. 1. Questions1. Get into groups of two.2. Ask each other to answer the followingquestions: Have you tried jícama with chile? Describe a coyote. Do you like spicy jalapeños? Have you ever been to México?
  2. 2. Recognition Did you recognize any of the underlinedwords? Were any of the words in your dailyvocabulary? Do you know where these words comefrom? Let’s watch a quick video.
  3. 3. Borrowed Words Definition: loan word, a word adoptedfrom another language and completelyor partially naturalized. We are familiar with most of the words wediscussed at the beginning of class;jícama, coyote, jalapeños, and México. These words come from Nahuatl, thelanguage used by the Aztecs.
  4. 4. InfluencesNahualtModern DaySpanishXVI CenturySpanish
  5. 5. Who were the Aztecs? The Aztecs were the NativeAmericans who hadpolitical and militarycontrol over the northernpart of Mexico in the14th, 15th and 16thcenturies. They were a nomadicculture that finallyestablished themselves onseveral small islands in LakeTexcoco. In 1325 they settled inTenochtitlan, a city that isnow Mexico City.
  6. 6. Aztec Empire The Aztec Empire dominatedMesoamerica, area fromcentral Mexico down throughCentral America, includingGuatemala, Belize, Honduras,and El Salvador during the XVand XVI centuries for almostone hundred years. The Aztec empire was madeup of the native people whowere called the Nahuatl-speakers and the Culhua-Mexico, who had come fromthe Pacific Northwest andsettled in the area.
  7. 7. The People The Aztecs were courageouswarriors and practical builderswho founded an empire in thatwas second only to the Incas inPeru. The Aztecs began their reign in1427 after theleader, Itzcoatl, with theassistance of surroundingcities, defeated the local tribesand gained control of theMexican basin. Theys slowlybecame more powerful andskilled in warfare, so that othertribes in the area wanted tobecome allies with them dueto the constant conflictsbetween the tribes.
  8. 8. Leadership With Itzacoatls leadership, theybuilt temples, roads, acauseway that linked the cityto the mainland, and theyworked on their governmentand religious hierarchy.Leadership of the nation waspassed on from brother tobrother and then to the eldestson of the eldest brother.Leaders were then chosen byreligious leaders and people ofpolitical power, based on theirskills on the battlefield and theirability to speak eloquently.
  9. 9. Encounter and Conquest The Spaniards arrived in Mexico in1519. This marked the beginning ofa critical and influential time inMexico’s history. Their fervor fueled by victory, theconquistadores lay the Aztecempire to waste, erasing theremnants of the culture as best theycould, scorching Tenochtitlán byfire, leveling its majestic temples.The rubble would make up thefoundations of a new world, thecradle of a brand new people. Cortes had a singular mission:defeat the Aztecs and take theirgold. The Spaniards settled in Mexico andco-existed with theindigenous, formerly the Aztecs.
  10. 10. Word DefinitionPresentation Individual project Definition of the word. Use it in a sentence. 1-2 minute presentation. Submit a summary of what you learnedon the same day you present.
  11. 11. Presentation Technology is yourfriend! There is a list of safeand useful websitesthat will be helpful. Blog about it! You will be expectedto share one interestingfact about what youhave learned today.This blog will be on ourclass unit website.
  12. 12. List of words Aguacate Atole Ayotl Cacao Cajeta Chapulín Chayote Chicle Chipotle Chocolate Comal Ejote Elote Guacamole Guajolote Huitzilin Hule Jitomate Mazatlán Mole Nanche Nopal Popote Pozole Tabasco Tamal Tecolote Tlacoyo Tlacuache Tlaxcala Xicohtli