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Salesforce Spring 18 Release Overview Deck


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See the latest and greatest features introduced in Salesforce Spring 18

Published in: Technology
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Salesforce Spring 18 Release Overview Deck

  1. 1. Release Overview Deck Spring ‘18
  2. 2. This presentation may contain forward-looking statements that involve risks, uncertainties, and assumptions. If any such uncertainties materialize or if any of the assumptions proves incorrect, the results of, inc. could differ materially from the results expressed or implied by the forward-looking statements we make. All statements other than statements of historical fact could be deemed forward-looking, including any projections of product or service availability, subscriber growth, earnings, revenues, or other financial items and any statements regarding strategies or plans of management for future operations, statements of belief, any statements concerning new, planned, or upgraded services or technology developments and customer contracts or use of our services. The risks and uncertainties referred to above include – but are not limited to – risks associated with developing and delivering new functionality for our service, new products and services, our new business model, our past operating losses, possible fluctuations in our operating results and rate of growth, interruptions or delays in our Web hosting, breach of our security measures, the outcome of any litigation, risks associated with completed and any possible mergers and acquisitions, the immature market in which we operate, our relatively limited operating history, our ability to expand, retain, and motivate our employees and manage our growth, new releases of our service and successful customer deployment, our limited history reselling products, and utilization and selling to larger enterprise customers. Further information on potential factors that could affect the financial results of, inc. is included in our annual report on Form 10-K for the most recent fiscal year and in our quarterly report on Form 10-Q for the most recent fiscal quarter. These documents and others containing important disclosures are available on the SEC Filings section of the Investor Information section of our Web site. Any unreleased services or features referenced in this or other presentations, press releases or public statements are not currently available and may not be delivered on time or at all. Customers who purchase our services should make the purchase decisions based upon features that are currently available., inc. assumes no obligation and does not intend to update these forward-looking statements. Forward-Looking Statement Statement under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995
  3. 3. Key Dates for Spring ‘18 12/14 12/18 1/5 1/5 1/5-1/6 1/10 Various 1/12 | 2/2 | 2/9 1/19-1/25 2/13 Pre-Release Org Sign Up Release Notes Release Strategy MVP Webinar Release Site Release Module Release Overview Deck Hot Topic Webinars Release Weekends Release Readiness Live! Sandbox Preview starts Check for instance details
  4. 4. Join Release Readiness & Feature Adoption Today Click here and use your Salesforce Login and Password, select Join from the top right corner Join our Community and always be informed. • Review updates from moderators • Ask questions • Share your best practices and insights • Collaborate with other customers
  5. 5. Your central location for questions, answers, sharing and staying in touch. Join Lightning Now today! Engage directly with salesforce experts! Hear from our MVP’s, other customers and salesforce resources! Access resources, webinars, people, all designed to help you achieve success! LIGHTNING NOW: Community Hub for your transition
  6. 6. Salesforce Overall
  7. 7. Personalized Navigation us/spring18/release- notes/rn_lightning_personalized_nav.htm
  8. 8. All Lightning Experience end users can now personalize the contents of the navigation bar for each app they access. Manage Items in the Navigation Bar
  9. 9. Manage your views with temporary tabs Temporary tabs are also a great way to manage items that aren’t in your current app
  10. 10. Add your own items to the navigation bar and tweak them to suit how you work. Make a Temporary Tab a Permanent Part of the Navigation Bar
  11. 11. Example below: Taking a list view and moving it to its own dedicated tab Granular Item (e.g. dashboard, list, record) “Pop Out” Work with it this session, or make it permanent
  12. 12. Includes being able to add, rename, reorder, and remove items Help your users get the most out of personalized navigation
  13. 13. Themes in Lightning Experience us/spring18/release-notes/rn_lightning_themes.htm
  14. 14. Lightning Experience orgs can now be themed & branded. Admins can select from among a set of built-in themes provided by Salesforce, or create nearly 300 custom themes. Lightning Blue is the default (out of the box) org theme. An admin can always set the org theme back to this
  15. 15. Creating A New Theme A custom theme is quick and easy to set up. The brand-based color palette shows accessible colors auto-calculated by our algorithms to ensure the UI has appropriate contrast.
  16. 16. An Example Theme (Setup) Before activating a theme, a theme can be Previewed, allowing the admin to drive around the org and see the theme applied.
  17. 17. An Example Theme (Active in the org) Only one theme (custom or built-in) can be active at any time in the org
  18. 18. Group Pages Default group banner image and avatar as defined by the theme Group owners can upload a custom banner and/or avatar image at any time to override these.
  19. 19. Profile pages Default profile banner image and avatar as defined by the theme End users can upload a custom banner and/or profile image at any time to override these.
  20. 20. Lightning App Branding vs. Custom Theme Image & Colors Per-App Branding Overrides Admins can force usage of the app’s branding settings
  21. 21. Lightning Console Apps us/spring18/release-notes/rn_lightning_console.htm
  22. 22. Add related record components to the left region so you can edit from any subtab Customize Lightning Pages so important components are visible across all subtabs. Pinned Regions Case actions can be 1 click away even when opening related records
  23. 23. Create Pinned Region Pages for Your Console Apps Add Pinned Regions to Your Console Pages Any component - standard & custom, can be added to the pinned regions. Choose a template that let you pin a page’s header, left sidebar, or both.
  24. 24. Keyboard Shortcut for Copying Links Copy and Share Subtab and Workspace URLs Share links to active subtabs or the entire work space. Copy links without using a mouse
  25. 25. Simply drag & drop components to the accordion component to save real estate in the app. New Accordion component Organize Components into Collapsible Sections Here’s an Accordion component with four sections, where the Files section is expanded by default.
  26. 26. Quick text in Lightning Experience us/spring18/release-notes/rn_quick_text.htm
  27. 27. We recommend that you add the Quick Text item to your app. That way your users can keep track of all their quick text right from the app. Insert predefined messages, like greetings, notes, and answers to common questions Save time by using quick text in Lightning Experience You can add merge fields to the message, such as a contact’s name. The Channel field determines where your quick text works.
  28. 28. Click Preview on the New Quick Text page or the record page for existing messages. Quick Text Preview If you have quick text that uses a lot of merge fields, you can use the preview tool on the quick text record page to preview what the message looks like for a specific record. Preview the contents of the quick text message in the quick text browser before inserting it.
  29. 29. Search filters us/spring18/release-notes/rn_search_filters.htm
  30. 30. Fine-Tune Account and File Search Results with Filters Search: More Ways to Refine Your Search Results Applied filters are tracked in the header
  31. 31. Help Topics us/spring18/release-notes/rn_lightning_help_menu.htm
  32. 32. View Help Topics Wherever You Are in Lightning Preview and Pin Help Topics from the Lightning Help Menu Pin topics to keep them open while you work Preview help topics within help menu
  33. 33. Sales Cloud Einstein
  34. 34. Einstein Opportunity Scoring us/spring18/release- notes/rn_sales_einstein_opportunity_scoring_parent.htm
  35. 35. Know which opportunities are worth your time, every time. Einstein Opportunity Scoring is GA! Users can easily sort by the Score Field to prioritize opportunities. Users can easily see what’s behind the score Einstein gave an opportunity. .
  36. 36. Einstein Forecasting (Beta) us/spring18/release- notes/rn_sales_einstein_forecasting_parent.htm
  37. 37. Get more certainty and visibility into how your sales teams are doing. Let Einstein take the guesswork out of forecasting Users can easily see Einstein’s prediction side-by- side with each of their directs commit and best- case estimations. The prediction column shows the median predicted amount for each team and team member.
  38. 38. Prediction Panel Prediction Panel Users can see the prediction range and make sure it’s not too wide for them. Einstein shows users how it got to its prediction for them. Users can take action accordingly. Users get the top factors that affected their prediction..
  39. 39. Do you want Einstein to quickly show you if you’re expected to hit target? Prediction Trend Graph KPIs bar gives users an at a glance view into your forecast’s health. Users can quickly compare Einstein’s prediction to their target and their team’s commit and best case estimations.
  40. 40. Mobile analytics means forecasts are accessible from anywhere Access Einstein Forecasting from your mobile device
  41. 41. Sales Cloud
  42. 42. Core Sales
  43. 43. Leads and Lead Convert us/spring18/release- notes/rn_sales_features_core_leads.htm
  44. 44. • Targeted online forms used to gather high quality data • Mobile ready • Pre-filled with information from LinkedIn profiles • Customized for the profile data you want to collect • LinkedIn Lead Gen includes ● Mobile Lead Gen Form Ads ● Sponsored InMail ● Sponsored Ads/Dynamic Ads LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms
  45. 45. Automate the Lead creation process for LinkedIn lead gen forms LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms - Setup Connected LinkedIn Ad Accounts (3) Other users (Marketing) will add the above member account to one or many LinkedIn Ad accounts, from which the leads will be generated User will authorize ONE LinkedIn account to be accessed by Salesforce. We suggest that the company create an account specifically for this integration
  46. 46. Setup Default Settings and Field Mapping LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms User will first define basics: Lead Owner, Record Type and Lead Source for Leads created by Lead Gen Forms Standard fields in Linkedin are mapped to SFDC Standard and Custom fields. LinkedIn offers 3 custom questions (text or picklist responses). Users will map both question and answer fields for these
  47. 47. More flexibility with Lead Convert Lead Convert Admin controls for Opportunity 2 new Lead Convert settings: 1. Don’t show Opportunity Section on Lead Convert 2. Default check Do Not Create Opportunity
  48. 48. Campaigns us/spring18/release- notes/rn_sales_features_core_campaigns.htm
  49. 49. Add members to campaigns faster without losing context of which campaign you are adding them to Add Campaign Members without leaving your Campaign Search for the Lead or Contact you want to add as a campaign member without leaving the Campaign you are viewing
  50. 50. Quickly see the number of opportunities & revenue each campaign has influenced Customizable Campaign Influence Standard Report Type
  51. 51. Use Path to track Campaign progress Path on Campaigns
  52. 52. Use Path to track Campaign progress Path on Campaigns Use Cases: • Know which status to update your members to at different stages of the campaign. • Outline best practices to follow at each stage of a Campaign using Path • Share guidance on what steps to follow at each stage of the Campaign
  53. 53. Keep your Pardot and Salesforce Campaigns in sync Connect Pardot & Salesforce Campaigns (Beta)
  54. 54. Accounts and Contacts us/spring18/release- notes/rn_sales_feature_core_accounts.htm
  55. 55. Account teams can now visualize the steps for managing an account related process. Path on Account in Lightning Visualize the entire process Surface key fields at each step Select “Mark as complete” to advance the process Follow rich text for guidance
  56. 56. Create unique paths for business accounts vs. person accounts Path Setup for Accounts The object type is always Account whether the path is for Business Account or Person Account Both Business Account and Person Account Record Types are shown to select from when select Account as the object
  57. 57. Select from both standard and custom picklists to drive path Path Setup for Accounts If a Person Account Record Type was selected then Person Account picklist fields are shown Picklists available to drive the path are based on the selected Record Type If a Business Account Record Type was selected then only Account picklist fields are shown
  58. 58. Available fields based on Business Account or Person Account Path Setup for Accounts If a Person Account Record Type was selected then Person Account fields will be listed under Available FieldsFields available to display are based on the selected Record Type in Step 1 If a Business Account Record Type was selected then only Account fields will be listed under Available Fields
  59. 59. Define multiple account paths across record types Path Setup for Accounts --Master-- Record Type only applies to Business Accounts
  60. 60. Add Path component onto Lightning Page layout Path Setup for Accounts Drag and drop component into page layout Configure path component behavior to fit your process
  61. 61. Access an Account’s or Contact’s Hierarchy More Easily Account and Contact Hierarchy User clicks on new hierarchy icon on Accounts or Contacts to view hierarchies Hierarchy icon is also present on hover panels when user hovers over Account or Contact names
  62. 62. Opportunity Contact Roles: Multi-Add / Edit User clicks on “Manage Contact Roles” User can now add or update multiple contact roles and specify the primary contact all at once
  63. 63. In LAB, drag and drop the Matched Leads Component to your account record page(s), and hit save. Available exclusively to purchasers of select Pardot add-ons. Matched Leads You can place the Matched Leads Component either on the left or right side of the screen
  64. 64. Matched Leads If you have any matched leads, the component will notify you of the matches on your account record. If there is no match, the component will remain hidden. You can also expand to view all matches Convert directly from the component.
  65. 65. Opportunities us/spring18/release- notes/rn_sales_features_core_oppty_sfx.htm
  66. 66. Share Credit for a Deal in Lightning Experience Opportunity Splits For splits that must total 100%, totals appear in red if the percents entered total more or less than 100%.
  67. 67. Now supports support column adjustments and text wrapping Multi Add Enhancements for Product Selector
  68. 68. Add and edit up to 50 Pricebook Entries to a Pricebook at once Multi Add for Pricebook Entries
  69. 69. Example use case – streamline a process Custom Action Support on Product We have hundreds of fields on our Product Object so I would like to create a “update product” action that will show our users the 10 fields they need to focus on
  70. 70. Users can add the team members associated to a parent account to any related opportunity Add Account Team Action on Opportunity Team Streamline opportunity team creation by adding account team members to the opportunity team in one click
  71. 71. Territory Management us/spring18/release- notes/rn_sales_features_core_territory_management.htm
  72. 72. Now in Lightning Experience Users in Assigned Territories Related List on Accounts
  73. 73. Users can filter the records included in opportunity reports by territory Territory Filter on Opportunity Reports When creating, editing, or running an opportunity report, select My territories’ opportunities in the Show field to include the opportunities that belong to your territories.
  74. 74. Sales Productivity
  75. 75. Lightning Dialer us/spring18/release-notes/rn_sales_dialer_top.htm
  76. 76. Have a contact that doesn’t want to be called? Select the Do Not Call field on lead, contact, or person account records to disable one-click calling. Disable Click-to-Call with the Do Not Call Field If DoNotCall is checked for the Lead/Contact/Account Contact record, click-to-dial will be blocked.
  77. 77. Improve your sales reps’ selling techniques by listening to their calls and giving feedback Coach Your Sales Reps with Call Monitoring (Beta) Click on “Listen” to transition the panel to an active listen-only session Manager will be able to listen into the next call the rep makes Sales rep will see a notification indicating the call is being silently monitored
  78. 78. Enable Coaching from the Dialer Settings page in Setup Set up Call Monitoring (Beta) Enable “Coaching” via admin Setup by toggling on the feature Sales managers can see a MONITOR tab in the Phone panel which lists all Lightning Dialer users under manager’s role hierarchy (first level).
  79. 79. Email Experience us/spring18/release- notes/rn_sales_productivity_email.htm
  80. 80. Great productivity enhancement for users who often use the same templates Insert Recently Used Templates Insert 5 most recently used templates
  81. 81. See & manage all your list emails in one place. List Email Object Home Filter, sort & manage list emails
  82. 82. Activities us/spring18/release- notes/rn_sales_productivity_activity_reminders.htm
  83. 83. New field on the layout editor Enabling Event Reminders in Lightning New “Reminder Set” field is now available on the Event page layout Add field to the Event Detail section of the Layout
  84. 84. User setting controls default reminder config Creating Reminders in Lightning Experience Based on User settings, the reminder checkbox could be checked by default & populated with a reminder time.
  85. 85. Inline edit or Edit standard action Edit Reminders in Lightning Experience Edit or delete a reminder for an existing event - using inline edit or the Edit action
  86. 86. The new Notification Cards View Reminders in Lightning Experience New in Spring ‘18 - clear all reminders with one click Notification cards are shown within Lightning when event reminders are due Count of notifications in the global notification tray is appropriately updated Clicking on the ‘X’ on top of a notification card dismisses the reminder Clicking on any other area of the notification card navigates the user to the event record
  87. 87. Use New Ways to Fine-Tune Activity Reminders Activity Reminder Settings in Lightning New Activity Reminders settings page in User Settings Each user controls enabling reminders for Tasks / Events, default task/event reminder creation & default reminder time
  88. 88. Loading more activities at once Variable loading of Activities on Activity Timeline Access the menu from the bottom of the timeline and select the number of past activities to load
  89. 89. Calendar
  90. 90. when syncing calendars via Einstein Activity Capture or Lightning Sync Support for Exchange 2013/2016
  91. 91. Edit shared events and support customizable layouts Calendar Sharing . When reps have access to edit their coworkers’ events and see their calendars, reps no longer have to search for individual events to edit them. Instead, reps can edit those events directly from the coworker’s shared calendar.
  92. 92. Auto-relate attendees on event creation Automatically Relate Important Meetings to Contacts and Leads 1. User specifies attendees 2. Name field is automatically populated with those attendees
  93. 93. Duplicate Jobs us/spring18/release- notes/rn_sales_data_quality_duplicate_jobs.htm
  94. 94. Available exclusively to Unlimited and Performance Edition customers Stay on Top of Duplicate Records using Duplicate Jobs In Setup, review data from past jobs, seeing progress over time as well as the who/what/when Choose from existing Matching Rules to configure how your Duplicate Job will identify duplicates, see those rule details, and click out if any edits are needed.
  95. 95. Duplicate Jobs Click straight into jobs results from Setup, which includes summary stats and the option to enter the merge flow from the row-level action button You can directly compare and merge from job results
  96. 96. Lightning for Gmail
  97. 97. More options to create people from unknown email addresses Turn Emails from Unknown Addresses into Contacts, Leads, etc. Adding a person to Salesforce is flexible, showing all person-based Actions available in the org’s Action Publisher
  98. 98. Chatter notification emails show records related to the post Get More Context in Chatter Notification Emails The Chatter post author and the record it is about are suggested in Lightning for Gmail
  99. 99. Focus Work with Einstein Opportunity Scores and Insights in Gmail Einstein Opportunity Score and top Insight Opportunities suggested in Lightning for Gmail show the Einstein Predicted Score, and Einstein Top Insight Hover to see explanation details Click View More to see all Einstein Insights
  100. 100. Lightning for Outlook
  101. 101. Reps can maintain their momentum while writing and working with emails by pinning Lightning for Outlook open Pin Lightning for Outlook Open When Composing Emails Pin Lightning for Outlook open when composing and replying to emails, for a smoother user experience in Outlook 2016 on Windows, Click-to-Run build 7900+
  102. 102. More options to create people from unknown email addresses Turn Emails from Unknown Addresses into Contacts, Leads, etc. Adding a person to Salesforce is flexible, showing all person-based actions available in the org’s Action publisher
  103. 103. Chatter notification emails show records related to the post Get More Context in Chatter Notification Emails The Chatter post author and the record it is about are suggested in Lightning for Outlook
  104. 104. Focus Work with Einstein Opportunity Scores and Insights in Microsoft® Outlook® Einstein Opportunity Score and top Insight Opportunities suggested in Lightning for Outlook show the Einstein Predicted Score, and Einstein Top Insight Hover to see explanation details Click View More to see all Einstein Insights
  105. 105. Service Cloud
  106. 106. Cases us/spring18/release-notes/rn_cases.htm
  107. 107. Mass quick actions for creating and updating records allows agents to be more efficient. Mass Quick Actions in Lightning Experience Quick Actions added in the Search Layout render on the list view. Click on any quick action & use it to perform mass update. Select the records you want to perform the mass update on.
  108. 108. With Case Path, you can determine and customize the stages that are important to your organization and provide guidance for agent success. Case Path for Lightning Experience Path is the best fit where the process is linear or regulated, and must go through pre-defined stages before being closed.
  109. 109. Admins can determine and customize the stages that appear for the agents , and create guidance to ensure your agents are successful. Case Path Setup Experience Add Path component from the Lightning App Builder. Configure using Path Settings.
  110. 110. With Spring 18, agents can search for Email Message records in both Classic & Lightning Email Global Search Click “Show More”, then “Email Messages” to see search results for Email Messages You can search by From Name, email addresses, subject or email body content
  111. 111. Case Emails & Case Email Related Lists now have Reply, Reply All & Forward buttons, allowing users to reply to customer emails. Reply, Reply All, Forward buttons on Case Emails Email Message page layouts automatically have 3 new Lighting Experience Actions (Reply, Reply All, Forward) which allows them to be invoked from Case Email record home pages
  112. 112. Reply, Reply All, Forward buttons on Case Emails Reply actions open up a docked email composer. Note that Replies opened in this manner will send an Email Message that will be parented to the appropriate case Case Feed Emails Related List Reply, Reply All, Forward actions are also available on Case Feed’s Email Related List.
  113. 113. Agent Productivity us/spring18/release-notes/rn_service_productivity.htm
  114. 114. Use macros to update most standard and custom object records in all Lightning apps Macros: Generally Available Everywhere! Here’s a macro that’s set up to work with accounts. Macros works on all objects that allow quick actions and have a customizable page layout.
  115. 115. Create Macros Faster in the Macro Builder and Do More Enhanced Macro Builder Here’s what our updated highlighting in Macro Builder looks like. Selectable actions are highlighted in a dotted border. You can insert up to 4,000 characters in most text fields. You can also specify to insert text before the existing text. Previously, you could only replace the text or insert after the existing text.
  116. 116. Macro Builder Keyboard Shortcuts To view the available keyboard shortcuts for Macro Builder, type Ctrl + / on Windows and Cmd + / on MacOS. Or you can use the Help menu. .
  117. 117. Enhanced look & feel and keyboard navigation Meet the updated Macros Utility Use the keyboard shortcut M to open the Macros utility. The shortcut only works if the Macros utility has been added to your app.
  118. 118. Double up on your productivity - use quick text in macros Quick Text in Macros Quick text in Lightning Experience is enabled by default in all orgs, so there’s nothing for you to do—except use it in macros! Just look for the quick text icon in Macro Builder. On the macro record page, you can use the Preview icon to review what’s included in the quick text.
  119. 119. Promote consistent messaging and increase productivity Use Email Templates and Attachments in Macros To create a macro that uses an email template, click on the Email action in Macro Builder. Then click Insert Email Template. You can even apply more than one template.
  120. 120. Field Service Lightning us/spring18/release-notes/rn_field_service.htm
  121. 121. Always Know The Service Report Page You Are On! Simply Drag & Drop Page Number Field Onto Service Report High Fidelity Customization Easily Maintain Page Order On Multi-page Service Reports Page Numbers on Service Report Header/Footer
  122. 122. Unleash The Power Of The Platform Create Quick Actions That Launch Flows Within The Field Service Mobile App Supports Page Layout Driven Metadata Localized Label Names Launching Flows with Quick Actions
  123. 123. Go International With Flow Support Multi-language Flows Leverage Translation Workbench to Build Flows For A Global Business Offline Enabled, So You Can Use Flow On The Go Flow Localization
  124. 124. Schedule Work for Crews Crew Scheduling Assign predefined teams of workers to service appointments, saving time and ensuring that every appointment is handled by the right workers.
  125. 125. Dynamic Duration Based on Efficiency Factor Fine tune your Resource Efficiency
  126. 126. Manage your RMA process efficiently directly from the Field New Standard Object - Return Order - Return Order Line Item - Tackle RMA process - Enable Customer to handle Depot Repair scenario - Allow Technicians and End Customers to return parts Track Product and Inventory Returns with Return Orders
  127. 127. Get started with FSL lightning fast with the new onboarding wizard Onboarding Wizards
  128. 128. Lightning Knowledge us/spring18/release- notes/rn_salesforce_knowledge_component_and_transla tion_enhancements.htm
  129. 129. Insert Article Content to Case Email Note: The Article also must be shared with an External Channel, not just internal only. Users can share internal only articles if they have the perm to share internal articles in their User Profile. When the action is used, the article content is inserted into the Email publisher
  130. 130. Submit for Approval Action enabled for Knowledge Add this action onto the Page Layout where you want it to show. Note: it will only show on the Page Layout if the article has Publishing Status = Draft and the user has the right permissions. Also, there must be an Approval Process defined.
  131. 131. Assign a Draft action for Knowledge Add this action onto the Page Layout where you want it to show. Additionally, you may want to add the Assignment fields onto the Page Layout if you want to see who the Article is assigned to and other assignment related information.
  132. 132. See who articles are assigned to or create a list of draft articles with a specific due date. Assign a Draft – List View Don’t forget to add the Assignment fields to a listview too so you can see who articles are assigned to or create a list of draft articles with a specific due date.
  133. 133. Assign a Draft - Assign to a person or queue! We can assign a draft article to a person in Classic but assigning to a queue is new in this release and is #onlyinlighting!
  134. 134. Omni-Channel us/spring18/release-notes/rn_omnichannel.htm
  135. 135. Skills Based routing - Agent Skills in Lightning Experience
  136. 136. Skills Based routing - Agent Skills in Classic
  137. 137. Skills Based routing - Agent Skills in Classic
  138. 138. Sample Use Cases Role Use Case Example Assign skills to Agents Admin Assign different skills and levels to different agents I would like to add Spanish and fixing laptops as skills for Agent A and add only Spanish to Agent B Assign skills to work Admin/ Developer Assign different values to work by creating a PSR with different skills and proficiencies A case from ABC customer for fixing a laptop should be assigned this skill Routing based on skills, priority and age Agent Route right work to the agent based on these factors I would like to route a case that has higher priority and has been waiting for the longest time to an agent that has the required skills and proficiency to handle it. If work requires skill 1 with level 4 then it will be routed to agent with that skills and level >=4
  139. 139. Skills-Based routing - Sample API calls You can assign skills to agents using setup in both LEX and Classic and to work using the API
  140. 140. Social Customer Service us/spring18/release- notes/ m
  141. 141. Optional Component for the Lightning Console Social Conversations Component
  142. 142. Social Profile, Influencer Score, Author Labels, Sentiment score, total posts Social Conversations Component Expanded case conversation details for current and previous cases Agent wants to see how many followers the customer has.
  143. 143. Admins can select to use Case Assignment rules for case routing Business Rules - Case Assignment Rules Out of the box declarative setup options for Case Assignment rules allow new customers to get up and running more quickly without having to customize Apex.
  144. 144. Take advantage of the latest and greatest capabilities available from Twitter Twitter Updates Increased tweet length to 280 characters Removal of @mentions in replies and character count
  145. 145. Analytics
  146. 146. Lightning Reports and Dashboards us/spring18/release-notes/rn_rd_reports_dashboards.htm
  147. 147. Report properties and report type information Lightning Report Builder
  148. 148. Quickly categorize report records without creating a formula or a custom field by bucketing them Categorize Data with Bucket Columns
  149. 149. Use custom summary formulas to logically evaluate and do math with report results. Evaluate Report Data with Summary Formulas
  150. 150. Include or exclude records in your report results based on related objects and their fields Filter Across Objects with Cross Filters
  151. 151. Role Hierarchy Filter Lightning Report Builder
  152. 152. Conditional highlighting and Chatter photos Lightning Dashboard Tables Spring ‘18
  153. 153. Select from a variety of chart palettes, and apply backgrounds on individual components Dashboard Color Configurations
  154. 154. Get dashboards automatically emailed to you Dashboard Subscriptions
  155. 155. Folders – Find and Favorite Global Search for Folders Favoriting for Folders
  156. 156. Einstein Analytics
  157. 157. Analytic Apps us/spring18/release-notes/rn_bi_prebuilt_apps.htm
  158. 158. Custom Amount Fields in Historical Trending Dashboards Custom amount fields which are tracked in Opportunity Historical Trending can now be used in the Sales App. Only custom fields which are tracked in Opportunity Historical Trending are supported
  159. 159. All dashboard widgets now support auto filtering! Customize filters with point-and-click Start with OOB dashboard and click on edit Select any widget... ...and Click Copy Widget Remove step from copied widget Click on List and choose the new field to use as a filter.
  160. 160. Include additional fields from User, Activities, Products and Case Objects! Enhance datasets with more fields Include additional fields from User, Activities (task and event), Products and Case Objects. These can be used as custom filters on existing dashboards, or use them in any custom dashboard built on top of datasets.
  161. 161. Hover over information icons to see what is happening. Get more insights into what exactly is getting checked
  162. 162. New and Improved Quick Start Configurator The compatibility check also determines the objects you can add to the app and the questions you see in the configuration wizard when you use custom app creation You get a choice of how you create your app: • Basic creation • Custom creation. Service Analytics checks your org to be sure it has the required data to successfully create all the app’s datasets and dashboards
  163. 163. New metrics provide increased visibility into the entire lifecycle of a Case New Case Trending and Lifecycle Metrics ServiceCaseHistory dataset includes measures for StatusDuration and OwnerDuration
  164. 164. Make more informed staffing decisions Chat Concurrency Metric Number of Concurrent Chats Measure is available within the ServiceChatTranscriptEvent dataset Can be grouped by dimensions such as Request date and/or User to see breakdown over time for Agents
  165. 165. Backlog Analysis • Demand versus Capacity planning New App framework • Integration user checks for field level security will be automatically applicable for Field Service App Work Order Backlog Field Service Analytics
  166. 166. Analytics onboarding & education us/spring18/release-notes/rn_bi_onboard.htm
  167. 167. Walkthroughs come to Einstein Analytics! Take a Tour Before You Explore User manually advances walk through via Next button User initiates walk through via Help Menu
  168. 168. Users learn by doing: The Learning Adventure App empowers users to learn how to pick the right chart for their data and build dynamic apps with step by step code and interactive examples. Available on AppExchange Einstein Analytics Learning Adventure App
  169. 169. Einstein Analytics Learning Map Accessible via Help menu Resources grouped by stage of Analytics Journey Action-oriented taxonomy makes resources easy to find Breadth of resource types span Trailhead, video, documentation, webinars
  170. 170. Einstein Analytics Dashboards, Charts, and Explorer us/spring18/release-notes/rn_bi_app_building.htm
  171. 171. End-user dashboard personalization with Saved Personal Views Save Your View of a Dashboard • No more reselecting the filters every time you open a dashboard. • Now you can change the filters and save your own view. • Note - only you can see your views. • You can create up to 10 views per dashboard and choose one as the default that shows when you open the dashboard. • All your saved views are listed in the view menu.
  172. 172. Increased productivity for Analytics Producers Saved Views in Embedded Dashboards Analytics Consumers viewing a dashboard in embedded scenarios will see their saved view for the dashboard All Saved Views management options are exposed in Embedded view If the canvas of the embedded dashboard is too small to support view management, users will be prompted to access via Analytics Studio or Tab
  173. 173. The existing “Share via URL” feature has been enhanced so that the resulting URL will capture the full state of the dashboard (filters, selections, etc) Share Dashboard State via URL Share Dashboards Filtered Your Way URL now contains an ID to a publicly-accessible view which captures the full state of the dashboard
  174. 174. Optimized Sharing with Deep Linking Sharing with Deep Linking of Dashboard State When Sharing a URL, the URL now includes current state of the dashboards Filters and Selections. When Sharing/Post to Feed for a dashboard, from Analytics Studio, URL is generated with the current dashboard state.
  175. 175. • Create your own tooltips and data-point markers in charts and add custom text. • Create a tooltip to specify which details appear when you hover over any data point. • To annotate a specific data point, add a marker and, if it needs more attention, make it blink. Widget tooltips Annotate Data Points with Tooltips and Markers
  176. 176. Add more information in your charts Chart Markers Markers are linked to a data point Very easy to add visually Fully Customizable (choose which measure, dimension, or even write custom text!)
  177. 177. Visualize more of your time based analysis More Time Charts Time Bar Time Combo
  178. 178. Converse with your data (Beta) Guided conversations reduce the number of clicks needed to explore data, and setting up queries is easier.
  179. 179. You can access suggested charts, formatting options, and exploration history more easily (1). The View History panel includes a thumbnail preview of the actions that you’ve taken in the lens—with the latest actions displayed on the top (2). The interface displays the name of the dataset you are currently exploring (3). And, you can access the dataset fields from right next to the dataset name (4). Explore your data more quickly with the latest updates to the interface. Enjoy Exploring in an Improved Interface
  180. 180. Use Functions and Fields pickers to click your way to working formulas. (Over 60 functions to choose from!) • Do percentiles with a few clicks • Apply a linear regression • Do date math refencing date epochs • Apply transformations like “round” without creating a second measure Only lens filters will apply to these formulas. Note: You CANNOT mix and match column references and field references in the same formula! More power with the formula editor Do More with Compare-Table Formulas and Functions
  181. 181. Great way to make top N lists Limit Query Results for Efficiency Pro tip: Use a lower limit and “Auto Fit” to avoid scrolling headaches of scrollable charts on scrollable dashboards.
  182. 182. The new Column Properties panel lets you jazz up the columns you want in compare tables and values tables. In addition to displaying data in the default text format, you can set measure column’s data type as bar as well. For columns with text, you can specify text alignment and style. To set a column’s properties, select the column in the table or from the Choose Column list in Column Properties. Style individual columns Make Columns Stand Out with New Properties
  183. 183. Communities
  184. 184. Lightning Communities us/spring18/release- notes/rn_networks_lightning_communities.htm
  185. 185. Show / Hide Components using Audience Targeting Once a component is targeted the component gets highlighted in design time. Also shows an audience icon to provide clear feedback. New drop down introduced in property editor of the component. Click on the menu button to trigger the opening of the drop down. Once audience is assigned, the component property editor shows name of the audience assigned to the component.
  186. 186. Let’s take an example of a community manager wanting to define a different experience based on custom field defined on the Account object. So, a contact that falls in a Gold Level Account sees a different page variation versus contacts who are not in Gold level . This screenshot shows how a community manager can define a criteria on a custom field called ‘Tier Level’ on account object. Assigned value to Tier Level is ‘Gold’. Use CRM fields to target audiences
  187. 187. Ability to implement custom <meta> tags and use fields to generate the values. Greater control over the construction of the <title> value for record-based pages. Improve SEO for your Community Pages
  188. 188. Where once there was Branding, now there is Theme, with all the same options but in a new compact and easier-to-navigate set of menus. Build and brand your Community faster
  189. 189. Lightning Partner Communities us/spring18/release-notes/rn_networks_prm.htm
  190. 190. Contact detailsPersonalize message Market through the channel with journeys from Marketing Cloud Distributed Marketing with Marketing Cloud Distributed Marketing lightning component show messages in journey Lead or Contacts added as Campaign Members can be added to the journey right away or go through an approval Preview journey message
  191. 191. New field to associate image to campaign record User can upload an image on the campaign record Boost Channel Marketing ROI with Campaign Marketplace Campaign Marketplace
  192. 192. Promote campaigns to partners in a rich tile-based experience Campaign Marketplace Campaign record with its image List view used as data source by the campaign marketplace component New component in palette
  193. 193. Quickly set up PRM features New guided setups Links to AppExchange page with curated list of ISV lightning partner apps New guided setups
  194. 194. Guided setup for features from Files, Content, Libraries for Sales Enablement Guided Setup for Intelligent Sales Enablement Help & Training docs Setup broken down into steps Relevant Trailhead modules
  195. 195. Expose and share event calendars in community Component properties Keep Track of Events with Community Calendars
  196. 196. Rich experience on desktop and mobile Default to Tile View Navigate Libraries with the Libraries Component Mobile Responsive Component Enhanced scrolling New Library & Folder icons Smart component height scaling with the number of files
  197. 197. New way to add library members from the Files Home tab. Members are added to Library and all subfolders Add Members with Library Member Management (Beta) Add users & groups See list of members & access type Select access when adding members Create custom access types from setup
  198. 198. Service Communities
  199. 199. Welcome them and tell them which Chatter groups to join. Fire a Marketing Cloud journey each time a new community members joins a community for the first time. In case they have not uploaded their profile picture, tell them how to do so. If they have purchased a specific product, send them links to dedicated knowledge articles or invite them to a dedicated community event. 1:1 Marketing Journeys - Onboarding journey example Market to Your Members with Journey Builder for Communities
  200. 200. Community-wide metrics on confirmed, suspected, and failed deflections Know How Well Your Community Deflects Cases Case Deflection dashboard - Spring’18 Analytics Package Most helpful Articles, Questions (Posts)
  201. 201. New Case Create Component
  202. 202. What Topic should show up when the user first browses to the page but hasn’t entered any words. Consider creating an “FAQ” Topic with your top viewed articles to display here. New Case Deflection Component
  203. 203. New Case Deflection Component Should we just show Articles here? Chatter Posts (Questions) too? Deflection questions Where to take the user after they abandon a case?
  204. 204. Expiring Content Component Automatically Remove Content After a Specific Time Works with Rich Text, HTML, or content from a CMS
  205. 205. Drive automation based on Topic related actions in the Community Topic now driving a decision tree If Topic is “Coffee Solutions”, do X Automate More Tasks with Process Builder and Workflow Rules
  206. 206. Sentiment Analysis Dashboard (Pilot) Greater control over the construction of the <title> value for record-based pages.
  207. 207. Lightning Employee Community: Chatter & Files
  208. 208. View and interact (comment/like) with posts in the community Streams from Communities Shown in the internal org Cross-Community Streams (Beta)
  209. 209. Share Links to Posts with Your Community Copy link action now under share post Share Post via Link Copy link to clipboard automatically
  210. 210. Scrolling, zoom & rotation gestures Enhanced File preview on desktop and mobile Mobile preview on all browsers on iOS & Android New actions toolbar
  211. 211. Set up Quip to chat and collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, and checklists Up to 5 docs displayed in card with ability to View All Set Up Quip for Better Integration with Salesforce Search & link existing Quip docs or create new quip docs on records
  212. 212. Salesforce for IOS and Android
  213. 213. Coming in Spring ‘18 Favorites New Search Experience for iOS New Chatter Experience for Android
  214. 214. Optimized for iPhone X AVAILABLE ON With Spring ‘18 View the Chatter feed, records, objects, and more using the full real estate provided by the iPhone X. Enjoy Salesforce for iOS optimized for the new edge to edge screen.
  215. 215. Favorites All users have to do to view their Favorites list is tap on the star button in the navigation bar. Favorites is the easiest way for users to access the objects, records, and list views they use the most. Users are also able to add/remove objects, records, and list views to their Favorites. The Favorites list is sync’d between desktop and mobile. AVAILABLE ON With Spring ‘18
  216. 216. New Search Experience for iOS The search feature is now accessible everywhere in the app - all users have to do is tap on the magnifying glass button in the header. Users familiar with Lightning search will find the new experience on mobile intuitive and easy to user. AVAILABLE ON With Spring ‘18
  217. 217. New Chatter experience for Android AVAILABLE ON With Spring ‘18 Chatter in Salesforce for Android has been revamped to create a faster, smoother, and modern feed experience. Some of the improvements include: • Full width image attachment previews • A 'New Posts' button so you know when new content is available • The new Company Highlights feed • View Streams
  218. 218. 3rd Party Keyboards AVAILABLE ON With Spring ‘18 Users can now use their favorite 3rd party keyboards with Salesforce for iOS. This includes Google’s Gboard, Swype, Bitmoji, Dreamoji, and more.
  219. 219. Launch a Flow Action from a custom quick Action AVAILABLE ON With Spring ‘18 Create a great user experience by allowing users to launch Flows from a custom quick action.
  220. 220. “Add Account Team” action on Opportunity team AVAILABLE ON With Spring ‘18 Add Account Team” action allows you to quickly add the team members associated to the parent account to the related opportunity.
  221. 221. Case Emails AVAILABLE ON With Spring ‘18 Users can Reply, Reply All & Forward emails within Salesforce Case Emails have new Reply All, Reply & Forward Quick Actions. Once enabled on the Email Message page layout, users can see them at the Quick Action area.
  222. 222. Event Reminders in Salesforce Mobile App Reference AVAILABLE ON With Spring ‘18 Be notified of your events by creating reminders for Events in Salesforce Mobile app.
  223. 223. Financial Services Cloud
  224. 224. New customers can now leverage Person Accounts in Financial Services Cloud Person Accounts for Financial Services Cloud Client Profile Page displaying a Person Account in FSC Building Relationships for a Person Account using the Relationship Map
  225. 225. Enhanced Need based Referrals and Scoring Client Expressed Interests Enhanced Client profile to track expressed needs & Referrals on existing customers Streamlined flow to capture needs of existing clients Lookup on Referral to Client allows customers to create custom reports to track cross-sell activity
  226. 226. View All Expressed Interest for a customer Enhanced Need based Referrals Contextually view all open interests for an existing client on their profile Single click to create a new Referral on an existing Client Navigate to a list of all referrals on this client
  227. 227. Cross sell products without re-entering the data Create a referral to capture a need and cross sell products
  228. 228. Configure Expressed Interests component Configure the expressed interest component using Lightning app builder Title of the component by default is Expressed Interests. It can be customized to a different title Design file picklist to show number of records [6,10.15.25]
  229. 229. Health Cloud
  230. 230. Manage Gaps in Care A configurable list view of gaps in care can be surfaced in the patient console. Customers with existing care gap analytics engines can integrate it into Health Cloud with a custom label and logo. Care Gaps are modeled as Cases with industry specific fields designed to organize and standardize data about the patient’s gap in care.
  231. 231. Supports a Care Plan > Goal > Task structure that enables Problems to be tracked independently of a Care Plan and its Goals and Tasks. When viewing tasks, users can now pivot their view to group by Goal, Problem, Assigned To, Date, or have a flat list of tasks with No Grouping. Users now can focus their view of the care plan so that by default only open tasks are presented. It is now easy for users to see how many tasks are open or closed under a parent grouping (Goal, Problem, Assigned To, Due Date) Customize Care with Flexible Care Plans The Care Plan tabs can now be configured and extended by customers or partners with additional tabs beyond those included out of the box.
  232. 232. Send Assessments to Patients from Health Cloud Console Healthcare Assessments View assessments available to be sent to the patient, and send assessment to patient for completion View assessments previously sent to patient, and assessment responses if completed by the patient
  233. 233. Customization
  234. 234. Lightning App Builder us/spring18/release-notes/rn_forcecom_lab.htm
  235. 235. App Builder Experience: App Settings Edit Lightning Apps with the Lightning App Builder Access app settings in App Builder Update various properties for your app Settings include items from App Manager Go back to SetupOpen an app’s pages with a page
  236. 236. App Builder Experience: Pages Manage Your Lightning Pages Inside the Lightning App Builder Go back to App Settings Save & Activate your customizations Dropdown with list of custom pages, ability to add new page, and open an existing page not assigned to your app Work on Lightning pages without switching back and forth to Setup. You can even create pages right from the list.
  237. 237. Create rules from related fields, user object and form factor Make Your Lightning App and Home Pages Dynamic Pick Advanced to get options for Related Fields, User and Form Factor Select from: • Field (Record Pages) • User (Record, Home and App) • Form Factor (App Pages)