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Prepaid calling cards tips tricks and comparisons by issa asad

Mobile Phones, Prepaid Calling Cards and Prepaid Phone Cards Myths Debunked. Tips and Tricks

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Prepaid calling cards tips tricks and comparisons by issa asad

  2. 2. PREPAID CALLING CARDS VS. VOIP: WHICH IS BETTER? Advantages: There are many advantages to the prepaid calling card, the first being that you can have as little or as much as you want on a single card, and they are very convenient to buy. Add as much as you need, or add even more for that extra security in case of emergencies. The small, slim design of cards make them convenient to buy and carry, and are easily concealable for safe keeping. Calling cards are designed so that you can make a call from any phone at any time, making this option extremely versatile. Additionally, cell phones with no talk time can use calling cards to place calls. The major advantages of these cards are that they are readily available, convenient to buy and carry, and can be used anywhere. Disadvantages: Because these cards are so small and slim, they have a greater potential of being misplaced, causing you to lose the amount that was on the card, which can be a lot considering the diversity of price options. Losing hundreds of dollars from a single card can be a major setback—be sure to securely place the card somewhere and know where it is at all times. Another disadvantage is dependent on the card you choose. There are many scams that happen with these cards, and the providers can often charge you more than they should for their services. Always do your research before choosing a calling card provider. Phonecards
  3. 3. PREPAID CALLING CARDS VS. VOIP: WHICH IS BETTER? Advantages: The main draw to VoIP services is the low cost. This method has a relatively low cost per month and per minute charge, so those looking to save money should look to this option. Another advantage is that VoIP includes features such as caller ID and call waiting for free, whereas phone providers sometimes charge extra for those services. With advances in technology, video phone calls are now available, and are a great perk to VoIP services. Disadvantages: Though the cost of VoIP is less, there is also a decline in call quality. Also, VoIP requires a high speed internet connection, which adds additional costs if you do not already have it. You also have to buy the adapter for the phone service, which again boosts costs. As it is connected to your internet, it is dependent upon the quality and reliability of your internet and power; no power equals no phone, and the same goes with internet—without it, you can’t make calls. VoIP
  4. 4. ISSA ASAD’S TIPS TO AVOID PHONE CARD SCAMS  Everyone likes to save money, and look to do so any way they can. According to Issa Asad, one way many can save is on their phone bill. Plenty of consumers choose to avoid long term contract phones with fancy features and unnecessary expenditures. A great way to have a phone and pay relatively little is with prepaid phone cards, or pay as you go phones. Instead of spending upwards of $1200 a year, buyers can drastically reduce costs by buying phone cards, and some plans are as little as $400 a year.  However, it is important to research what you are getting into without a contract plan; the big name phone providers protect you from scams and cons. When you do it yourself with phone cards and prepaid plans, it is sometimes easier to be scammed into spending money without needing to or even realizing it.  The main phone providers usually do have a prepaid plan, so if you can, try to stick to those—but generally they can be more expensive than prepaid exclusive companies. Here are some of the better ones I’ve found that you can trust:
  5. 5. ISSA ASAD’S TIPS TO AVOID PHONE CARD SCAMS  iWireless- this prepaid phone service, offered through Kroger, is relatively cheap and very reliable. Plans start at $25 a month, which includes unlimited texting and 200 talk minutes a month. Compared to the cost of a contract plan, which can be well over $100, this is a great deal. For those who mainly text and rarely use talk minutes, this can be a great way to reduce costs on phone bills.  Straight Talk- a prepaid service offered through Walmart, Straight Talk is another trusted prepaid phone service that helps reduce phone bills while offering great service and features. Featuring varying plans with lots of options at great rates, Straight Talk is a great choice for prepaid services.  Boost Mobile- ranked as one of the top prepaid services, Boost Mobile is a solid choice of prepaid services. Many features, phones, and plan options are available to choose from. It offers monthly, daily, and pay as you go plans, making this a highly flexible phone company that can greatly reduce phone costs. Where people run into trouble is with the untrusted companies and third party retailers. Often times when someone buys a card, only half of the advertised minutes are available. In fact, one study found that some of the worst cards only allow you to use 13% of the minutes you purchased. The scam occurs in fees that are hidden or hard to understand. For example, charging in high minute increments when the phone was only used for a mere thirty seconds. Or charging for calls placed that weren’t even connected. Some even charge weekly or monthly maintenance fees that boost the costs of your prepaid cards. It may not seem like much to lose a few cents or dollars at a time, but for those who are finding times are tough with money, every penny counts. They key is research; look for companies that are widely trusted. Read the fine print carefully to understand any fees that may occur. Prepaid cards can be a great money saver if you know which companies to trust and which ones not to.