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The Lead Doctors System is a powerful B2B marketing automation platform designed to drive sales pipeline growth and increase revenue. With The Lead Doctors you can:

➔ Create more sales opportunities: Recognize your qualified leads quickly through enhanced lead intelligence and convert them into opportunities.

➔ Increase Quality of Leads: Create more qualified leads through superior visitor intelligence and improved marketing campaigns.

➔ Improve Team Results: The Lead Doctors enable marketing and sales teams to reduce the sales cycle time, improve close rates and increase your number of customers.

➔ Automate marketing activities: Optimize your resources by automating time-consuming, repetitive tasks. Increase your marketing ROI.

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Lead Doctors - Intelligent Lead Conversion

  3. 3. SALES AND MARKETING PROCESSES HAVE CHANGED Customers now complete almost 60% of the buying process online before engaging a sales rep. With ever-increasing knowledgeable buyers waiting longer to engage, sales has to transition from being a “product pusher” following a process, to an insight “provider” adding value to the buyers business. Prospects surf corporate websites to identify and qualify vendors, instead of the sales force qualifying them.
  4. 4. CAPTURE MORE DATA ? ? ? ? Only 2% of Web Visitors Fill Out a Form We help you identify the other 98% Up to 95% of qualified prospects on your website are there to research and are not yet ready to talk with a sales rep. However, as many as 70% will eventually buy from you or one of your competitors. Buyer behaviour has changed. Most people conduct research online before they are ready to purchase. Today’s buyers have access to more knowledge from more sources than ever before. They ask questions, get answers, read reviews, do comparisons and start conversations with people they've never met; all on the web, all on their own terms and all on their own time schedule. Today’s buyers are looking for informative educational content followed up by a consultative, guided sales process.
  5. 5. NURTURE PROSPECTS THROUGH THE BUYING CYCLE Expression of interest: campaigns attracting anonymous visitors Intent-Defined Workflow: lead nurturing, converting Qualified Leads to Prospects Closing the Loop: Live connect with Prospects  List Building  More Opt-In Leads  Outbound Campaigns  Reporting & Analytics  Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs)  Generate more MQLs Lead nurturing is the process for developing continued conversation with prospects throughout the buying cycle. Lead nurturing is the implementation of a plan designed to foster relationships that take prospects from initial contact through to being sales ready leads.
  7. 7. CAPTURE WEBSITE VISITOR DATA Uncover hidden prospects, identify decision makers and deliver customized communications. We identify more information about your website visitors, giving you actionable insight into the real needs of your prospects and their readiness to buy. Capture the company, contact information, key decision makers, company profile information, pages of interest, search terms and email responses all from one click.
  8. 8. LEAD SCORING TO WIN MORE DEALS Score, qualify and prioritize leads based on their intent and readiness to buy.
  9. 9. MAKE EMAIL MARKETING EASIER Manage email campaigns, create customized lists and auto-responders to nurture prospects.
  10. 10. LANDING PAGES ARE IMPORTANT Campaign specific landing pages increase the success of your marketing initiatives. Stop directing people to just your homepage, guide them with customized landing pages and calls-to-action. Create powerful landing pages that improve conversion rates and generate more leads. Reduce web development costs and save time with this drag and drop tool.
  11. 11. DIY SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION Audit your website, get recommendations, monitor your search ranking, analyze keywords, backlinks, and benchmark your performance against competitors.
  12. 12. DATABASE MANAGEMENT Segment your entire database by location, intent, website activity, email responses and more to create customized, targeted content. Integrate with your CRM system to make sales and marketing alignment easier. Blasting your whole email list or contact database with a semi-regular newsletter is not lead nurturing, and it is not effective.
  13. 13. ACTIONABLE REPORTS Comprehensive reporting tools allow you to set up real time, daily or weekly reports based on specific criteria.
  14. 14. CONTACT US Website: www.lead-doctors.com Email: kathryn@lead-doctors.com Phone: +1.705-615-1500 Twitter: @leadDr ABOUT THE LEAD DOCTORS The Lead Doctors help sales and marketing teams create more qualified leads, increase lead conversion, and maximize overall marketing performance. We do that with powerful marketing automation software, combined with strategy, planning and execution. – Our system is proven – and we help our clients achieve results. Our team has the experience to make your marketing campaigns successful – we have a team of experts ready to help. Our process is designed to make marketing automation as easy as possible for you to implement. START YOUR FREE 14 DAY TRIAL CLICK HERE