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Genericlicensing 7000 dossiers: find, match, grow!


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Genericlicensing 7000 dossiers: find, match, grow!

  1. 1. 70 0 0 GENERICDOSSIE RS genericlicensing. com
  2. 2. Do you want to grow your business?
  3. 3. We have ge the tools ne ri cli ce nsi ng . co m
  4. 4. gen eric lice nsin m ant u w ew yo n Do find o ners ? t t par
  5. 5. gen eric lice nsin m We can help you find a match Really ?!
  6. 6. m e nsin ericlic gen Do you want to know what is out there?
  7. 7. tdata secre etop eh av W
  8. 8. gen eric lice nsin m The first global dossier directory! The worlds first international global directory of generic pharmaceutical dossiers has been launched. The industry has demanded, genericlicensing has delivered! Jan 2010 copyright is a little pointless – please freely copy !!
  9. 9. ge n er i cli ce ns i ng Did we mention there are 7000 dossiers listed?! .c o m
  10. 10. The largest dossier directory m lic ens eric gen
  11. 11. gen eric li cen sing .com 7000 dossiers & 120 developers + ANDA & EU-CTD = Everything you need 10 Good 10 work :)
  12. 12. m lic ens eric gen Continuously updated by us... so you don't have to!
  13. 13. Emerging Markets & Established Players m n sin e lic ric g ene
  14. 14. obal Generic In y for a Gl dustr Dir ector y uct P ro d e ric en lG ba lo G m . co ng nsi ce cli ri ne ge
  15. 15. REMEMBER We are NOT an agent ● You get direct contact ● No commission ● No finders fee m sin c en ricli gene
  16. 16. YOU keep all the cake ge ne ri cli ce ns i ng . co m
  17. 17. You are in control You make the enquiry You get the offer ge ne ri cli ce ns i ng You grow your business . co m
  18. 18. gen eric lice n sing . com Find products Match companies Grow you business NLINE
  19. 19. Download a directory booking form FREE online limited access* * 1500 dossiers online.... still 10 times what the competition has!