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How to take off on Twitter.


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Creating successful B2B Twitter marketing campaigns doesn’t have to be difficult. Uncover the secret to reaching your prospects with our SlideShare.

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How to take off on Twitter.

  1. 1. How to take off onTwitter. A B2B guide.
  2. 2. You want your business to go with a blast.
  3. 3. What you need is some social media rocket fuel to get you flying.
  4. 4. Choose Twitter for your B2B comms.
  5. 5. Twitter is the world’s second-most popular social network, with over 320 million monthly active users.
  6. 6. Over 500 million tweets are sent every day… That’s 6,000 every second.
  7. 7. Ready for launch?
  8. 8. Counting down in 5…
  9. 9. Hang on a minute, stop the countdown. IsTwitter right for B2B?
  10. 10. Relax,Twitter is an ideal channel for B2B comms. Your clients, prospects, partners and suppliers are all on there.
  11. 11. And your competition is active onTwitter, too. So you need to be there to hold your ground.
  12. 12. WhyTwitter for B2B: the countdown.
  13. 13. 5.
  14. 14. Twitter’s follower base is continuing to grow at a rate of 30% a year, so business opportunities are growing, too.
  15. 15. 4.
  16. 16. Promoted tweets boost offline sales by 29%. (AndTwitter ads cost a third less than other paid channels.)
  17. 17. 3.
  18. 18. Eight in ten social media leads to B2B businesses come fromTwitter.
  19. 19. 2.
  20. 20. 80% of customer service requests raised via social media happen onTwitter.
  21. 21. 1.
  22. 22. Three-quarters of consumers feel positively about a brand after engagement onTwitter.
  23. 23. Your mission manual awaits: check out our freeTwitter fact sheet. And we have LIFT OFF…
  24. 24. What? You need more?
  25. 25. Twitter offers B2B opportunities that are out of this world.
  26. 26. Twitter is a free platform…
  27. 27. FREE!
  28. 28. …just waitingfor you to use it to influence how people see your brand.
  29. 29. It’s ideal for catching customer service issues early, and for responding fast.
  30. 30. You can listen in on what people think of your brand…
  31. 31. …and ‘just happen’ to say the right things to shape how they see you.
  32. 32. PlusyourTwitter conversations can fuel traffic to your website.And improve your SEO.
  33. 33. BOOM!
  34. 34. Houston, we have lift off.
  35. 35. Discover the universe with our freeTwitter fact sheet.
  36. 36. So what’s next? Cruise control and forty winks?
  37. 37. Errr, sorry. No.
  38. 38. To maintain optimal B2B Twitter orbit you need to stay alert, and keep your mission on track.
  39. 39. How to own the B2BTwitter-verse.
  40. 40. Get stellar stand-out with a strategy that’ll get you heard. 1.
  41. 41. Invest time in yourTwitter. 2. Plan. Tweet. Respond. Analyse. Repeat.
  42. 42. Keep that high-quality content coming to create and nurture leads. 3.
  43. 43. Stay close to the latest trends and features for maximum thrust onTwitter. 4.
  44. 44. There’s a galaxy of opportunities out there for the taking...
  45. 45. Take off onTwitter with our free fact sheet.
  46. 46. Launch your B2B social media questions our way.
  47. 47.