The Pharma Partners - Introduction


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Strategy consulting for Pharma companies worldwide

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The Pharma Partners - Introduction

  1. 1. Advice +Action for Transformational Growth +The Pharma Partners
  2. 2. ourvision To help you create competitive advantage through superior strategy, corporate development and product innovation. To deliver compelling ideas & opportunities. To advise & to act. +
  3. 3. The impact will not have escaped your business; the rules of growth are being rewritten and either you are being proactive or you are being left behind. To stand still and wait will quickly be realised as a crushing mistake. Are you confident of success around the next corner? BackgroundOur industry is changing 02 TPP +
  4. 4. The simple linear model of blockbuster Big Pharma pipelines and guaranteed profit from generic copies is over. As every major ethical pharma company scrambles to reinvent itself, so must every other company in the healthcare sector. The status quo is that there is no status quo. Changing needsNewstrategies arerequired 03 TPP +
  5. 5. Everything needs to given consideration in light of the new reality: Portfolio, Value Chain, Business Models, Geography, Acquisitions, Divestments, Financing, Partnerships… the lot. Now is the time to get ahead of the competition, build a future-ready business and deliver better value to stakeholders. Plan to changeRe-evaluate,Re-create,Re-invest 04 TPP +
  6. 6. There are immediate opportunities to begin the transformation. Ideas to build upon. People ready to talk. It doesn’t need to be a dramatic, shareholder scaring, customer alienating step; progress can be made in small steps. Start nowTomorrow is not going tobelike today 05 TPP + Start with a strategy for: - High tech niche-busters - Branded generics & specialty products - Consumer healthcare - Emerging market revenue - Biotech & diagnostics
  7. 7. EdBorkowski Highly accomplishedCFO OURTEAM 06 TPP + AsaCox Globallyconnectedproduct expert AzizHiouni European marketexpert HowardBerman Highly experiencedbiotech executive Vladimir Krashnikov Russia’slicensingguru Lawyers:WSGR WilsonSonsiniGoodrich Rosati TonyChu China commercializationexpert PeterBigelowIndustry respectedCEO
  8. 8. From 2002 until 2009, Ed was the CFO of Mylan Inc (Pittsburgh, PA), the Top 3 generic pharma giant. He was instrumental in leading the company through its most dramatic growth phase; transforming it from a $900million domestic player to a $5.5billion global leader operating in 60 countries. Most recently Ed was CFO of Convatec, a $17billion private equity owned wound care and hospital products company. Ed oversaw a short term project that enhanced revenues by 7% and EBITDA by 25%. During his tenure, he lead the $321million acquisition of the companies first direct-to-patient business; a strategic game-changer. Ed was previously CFO of Carefusion Corporation, a newly created entity spun off from Cardinal Health. Ed oversaw the unification of diverse business units into a $3.5billion corporation, securing initial financing and leading the successful IPO. Meet Ed EdBorkowski Highly accomplished CFO Professional Focus Finance Products International Operations 07 TPP + + Legal NotableAchievements Ed successfully led several key financial transactions for Mylan, including a $7.8 billion financing of Mylan’s acquisition of Merck Generics in May 2007, which was completed in October 2007. Accomplished with the issuance of nearly $3.0 billion of equity (comprised of $2.1 billion of mandatory convertible preferred shares and $750.0 million of common stock) and the syndication of over $4.0 billion of bank debt both in the U.S. and Europe in the middle of one of the worst credit markets in history.
  9. 9. Until the end of 2013 Peter led Qualitest Pharmaceuticals, the Generic Drug Division of Endo. Oversaw all Commercial Operations, Research and Development, Manufacturing and Supply Chain. Restructured R&D Organization. Oversaw 14% year to year growth. Drove key M&A programs. Qualitest is the 5th largest Generic Company in the US as measured by number of Prescriptions with Facilities in Huntsville, Alabama and Charlotte, North Carolina. Previously Peter lead Patheon’s Commercial Operations in North America including 5 Manufacturing sites. Serving as CEO during leadership transition. Oversaw significant improvement in Manufacturing Operations, increased profitability and grew Pharmaceutical Development Business; with $700 million in Revenue and 4700 employees. Prior to joining Patheon, Peter spent 14 years with Wyeth Pharmaceuticals. From 2003 to 2009 he was responsible for supply of Wyeth’s Consumer Healthcare products globally; consisting of six manufacturing sites and well known brands as Advil, Centrum Vitamins, Chapstick and Robitussin. From 1995 to 2003 he served in a variety of senior Engineering and Operations roles for the Prescription Drug side of the Wyeth business. He has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Villanova University and an MBA from Philadelphia University. Meet Peter Peter Bigelow Industry respectedCEO Professional Focus 11 TPP + + Notable Achievements Peter took control of both Qualitest and Patheon during times of change; guiding them through major restructuring and onto firm foundations for growth. Finance Products International Operations Legal
  10. 10. Asa is the Founder & CEO of Generic Pharma 2.0; a leading strategic consultancy utilising a worldwide network of 30,000 companies, developed over 17 years in the industry. Generic Pharma 2.0 is founded on the expertise Asa has developed through hundreds of client projects; dedicating itself to helping companies grow through business development and marketing. Its industry leading network provides GP20 with a unique level of market intelligence and insight; used to provide strategic consulting to leading global players. The company has operations in over a dozen countries; with highly experienced and well connected local experts providing clients with decision making data. It counts all the major generic companies and many ‘big pharma’ organisations as clients. Asa personally consults on strategic portfolio selection and optimisation; presenting at conferences around the world. He is also a thought leader on the future of the generic industry. Asa is a Director of Medical Brands BV, a market leading consumer healthcare devices company. Meet Asa Asa Cox Globally connected product expert Professional Focus 08 TPP + + Notable Achievements Prior to founding GP20, Asa launched, the industries first database of licensing assets. Growing it from 500 products to over 9000; it is used by over 2000 licensing teams worldwide and counts all major pharma companies as clients. Finance Products International Operations Legal
  11. 11. Aziz had a pivotal role in the European expansion of Arrow Group, from its inception in 2001 to the 2009 $1.75billion acquisition by Watson Pharmaceuticals (now Actavis). As Head of Business Development at Arrow, Aziz reported directly to the CEO and was responsible for all multi-country licensing deals and corporate development; with special focus on entering new markets. He implemented aGroup strategy into newly established affiliates based on a new sales plan and profitability targets. Prior to Arrow, Aziz was Business Development, API and Patent manager for Merck Generiques (now part of Mylan Inc) in France. He was responsible for sourcing, European licensing of injectables and patent strategy for the French market. Meet Aziz Aziz Hiouni Europeanmarketexpert Professional Focus 09 TPP + + NotableAchievements Aziz was responsible for the expansion of the EU sales structure, creation of affiliates as a startup or through Joint Ventures. He was a Board Director of several affiliates: appointing top level management, strategy, financial, budgeting, hands-on P&L management, business development and sales force planning. Actively involved in portfolio management of the concerned affiliates, forecasting products income for new products. Finance Products International Operations Legal
  12. 12. Dr. Berman has over 12 years of entrepreneurial and industry experience working at the interplay of science and business. His experience offers him a unique combination of business acumen and scientific credibility with the ability to assess, quantify, and bridge both disciplines. He began his career at MD Anderson Cancer Center in the technology transfer division where he was responsible for assessing the market, patent, and scientific merits of numerous oncology based technology platforms in order to ascertain their commercial viability. At Eli Lilly, Dr. Berman was responsible for facilitating collaborations between Eli Lilly and key opinion leaders for marketed and pipeline compounds including Gemzar (Gemcitabine), Pemetrexed (Alimta), Erbitux (Cetuximab) & Ramicurumab. Prior to Lilly, Dr. Berman served as regional scientific director at Novartis Pharmaceuticals where he served as the scientific point of contact between Novartis and key opinion leaders for development and initiation of collaborations, clinical trials, and investigator initiated trials. Meet Howard Dr Howard Berman Highly experiencedbiotech executive Professional Focus 11 TPP + + Notable Achievements Dr. Berman has enjoyed much success as an entrepreneur and as a consultant. Dr. Berman currently serves as Managing Director at Notre Capital, based in Houston, responsible for biopharmaceutical investment analysis. Dr. Berman serves as advisor to Cingulate Therapeutics, 20/20 Gene Biosystems, Companion Dx, Immune Cell Therapy, Inc. and United Pharmaceuticals. Dr. Berman received his Masters and Ph.D. in Medical Pharmacology from Weill Medical College of Cornell University Finance Products International Operations Legal
  13. 13. Tony has been actively involved in the Chinese chemical and pharmaceutical industries for over 20 years. His primary focus is in the development and leadership of multicultural teams consisting of Western and Chinese professionals. At Eastar Chemicals Corporation, he started as Sales and Marketing Manager, working his up to eventually take on the role as President and board member. Tony led Eastar’s growth from a trading company to a respected partner to both global pharma companies and leading Chinese healthcare players. Tony is also the CEO of Eastar Industries LLC where the focus is in bringing innovative pharmaceuticals and medical devices from small and medium size North American and European companies to China and South East Asia. In addition to Eastar, Tony is a seasoned entrepreneur. He invests and is instrumental in building a number of start-up businesses. Tony grew up in California, USA but is fluent in both Mandarin and Cantonese Chinese. Meet Tony Tony Chu China commercialization expert Professional Focus 10 TPP + + Finance Products International Operations Legal
  14. 14. Dr. Vladimir Krasnikov is the acknowledged leader of the Russian pharmaceutical market. He was awarded the European Awards Diploma for Achievements in Health Development in Russia and the Medal for a Merit in the Development of Pharmaceutical Business in Russia. Vladimir started his business career with Janssen-Cilag, a company of J&J, where he developed the foundations of Janssen-Cilag in Russia being one of its first employees in Russia in the early 1990’s. Then, he continued his career path with Roche, GE Medical Systems, Glenmark Pharmaceuticals with proven strategic sales and marketing management experience. As a top manager at multinational companies, he successfully launched both Rx and OTC products and developed a business platform for companies' operations in Russia and ex-USSR countries (Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Byelorussia). In 2004 he set up the Russian Pharmalicensing Group, specialising in market research and business development services. Vladimir is now the leading market access expert, connected at the highest levels of the Russian pharma industry. Meet Vladimir Dr Vladimir Krashnikov Russia’s leading marketaccess expert Professional Focus 10 TPP + + Finance Products International Operations Legal
  15. 15. Stu focuses on the global generics practice, working closely with many different practice areas across the firm, including litigation, intellectual property, antitrust, FDA/regulatory, corporate, and mergers and acquisitions. Prior to joining the firm, Stu served as chief legal officer of Mylan Pharmaceuticals, one of the world's leading generic and specialty pharmaceutical companies. In this position, Stu reported directly to the chief executive officer and handled all legal issues affecting both the parent company and its subsidiaries. Lawyers Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati have unrivalled experience and success in both high-tech and generic pharma. Stu Williams Partner,Global Generics Professional Focus Finance Products International Operations 12 TPP + + Legal Dr. Jeffrey Guise practices in the area of intellectual property law and has extensive experience in all aspects of intellectual property acquisition, licensing, and enforcement. Jeff's intellectual property litigation experience includes pre-trial and trial experience, interference proceedings, and litigation counseling. Jeff's patent prosecution experience includes drafting and prosecuting U.S. and international patent applications for a wide range of biotechnology, pharmaceutical, immunology, medical diagnostics, genetic engineering, agricultural biotechnology, genomics, proteomics clients, bioinformatics software, and electronic hardware systems. Jeff Guise Partner,Patent Litigation Generics IMAGE PENDING
  16. 16. ourservices Whilst we do offer pure strategic advice like the big guys, we don’t leave it with you and walk away; we have the experience and connections to turn the plan into reality. We stimulate thinking, we guide action, we take responsibility. We are accountable. 13 + Wethink,Wedo
  17. 17. Our vastly experienced team will stimulate, guide and contribute to the crafting of future-proof corporate strategies that will bring growth. Whilst we might not have a vast team of MBA graduates to research and analyze even minutiae of a planning document, we do however have decades of hands-on experience to provide priceless insights. We believe reality is more influential than theory. We integrate operational and implementation smarts with a vision of what will be required to create competitive advantage in the changing industry. Our track record of significant industry deals helped create the high growth leaders of today, we can help you challenge them tomorrow. Strategy Many transformations require a step change; our team can both readily identify and support the execution of transactions of any size. We have the rare capability to rapidly evaluate potential transactions from all angles; financial, legal, operational, portfolio, marketing, people. Our networks for deal-flow cover all aspects of the industry; API manufacturing, contract manufacturing, formulation development, marketing & sales. We also have very strong connections to sources of finance in USA, Europe and China. M&ASupport In association with Generic Pharma 2.0, TPP has access to the largest global decision-marker network in the industry; 15,000 strong and growing daily. Uncovering opportunities to enhance your business value at home or abroad through new connections with value-adding companies or products. The team is experienced in establishing innovative collaboration models that rapidly enhance growth and has helped license hundreds of products of all types. AlliancesPartnerships& Licensing + + + TPP + 14
  18. 18. 3KeysforGrowth TPP believes it can provide all the essential elements for competitive success Insights Process Talent Strategy, in order to provide competitive advantage, requires unique insights and ideas. Execution, requires a robust and well-tried process in order to be successful. Trust experience. Designing long term success is determined by the collective brain power and street smarts of your team. Is your team ready? 15 TPP + +
  19. 19. ExampleClients&Companies Asa and the team have been an extremely valuable partner with the building of our business. Their experience in the generic business and wealth of connections have helped us at every step. “ David Guy, CEO TPP + + 16
  20. 20.  Oversaw detailed market analysis for all global regulated markets to build the business case for entry by top tier generic player. Worked with executive team to devise most suitable strategy and undertook due diligence of all acquisitions considered.  Devised the European growth strategy for a new Chinese funded generic company. Integrated into portfolio, alliance and operational strategy teams. Engaged to operate certain element of technical and regulatory management. Will be first company to tender in Europe with Chinese manufactured sterile product.  Negotiated minority interest in multiple European distributors in exchange for product portfolio rights. Secured agreement to convert into acquisition of majority under certain conditions and exited all positions at the transaction event expected.  Pivotal role in global growth of a large US generic company; identifying, engaging and negotiating a wide variety of projects, many of which were taken through to closure. Main projects included the multi-billion dollar acquisition of a large European competitor and a major Asian supplier.  Worked with Top 10 pharma company to source, engage and negotiate terms for a range of key products for first launch in 26 countries. Advised the client on deal terms, market intelligence and engagement processes to ensure the quickest decision making timetable. Project upgraded to involve advice on the clients global generic strategy.  Managed the licensing of over 200 generic products from international sources for multi-territory exploitation to establish and grow the generic division of a top tier US speciality pharma company. Negotiation of all IP and commercial elements; integrated with legal, procurement, regulatory and sales teams.  Licensed portfolio of female health products for publicly traded speciality pharma company. Advised on marketing strategy, established local distribution channels and future product opportunities. Whatwehavedone A selection of projects and achievements by the team 17 TPP + +
  21. 21. Let’stalk Ideas and opportunities are just a phone call or email away 18 + Toronto London San Diego Pittsburgh Beijing +1705 615 1500 Asa Cox +86 138 1610 7501 Tony Chu +44 (0) 7775 810087 Aziz Hiouni TPP + Moscow +7 495 22 333 44 Vladimir Krasnikov
  22. 22. Advice +Action for Transformational Growth +The Pharma Partners