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  1. 1. Marie Petit Constitution Amendments and Court CasesConstitution• Framework for how our country functions• Outlines the powers of government bother federal and state• Protects people and basic freedoms• Existence in 1787 and in 1791 the bill of rights were added• As time went on, more Amendments, or changes, were added (27 total)Articles• Article 1: Legislative Branch - Congress• Article 2: Executive Branch - Pres. Cabinet• Article 3: Supreme Court - Power• Article 4: States - Power over states limited• Article 5: Supremacy Clause -• Article 6: Amendment Process - Congress Vote or State sign - 2/3• Article 7: Ratification Process - Congress can over right Pres. vetoAmendmentsBill of rights (first 10 amendments)• 1st - Religion, PEACEFUL Assembly, Press/Speech• 2nd - Right to bare arms (2 arms)• 3rd - No quarter to troops• 4th - Search and seizure• 5th - (5 fingers) Grand Jury, Double Jeopardy (can not be charged twice with a crime), Eminent Domain, Due Process, Self Incrimination• 6th - Speedy Trial• 7th - Trial by a Jury - Property over $20• 8th - Cruel and Unusual Punishment/ Excessive Bail• 9th - Rights to the people• 10th - Rights to the States• 11th - Judicial Limits• 12th - Pres. Selection• 13th - Freed Slaves (ended 1865)• 14th - Citizenship regardless of race• 15th - Black Vote (men)• 16th - Federal Income tax• 17th - Direct Vote for state senators
  2. 2. Marie Petit• 25th - Presidential Succession and Disability- Pres. Shot• 26th - 18 years old to Vote• 27th - Congressional Ray rises