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Group 1


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Group 1

  1. 1. Women Empowerment in Bangladesh
  2. 2. Group Members: Name ID No. Md. Asraf Ali 12000010 Mosammat Fariha 12000045 Md. Faisal Rahman 12000125 Md. A. K. M. Zakaria 12000009 Mifat Nayer 12000091
  3. 3. Our Mission: To contribute in the process of women empowerment by ensuring maximum wage for rural women who are involved in cottage industries in Bangladesh.
  4. 4. Our Slogan: Weaving dreams…….
  5. 5. Rationale  Social life of women  Economic solvency  Discrimination in workplace  Violence against women  Lack of consciousness
  6. 6. Objectives  To empower women.  To ensure maximum wage for rural women who are involved cottage industries.  To create a good market for their products  To create awareness about the benefit of using social media to promote their product.
  7. 7. Social Media Campaign Facebook Twitter Wordpress
  8. 8. Eastern and Western Ideologies of Women Empowerment and Their Relevance to Bangladeshi Context
  9. 9. Mahatma Gandhi’s View on Women Empowerment  Equality of Sexes.  Dowry System.  Education
  10. 10. Equality of sexes  Women must realize their full status and play their part as equals of men. The Dowry System  The dowry system is a product of the caste system. Young men who demand dowry should be excommunicated.
  11. 11. Education for Women  “……… to free her from mental slavery and to teach her dignity of national service and the service of humanity.”
  12. 12. Emerson’s Support for Women’s Suffrage “If women feel wronged then they are wronged...I should vote for every franchise for women.” —Emerson
  13. 13. In 1855, he described the women’s movement as “no whim, but an organic impulse…” He argued that if women were denied suffrage, they should also not be taxed.
  14. 14. Henry David Thoreau  Thoreau was influenced by Emerson and supported women’s right to vote.  In Civil Disobedience (1849) Thoreau argues that it is morally justified to resist unjust laws peacefully. It inspired suffragist involved in the struggle for women’s suffrage
  15. 15. Martin Luther King, Jr While advocating for civil rights, he was also fighting for the basic rights of women. Supported women’s right of birth control and family planning.  Worked of Planned Parenthood .
  16. 16.  New Negro Woman: women poets, authors and intellectuals, known for their race conscious writing.  African American women utilized the movement to express their views on race and gender relations.
  17. 17.  The Black Arts Movement, was initiated by writer and activist Amiri Baraka.  Black feminism became an important political statement conveyed by the women of BAM.  They focus on race and economic status, sexism, class oppression and racism.
  18. 18. Let’s Recognize Women’s Contribution  Women had played vital roles in different political and literary movements of our country, specially in 1971.  Their contribution is mostly neglected.  They are represented as victims.  Their role as freedom fighters in 1971 is not that much focused.
  19. 19. Social Media Campaign
  20. 20. Technical Features of Social Media Campaign
  23. 23. VIRTUAL CAMPAIGN OUR WORKING PROCESS  Making page  Developing ideas  Sharing  Having remarks & comments
  24. 24. PEER WORKS WORKING WITH  Rural women  Underprivileged women  Women from Indigenous group  Ethnic groups  Conservatives  Free thinkers & progressive
  25. 25. EXPERT’S ACKNOWLEDGEMENT  Prof. Manosh Chowdhury An Anthropologist, who has some remarkable international papers on women empowerment of Bangladesh.  Prof. Nasim Akter Hossain A socialist political activist, working with women’s involvement in working sector and protest or movement.  Ameena Islam A leading news personality, working with the challenges of women empowerment from different views of life.
  26. 26. Outcome and Impact of Our Social Media Campaign
  27. 27. Question-Answer Session
  28. 28. Thank You