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WebCampKL 9 - 30-second tips to happiness. 16 apps in 8 minutes



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WebCampKL 9 - 30-second tips to happiness. 16 apps in 8 minutes

  1. 1. 30-second tips to happiness #wckl
  2. 2. Fast, Cheapskate, Clients *those are categories, not a generic description of a human being
  3. 3. Fast, Cheapskate, Clients
  4. 4. Quick Search Boxawesome launcher, and other things
  5. 5. Fluid Appwhat bookmarks?
  6. 6. OpenInTextmatefor you keyboard-haters
  7. 7. Textmate Commandbecause your designer knows nothing about Rails
  8. 8. Fast, Cheapskate, Clients
  9. 9. Mailplane ($24.95) the best way to use Gmail on the Mac *cheap trick: use AppTrash to recover clean state after each upgrade
  10. 10. 1Password ($39.95) try remember that, sucker! *cheap trick: don’t store more than 20 logins
  11. 11. Knox ($34.95) your source code isn’t cheap *cheap trick: store all projects in single vault
  12. 12. LastJack ($0.99 cents each) i’m a leecher baby, so why don’t you kill me *credit: ammo logo copyright by Rogue Amoeba Software, LLC. **warning: this could be illegal
  13. 13. AppTrapcleaner, and safe for the environment
  14. 14. Fast, Cheapskate, Clients
  15. 15. CleanArchiverthey don’t understand us
  16. 16. Fakefaking it like a p0rnstar
  17. 17. Pivotal Trackerdon’t get lost
  18. 18. Jobsactive external time tracking are the best *sadly it’s no longer available on AppStore
  19. 19. Git Reportshow them what you’ve been working on *sadly it’s no longer available on AppStore
  20. 20. FreeAgent * is a referral link. 10% discount for both you and me.
  21. 21. Quick Search Box Download: Also checkout: Fluid Download: OpenInTextmate Download: Textmate Command Copy: Mailplane Download: 1Password Download: Knox Download: LastJack Download: AudioHijackPro: AppTrap Download: CleanArchiver Download: Also checkout: Fake Download: Google Voice Register: SIP: ipkall: Pivotal Tracker Register: FreeAgent Register: 10% Discount: This slide:

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