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Training I gave during workshop in Vilnius on using social media in campaigns and non violent resistance actions.

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  • ----- Meeting Notes (8/9/13 12:33) -----what do you think?
  • Audience
  • Younger audience----- Meeting Notes (8/9/13 12:33) -----especially young audience.segodna v belarussiyi распространения Интернета delayet 40%76% belarusov polzuyutsa internetom yejednevno38% etix upotrebiteley iz Minska, and bolshinstvo userov eto molodiye lyudi. Dla mnogix v Belarusiyi internet stal platformoy gde mojno delitsa mislami, osobenno prinimaya vo vnimaniye situatsiyu v strone.
  • Of course its not easy esp. in repressive regimes----- Meeting Notes (8/9/13 12:33) -----Eto ne ostanovilo gosudarstvo blokirovat sayti No eto ne novosti.
  • In Turkey and in many countries around the world, the government tried censoring the Internet in one way or another----- Meeting Notes (8/9/13 12:33) -----Kak i v Belarusiyi tak i vo mnogix drugix stranax mira, gosudarstva v straxe ot togo chto mogut povtoritsa sobitiya Arabskix stranax v ixnix krayax, starayutsa vsacheski prepadstvovat sotsialnix setey i t.d.
  • However, it is still a useful tool to know and to have. social media allows your campaign become more engaging- by keeping them informed and updated on your campaign, the day, the successes and failures it helps to keep the public informed especially when state media for instance is limited. ----- Meeting Notes (8/9/13 12:33) -----no eto ne znachit cto vso poteranno. soc. media vso yesho mojet bit upotreblena v kampaniax, proto vso zavisit ot togo kak yey polzovatsa. glavnoye ne zabit chto eto vselish instrument. vi uje uslishali statistiku v belarussiyi, eto znachit chto bolshinsto vashe online publiki eto molodiye lyudi. sozdavaya kreativnuyu online kampaniyu, vi mojete yeyo zdelat boleye privlekatelnoy- podderjivayte svaz s publikoy, derjite ix v kurse sobitiy, itogi dna i t.d. eto osobenno vajno kokda gos. mediya pro eto ne pishet.
  • Don’t spend much time on your social media campaign. It shouldn’t take a lot of your time. If you have volunteers helping you that’s great but if you don’t running too many platforms all at the same time can be challenging especially if you are the only person responsible for it. ----- Meeting Notes (8/9/13 12:33) -----k sojaleniyu soc. media eto bolsaya platforma i zdes ocen mnogo raznix instrumentov. staraytes ne tratit ocen mnogo svoyego vremeni so online kampaniyu.
  • Don’t make your online presence all about work and serious meetings. Find funny moments to share with your supporters and followers. After all you are a human being in need of some personal as well as funny moments. ----- Meeting Notes (8/9/13 12:33) -----sozdavaya online profil- but eto facebook, ili vash sobstvenniy sayt, ili blog, vajno yesho to chem vi delites- konechno programma dna, vstrechi, fotografiyi s vtrech, virezki iz statey, eto vso nujno. no staraytes pokazat i druguyu chast seba- naydite smeshniye momenti i delites s etim toje.
  • It is also important to show your personal life. ----- Meeting Notes (8/9/13 12:33) -----pokazat semeynuyu storonu svoyey jizni toje vajno. mnogiye politicheskiye kandidati, inogda zabivayut pro eto. vse ixniye posteri bivayut seryozniye- v kostumax, smotrashix v dal, ne boytes pokazat i semeynuyu storonu. eto Romney i yego Instagram profil.
  • There are of course many different social media platforms that you can use- blogs, twitter, facebook, YouTube. Perhaps its best of you pick a few and focus on them. ----- Meeting Notes (8/9/13 12:33) -----kak ya uje skazala, sushestvuyet ocen mnogo raznix online platform, v nachale nachniyet s chego to odnogo, ili konechno yest tot kto mojet pomoch, togda budet legche.
  • For example, Obama campaign team launched Tumblr blog that it kept updating with stories, photographs, videos of Obama throughout his campaign.
  • His opponent Romney had a different approach. His wife, had a pinterest account through which they shared “family recipes”
  • You can start up a video diary for instance ----- Meeting Notes (8/9/13 12:33) -----yesho odin sposob, eto nachat svoy video kanal na youtube i delitsa novostami zdes.
  • what is important with all of this is to stay engaged and ask questions to your supporters in what they would like to hear from you say or do- think of smaller problems that are doable by you rather than bigger problems that are difficult to achieve. People like to see their candidate do something rather than talk about the same things as many other previous candidates have done in the past. ----- Meeting Notes (8/9/13 12:33) -----chto vajno zdes eto postoyannaya svaz mejdu vami i vashey online podderjkoy. zadavayte voprosi, prinimayte vo vnimaniye ixniye otveti- nachinayte s malenkix problem kotoriye mojno reshit, chem srazu bolshix. Primer: v yanvare etogo mesatsa, sostoyalas bolsaya aktsiya v baku svazannaya s smertyu odnogo molodogo soldata. sobralos bolshe 4000 lyudey i ne kto ne poboyalsa, tak eto bilo ne politicheskoye, a imenno problem kotoraya sushestvuyet v azerbaycane. yesli sravnit etu kampaniyu s kampaniyey provedyonnoy v 2011 godu v marte- togda mi xoteli otmetit 11 marto kak den velikix lyudey. bilo vso na facebooke raspisanno- kogda i gde vstrechayutsa lyudi i t.d. na facebooke togda yesli ya ne oshibayus bilo neskolko tishach kto podderjal, a vot prishli mojet tolko sotni. raznitsa v tom chto v kampaniyi 2011 goda, mesage bil politicheskim a lyudi u nas boyatsa.
  • Everything that is posted and shared on the social networks must go hand in hand with your overall campaign message. This is called communication plan- deciding on which photos to share, what tweets to post, which videos to make and share and their timeliness all are important factors in your social media campaign. One thing to remember though is which policies you chose to prioritize on twitter or facebook or any other social network given the age difference of their user base. ----- Meeting Notes (8/9/13 12:33) -----prosto ne zabivayte chto vasha online kampaniya doljna sootvestvovat vashey glavnoy kampaniyi- eto nazivayetsa plan komunikatsiy- znat kakiye foto budut u vas na sayte,
  • Find a genius who is well versed in online media tools Make sure that this person is coordinating with your press officer so that he/she is up-to-date with all the meetings and statements made publicly.
  • First you need to clean up your previous social media record in case you have some embarrassing photos or comments once posted online by you either on Facebook or Twitter or YouTube or elsewhere. And especially if you haven’t swore at anybody or used any negative terms against others.
  • Come up with simple content- what do you stand for? What does your political party or affiliation stand for? What do you represent? What do you believe in? why are in this? Why should others help and support you? And etc. You should of course consider what information is going to be shared on your online profiles- if its instagram will it be fun moments, if its vkontakte will it be about meetings and discussions in the media about you and etc.
  • How this content should be prepared to attract attention?
  • There are two reasons why people come to visiting your website or a blog:1. they want to know more about the candidate2. they are interested in politics and campaigns-to address the needs of both of these provide information that would satisfy both of these groups. Make sure your “online presence” whether it is a website, a blog, or some other account, have relevant and up-to-date information including press releases, speeches, policy papers and have “Exclusives” that readers and followers wont find anywhere else. The website should also have a place where readers could leave their contact info- e-mail address, twitter handle, phone number so that you could re- contact these people, e-mail them and reach out to them delivering your message, rallying volunteers, and eventually even raising money.
  • How to reach out? What do do? Which tools to use?
  • Belarus boasts half a million new internet users every year making it one of the fastest growing online markets. Access to broadband has also increased dramatically, from just 10 percent of inhabitants able to use high speed internet in 2010 compared to 70 percent of internet users by September 2012.
  • Silent action- taking action online to offlineIt worked offline because the crowd was large- and that’s with every action organized on social network, there is little chance one can get offline and take the streets if there aren’t many people.
  • The mainstream media in the former Soviet republic is almost exclusively state owned. The growth of the web has enabled dissidents and opposition groups to meet and exchange ideas with newfound vigour following the brutal December 2009 crackdown that began when protests broke out in the aftermath of disputed presidential elections.
  • Among the tools the researchers found in place were web filters on multiple government controlled WiFi networks, surveillance technology allowing the authorities to intercept all web traffic, the removal of secure access to particular websites including Facebook and the creation of fake versions of popular dissident websites such as
  • How to bypass government control
  • 2.4million users Facebook- 1millionTwitter- 450 thousandFor a political campaign vkontakte can be of help by creating a page (just like one would create a page on facebook). Personal profiles or pages are great ways to interact with your audience.Similarly you can create a page on Facebook too. Facebook also provides apps that could be used on your page. The most popular app includes YouTube app- this allows you to upload videos on your facebook page. There is an additional app that allows you to upload documents- this way your followers can stay up to date on important documents and resolutions you have been involved in drafting, working on and etc. The downside of a facebook page is having it open and public, meaning your opponents will too use it to most likely comment (sometimes in not a very nice way). You should be prepared to delete comments or block certain users especially if they become repetitive or abusive.
  • Since Live Journal is one of the most popular blogging platforms, perhaps it makes sense to set up a blog on this platform rather than look for Tumblr or Wordpres. Though it is always good to come up with new look.
  • micro blogging site- where you post “tweets” no longer than 140 characters. What is important to know about twitter are “#”, “RTs”, “DMs”
  • “#” are “hot topics” that are discussed on Twitter. By using “#” in your tweets can link your tweets to a much larger audience as any “#” generates a link that brings up all other posts containing that “#” (perhaps even those run by your adversaries). There are two popular ways to use twitter during campaigning- active and passiveActive twitter- if you are very new to twitter and have small “followers” base active twitter use allows you not only to “tweet” but also engage in conversation with followers (perhaps even your potential voters base). The downside to this form of twitter use is that its time consuming and the quality of your answers especially to important questions in 140 characters is questionable. However if you are really keen on staying committed to Twitter and your followers you can follow up to the questions on other social networks or your personal campaign blog (perhaps even on your YouTube video channel, once your thorough response is ready you can share it on Twitter);Passive twitter- is just for tweets in a form of updates from you. You spend little time communicating with your followers and only use Twitter as a platform to share news about your campaign and what not. The downside to such use is you might lose interesting questions and comments from your followers that could eventually boost your political campaign.It is also possible to connect your twitter account to your facebook profile
  • To monitor all of the updates use tweetdeck or hootsuite
  • Its just a tool and a lot depends on how you or your team uses it in order to reach out to an audience that might not necessarily like you so much from the beginning. It does require considerable effort and time not to mention the know how and dedication. But it also goes hand in hand with your outside real life campaign. So as you set out to grassroots rallies, fundraising calls, and small events keep your social media campaign active.
  • The Dutch Greens campaign in 2011- in 2011 Dutch Greens decided to combine their offline and online supporters in an event organized at the train station the day before the election. They handed out coffee while they took questions from their voters in the meantime however they also broadcasted the whole event online.
  • social democrat party in Zurich took the most popular ideas and suggestions posted online on their facebook page and adopted them as part of their legislation
  • #duranadam Turkey protests#video about Erdogan’s life by Daft PunkMethods of nonviolent resistance were also used recently in Turkey. At the end of May Turkey was shaken by protests over a park which later grew into massive protests. Police used tear gas, water cannons, thousand were injured, arrested, lost their eyes, and yet there was a lot of hope.
  • Erdogan called Twitter a menace
  • Penguin became the protest symbol because CNN International didn’t mention protests and instead was showing a documentary about penguins
  • There are many different types of nonviolent resistance. Here are some of the best practice examples of these methods by Otpor
  • SocialMediaForCampaigningAndNonViolentResistance

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