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The Past Continuous Tense


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Rules and examples about the past continous tense.

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The Past Continuous Tense

  2. 2.  It was raining. The man was wearing a hat. He was holding a cat. The man and the cat were sitting under a tree. The man was smiling. The cat wasn’t smiling.
  3. 3. + You wearing a hat. We were listening to music. They watching TV. I helping Mum. He was doing homework. She raining.
  4. 4. - You wearing a hat. We were not listening to music. They weren’t watching TV. I helping Mum. He was not doing homework. She wasn’t raining. It
  5. 5. ? You wearing a hat? Were We listening to music? They watching TV? I helping Mum? Was He doing homework? She raining? It
  6. 6.  What were you wearing yesterday? I was wearing my red dress. What were they doing at 8 o’clock last night? They were watching TV. Was it raining yesterday morning? No,it wasn’t.
  7. 7. USE To describe actions in progress at a time in the past: At six o’clock last night I was driving home. On April 1st I was staying with some friends at the hotel. What were you doing at 7.30 last night?
  8. 8. USE To give the background information in a story,to say what was in progress when something happened: The sun was shining.People were sitting under the trees or walking around the park.Suddenly a car drove into the park.
  9. 9.  Use the past simple for a completed action: I took a photo. I heard the news. Use the past cont. for an action in progress: They were listening to music. I was sitting at home.
  10. 10. COMPLETE WıTH A VERB ıN THE PAST CONT. They ………………….for us when we arrived. (wait) ………she……………..a coat when she went out?(wear) I………………………….when you gave the instructions. (not/listen) I………………..when you phoned me. (drive) It ……………………when I woke up this morning. (not/rain)
  11. 11.  They were waiting for us when we arrived. Was she wearing a coat when she went out? I wasn’t listening when you gave the instructions. I was driving when you phoned me. It wasn’t raining when I woke up this morning.
  12. 12. WHıLE/WHEN While I was watching TV,I fell asleep. I fell asleep while I was watching TV. We were sitting in the garden when it started to rain. When it started to rain,we were sitting in the garden. When I heard the crash,I ran to the village. I ran to the village when I heard the crash.
  13. 13. WHEN OR WHıLE? I was dreaming ………….the alarm clock rang. I was dreaming when the alarm clock rang. ………..Mary saw the question,she knew the answer. When Mary saw the question,she knew the answer. Were you driving fast ……..the police stopped you? Were you driving fast when the police stopped you? The police arrived …………I was having
  14. 14. THANK YOU 