3. Editorial Chart[1] PM ppt


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3. Editorial Chart[1] PM ppt

  1. 1. Editor-in-chief/ Executive Editor Associate Editor Assistant Editor Chief of Bureau News Editor Chief Sub Editor Special Correspondent Chief Reporter Sub Editor
  2. 2. Editor is the leader of the team. In the newspaper where we have more than one editor the main Editor is called E xecutive editor or Editor-in- chief . Functions to be performed depend upon the size of the newspaper. He directs and supervises the editorial side of a newspaper. The executive editor is also responsible for developing and maintaining the publication budget. The editor works directly for the publisher and is responsible for the paper’s contents, with the exception of advertising. He appoints reporters, feature writers and reviewers and ensures team work.
  3. 3. Resident Editor The Resident Editor is chosen from amongst Assistant Editors, News Editor or Chief of Bureau. Some Newspapers have separate editions in different cities and Resident Editor captains each edition.   Assistant Editor He regularly assists the editor in the discharge of his duties generally in relation to comments and opinions and writes leads. He may also write other copy involving review, comments and criticism. He is often in charge of a particular section of the paper
  4. 4. News Editor - He is the main functionary in the newsroom. He works 24 hrs. He is responsible for all the news content. The printer, publishers and editor are responsible for each word published in the newspaper. A good news editor will always be thinking ahead.   Chief of the News Bureau - He allocates and supervises the work of the Bureau members.
  5. 5.   Special Correspondent After acquiring experience and proficiency in several beats, the reporter is promoted as Chief Reporter or a Special Correspondent who are specialized reporters in their fields and cover Politics, economics, defence, banking, commerce, external affairs, etc. Chief Reporter He allocates and supervises the work of team of reporters. He may also regularly report and interpret all news of legislative, political and local importance.
  6. 6. Chief Sub Editor 1. He takes charge of a shift at news desk. 2. He allocates and supervises the work of sub-editors. 3. He is generally responsible for the determination of news space and the general display of news in the paper or in a particular edition or part of it. He produces the edition. 4. He must be a man of expert judgment on the news values of the reports he handles.
  7. 7. Sub Editor 1. He receives, selects, shortens, summarizes, if need he elaborates, translates, edits and puts headings and does sub headings in the news item. 2. He has an eye for accuracy. He reads the news story and try to make it interesting and newsworthy. 3. He cross checks the story given by the reporters and agencies. So, goes through each line of the story.
  8. 8. 4. He should be able to judge the shape that the story will take on the page. 5. He has the knack of getting to the heart of the story quickly. He can scan through 25 folios of news agency or local copy and find the right intro at once. 6. Keeps essential reference books like Oxford English Dictionary, Thesaurus, etc. 7. Should have absolute command over the language. 8. Has to follow the stylebook.