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Hangover Cures


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Brief description about hangover and some best cures around the world.

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Hangover Cures

  1. 1. HangCuresHangovers are caused by several factors. First, the body hasto metabolize the active ingredient in alcoholic beverages: ethanol. Thisprocess requires cellular energy, distracting the body from normalactivities like making glucose for the brain. Even after all the ethanol ismetabolized, the by-products of this process can cause additionalproblems. Likewise, other substances in certain alcoholic beverages canmake a hangover worse. Lastly, ethanol is a diuretic and can lead todehydration.
  2. 2. Hangover Cures AroundCanada: Canada Dry Ginger AleMaybe its national loyalty, but Canadians claim the fizzy stuff that was first formulated intheir country works wonders to settle an upset stomach. The drinks ingredient list,however, lacks any mention of ginger itself, which would be the most likely source ofhangover help.America: The Bloody MaryTomato juice has some of the highest concentration of lycopene as any food, and celery isloaded with restorative vitamins that might help ease the pain. Remember, though, thisbeloved hair-of-the-dog remedy is likely far more effective in its slightly-less-fun recipe: TheVirgin Mary.Great Britain: Milk ThistleIts effectiveness in scientific research to shield the liver from toxins has been backed up inseveral studies. One flavonoid, silymarin, might be a key substance in its extract that helpscure that hangover feeling. Some British tipplers swear that taking it both the night of andmorning after heavy drinking can all but erase any uncomfortable symptoms.Poland: A glass of juice from either sour pickles or sauerkrautMake sure the juice is loaded up with vinegar to help quell headaches and alleviatediscomfort, claim the Polish. Some even keep soured milk on hand (unpasteurized milk thathas been left at room temperature overnight for a day or two) to do the trick.