Work experience ideas for international students arw feb 14


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Boost your CV with work experience - get ideas here!

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Work experience ideas for international students arw feb 14

  1. 1. AIM To provide you with a sound understanding of the work experience possibilities and how you could identify and secure opportunities to help enhance your own employability The session aims to provide a general overview and assumes no prior knowledge of this area
  2. 2. LEARNING OUTCOMES By the end of this session you should be able to: • Understand the range of different experiences and activities that constitute work experience • Implement some tips on how to identify and secure your own work experience
  3. 3. DISCUSS IN PAIRS In pairs, for 2 minutes: Discuss: What questions or concerns you have about getting work experience, as an international student?
  4. 4. WORK EXPERIENCE BENEFITS Add value to your UK study experience Increase your employability in the global job market Experience UK work culture Practise general and business English Boost your CV / Resume Earn money Broaden your network of contacts Demonstrate key Employability Skills
  5. 5. EMPLOYABILITY ATTRIBUTES & SKILLS Self management Teamworking Business and customer awareness Problem solving Communication and literacy Application of numeracy Application of information technology
  6. 6. IT’S ALL WORK EXPERIENCE! Skills Workshop Vacation Work Graduate Placement Schemes Student Societies Internship / Vacaton Placement Work Shadowing Work/Study Abroad Entrepreneurial Activities Part-Time Work Volunteering Agency work Source: Making the most of work experience. The National Centre for Work Experience (NCWE) ProjectBased Work Work Taster
  7. 7. IT’S ALL WORK EXPERIENCE @ CARDIFF! First Steps Internships Student Development Unit Sandwich Placements Cardiff SU Careers Service Jobs Pages Work Shadowing UNA Exchange Student Enterprise Unistaff Job Shop Classroom Experience Project Source: Making the most of work experience. The National Centre for Work Experience (NCWE) Student Volunteering Cardiff Course Projects & Positions GO Wales Jobs
  8. 8. SO, WHAT DID PREVIOUS STUDENTS DO? Cardiff AIESEC Committee members Undertook Certified Personal Development Training with PwC in Time Management, Networking, Problem Solving etc. 3 day internship with Film Production company, London Indian Society Treasurer International Exchange Student Development Unit Cardiff SU Language Exchange Internship Language & Culture Intern in Britain, BUNAC Cardiff University (CUROP & CUPID Projects) Bollywood Dance Teacher, Riverside Community Centre Bar Tender, Celtic Manor & Marriott via Blue Arrow Job Agency Pakistani Society Communications Secretary Sandwich Placements Planned Vacations Unistaff Job Shop Cardiff Job Course Agencies Project & Positions Frontrunner Leadership course for Chinese & UK students Student Enterprise Student Volunteering Cardiff Sought advice on expansion of Forever Healthcase business GO Wales Jobs Data Entry Operator, British Gas Carer for the Elderly, Teaching Assistant projects with Cardiff SV Sales Advisor, Sky Customer Adviser, Phones4U Insurance Adviser, Cunningham Lindsey Postgrad Student Rep, Cardiff Law School MBA Live Project
  10. 10. “I would suggest getting … work experience … even if it means volunteering without pay. Through this means you would get companies you volunteered with to give you references and it could possibly lead to a paying job. The UK work experience is important because it gives UK employers assurance that you understand the 'system' and work culture. UK employers also rely on opinion of your previous employers to aid their decision making. Hence the references from previous employers or volunteer companies” Chioma Mbanugo, MBA (2006) Current employment: SOx Assistant Manager Lloyds Banking Group, UK
  11. 11. “Try to participate in associations or apply for summer intern jobs that are relevant to the industry or career vision you have in mind.” Ting He, LLB (2003) Current employment: Associate, Clifford Chance US LLP “Get lots of work experience in your preferred calling, paid or unpaid. Be out and about and make the most that a diverse international environment offers to one’s personal growth as well. One’s never too old for some life education” Piyush Roy, MA in International Journalism (2004) Current employment: Editor – StarWeek, Magna Publishing Co. Ltd, India
  12. 12. “ Get relevant work experience and be flexible. Don’t just apply for summer vacation internships but consider year long placements as well” “Engage in many extra-curricular activities. This will show the interviewer that you are not a laid back person and are always on the front foot. You can do this by showing enthusiasm and using body language to show your interest during the interview. I believe it was my body language and enthusiasm at the interview that got me the job, obviously this was backed with different examples of extra-curricular activities, which gave me freedom in answering the questions” Kishan Patel, MEng Civil Eng (2012) Current employment: Assistant Engineer Halcrow Group, Cardiff office
  13. 13. WORK EXPERIENCE CHALLENGES In pairs, for 10 minutes: Discuss the work experience challenges on the handout and brainstorm ways in which you could effectively address each challenge. Be prepared to share a summary of your proposed solutions to the whole group.
  14. 14. 1. CAN’T FIND RELEVANT WORK EXPERIENCE – ONLY PART-TIME STUDENT JOBS • Go to the ‘Work Experience / Placements’ section of the Vacancy Bulletin and then go to ‘Job Categories’ where you can search under an occupational field of interest to you • Remember that any work experience can be useful and can be a way of showing transferable skills
  15. 15. 2. EVIDENCE OF ELIGIBILITY TO WORK IN THE UK • If you have a work restriction as opposed to a prohibition stamp in your student visa you can show this to them. This means you are allowed to take employment for up to 20 hours per week term-time without getting any further approval or permission • You can refer them to the UK Border Agency website and employers’ helpline on 0300 123 4699 where they can check that you are allowed to work • Remember that all employers are legally obliged to check that all their employees are eligible to work in the UK
  16. 16. 3. NEED NATIONAL INSURANCE NUMBER BEFORE YOU START WORKING? • You do not need to have a NINo before starting work, but you must obtain one when you get a job. • Your employer can employ you without a NINo by issuing you with a temporary NINo until you get your own from the local JobCentrePlus office
  17. 17. 4. EMPLOYER CONCERNED ABOUT ENGLISH LANGUAGE ABILITY • You might need to clarify what level of English Language ability is required to do the job • What evidence can you give to show that you meet the English language and other requirements of the job • If there are gaps in your English language ability, consider how you might fill these e.g. taking an English course, Student Union Language Interchange, International Cafes, finding opportunities to practise your English, making friends with British people or other nationalities
  18. 18. 5. EMPLOYER NOT RECRUITING P/G INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS FOR SUMMER INTERNSHIP • This may not be the case for every employer • Explore other work exp opportunities e.g. work shadowing, business projects or case studies • Find out about any graduate internships on offer
  19. 19. 6. TOO BUSY TO FIND UK WORK EXPERIENCE • Remember that some types of work experience like work shadowing or tasters might be very short and will not take up too much of your time • Consider a general work placement or several short but different placements to help you decide • Getting UK work experience as well as a UK qualification will make you more attractive to an employer back home
  20. 20. TOP TIPS  Be focused in your career plans  Remember that a number of activities count as work experience  Your academic tutors may have contact with previous international students  Attend any school based guest lectures of interest to you and take contact details of speakers  If you are going home for the summer vacations try to gain some work experience or find out about the job market there
  21. 21. TOP TIPS contd  Don’t apply for everything  Make your CV stand out and tailor it to a job and employer  Identify UK companies that have links with your home country and vice versa via UK Trade Partners, UKIBC, CBBC, Chambers of Commerce etc  Identify International Recruitment Agencies  Establish international alumni links via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.
  22. 22. INTERNATIONAL WEBSITES  - Prospects International Graduate Jobs - Worldwide  - International Job Online  - UK Register of Sponsors  - click on International Chambers  - UK India Business Council  - China Britain Business Council  - UK Trade & Investment
  23. 23. INTERNATIONAL CAREER WORKSHOPS FOR THE DIARY  26 Feb - Employment Regulations  4 Mar - CV Writing  11 Mar - Global Job Search Further details & bookings online:
  24. 24. INTERNATIONAL APPOINTMENTS  30-minute appointments with International Career Consultant  Thursdays 9:30am – 4pm • Advice on how to identify and approach UK employers • Information on work visa route most relevant to working in UK after your studies • Advice and coaching on job hunting strategy and most effective use of language in CVs, job applications and interviews  Book on-line at
  25. 25. Boost your CV – Get Work Experience Classroom Experience Project
  26. 26. COPY OF SLIDES Twitter: @cardiffglobal