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  • Hi Camilo, I'm fine. thank you for your nice words.

    sure you can use it and I will be happy to put my name, my twitter and blog to the slides.

    Warm Regards
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  • Hi Arwa, How are you? I hope so fine. I'm Camilo from Brazil and like too much your presentation about 'Instagram Terms of Use'. Very good.

    So, I wanna your permission do translate this to Portuguese, to use in my classes ad post in my slideshare. I put your links (slideshare, slides, or what link you need) at the final references. What do you thinl about? bye!
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Instagram terms of use

  1. 1. Terms of Use By: Arwa AlforaihImage source:
  2. 2. When was the last time you read the Terms of Use (TOS) for an online service? Usually, the answer is “Never!!!” We just click on We have signed a blank check for these sitesImage source: They can violate our privacy!
  3. 3. InstagramInstagram is a photo-sharing mobile application thatprovides various types of digital filters that can be used toenhance photographs (Burbn Inc., 2012). 1 Click a picture 2 Share it with family Choose a filter and friends 3 Post it Image source:
  4. 4. That’s great :)Image source: by the researcher (
  5. 5. Summary of Instagrams ToS As an Instagram user, what should you know?Image source:
  6. 6. Who can use this service? - You must be 13 years or older to use this site. ( source:
  7. 7. Freedom of expression:- You can’t post some types of photos (nude, partially nude, or sexually suggestivephotos). ( Some limits should be respected!
  8. 8. Suspension: According to the basic terms ( Be clever... read well
  9. 9. Ownership: - Instagram does NOT claim ANY ownership rights. ( ( if you use the service as a private user.This means that as a user, you don’t own even yourown photo!!! EXCEPT
  10. 10. For example If Instagram likes your photo and they use it in any advertising medium… …and this photo makes millions of dollars, you cannot demand any money because you are not the real owner :(Image source:
  11. 11. Copyrights: According to Instagram- As a user, you are responsible for any violation of the copyright law under youruser name.
  12. 12. Fair or unfairInstagram has the right to change its ToS at any time without notice. (
  13. 13. In conclusion Each company has different definitions for the words ‘fair’ and ‘privacy’!!! ThereforeUsers should be careful and pay more attention to what they agree to when they register on different online services.
  14. 14. References:Instagram. (2012, September 8). Terms of Use. Retrieved from (2012, September 11) [Image]. Retrieved from (2012, September 11) [Image]. Retrieved from http://www.visualnews.comInstagram. (2012, September 11) [Image]. Retrieved source: http://www.dinosmrekar.comIsabellekessedjian. (2012, September 11) [Image]. Retrieved from http:// (2012, September 11) [Image]. Retrieved from