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  1. 1. Two Worlds Telecommunications Service Provides basic voice service for free Information Service Provides enhanced communication service that involves data storage/processing i.e. Internet access, voice mail…
  2. 2. • Supports both the Voice and Data• Call Routing• Integrates other media like Video, Electronic White Board• Flexibility• Reliable Services
  5. 5. VoIP Architectures• PC to PC Internet
  6. 6. VoIP Architectures• Phone to Phone via the Internet Internet
  7. 7. VoIP Architectures• Phone to Internet to Gateway to PSTN Internet GATEWAY PSTN
  8. 8. Alternative VoIP Architectures • PSTN to Gateway to Internet to Gateway to PSTN InternetGATEWAY GATEWAY PSTN PSTN
  9. 9. VoIP Examples• Xbox Voice• Windows messenger• AOL Instant Messenger• Motorola Phone Adapter (Vonage)• Cisco Phone• Cox Cable in Hampton Roads, Virginia
  10. 10. A VoIP Network
  11. 11. Company/Developer: Palosanto SolutionsOS family: GNU/LinuxSource model: Free and open sourcesoftwareKernel type: Monolithic (Linux)
  12. 12. Elastix is an open source Unified Communications Server software thatbrings together IP PBX, email, IM, faxing and collaboration functionality. Ithas a Web interface and includes capabilities such as a Call Centersoftware with predictive dialing.The Elastix functionality is based on open source projectsincluding Asterisk, Hyla Fax, Openfire and Postfix. Those packagesoffer the PBX, fax, instant messaging and email functions, respectively. Itmake an excellent software package available for open source telephony.
  13. 13. WHY ELASTIX? Elastix has a good support for telephony hardware. It includes drivers for the major manufacturers like Dinstar OpenVox, Digium, Sangoma, Rhino Equipment, Xorcom, and Yeastar. The most of these drivers are supported through the zaptel project or modified versions of it. Other drivers are supported by the mIDSN project and other projects. Elastix also support other phone brands thanks to the SIP and IAX protocols that Asterisk implement. These protocols are based on public available standards. For this reason any manufacturer can build a product that supports them. Some supported manufacturers are Polycom, Atcom, Aastra, Linksys,Snom, and Cisco.
  14. 14. Elastix include the following communication media
  15. 15. There are new ways of communication every day and the addition offeatures and functionality must be constant. Elastix it’s capable ofestablish an efficient environment on an organization with the addition ofmany features that allows to integrate other locations of a company tocentralize their business and take it global. A user in a corporationlocated in South America shares the same functionalities of anotherlocated in Asia besides having direct internal communication.Some of the basic Features of Elastix include:VoicemailFax-to-emailSupport for softphonesWeb Interface ConfigurationVirtual conference roomsCall recordingLeast Cost RoutingExtension RoamingCaller IDAdvance Reports
  16. 16. SOFTPHONE A softphone is a software program for making telephone calls over the internet using a general purpose computer, rather than using dedicated hardware. For registering an extension number youcan use a softphone. The biggest advantage is that itdoes not cost to you (if you use free versions) and it is easy to use. X-Lite softphone is shown below which can be communicated visually
  17. 17. The Admin Dashboard – The Elastix control centre