The importance of learning english


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The importance of learning english

  1. 1. The Importance of Learning English In this globalization era, the use of English language has improved. People in the world speak in English, both as national language and daily language. There are so many English language institution which serves various techniques in learning English in order to improve our English ability. English become important in many field’s life. Getting scholarship, going abroad, and working in foreign companies are three importance of mastering English. Getting scholarship is the first importance of mastering English. Every people desiring a best education but a best education is astronomically. Only new people from rich family who can get the best education. Luckily, the government gives some scholarship for them who ace out in specific field. But, to get the scholarship is not easy. English is a must. It is one of the requirement which must be empowered by the students or collegions. The English requirement is on TOEFL test, which the minimum score is 500. In this part, English is very important to help us get the scholarship. Going abroad is the second importance of mastering English. In this globalization era, many people go in and out from country to country. English is the common language to communicate among every nations. When we go abroad in order to study or work or just hang out, we need communicate with others. In this case, English is widely used by many people because English is an international language. It is impossible for us to speak in our nation language while other speak in their national language. There will be no communication among them, if they were communicate that way. English help us ti understand among every nations. Working in foreign companies is the last importance of mastering English. Nowadays, there are so many foreign companies in this country. To work in foreign companies, English is one of the requirements which must be had by the employee. Because they will use English as a daily language in every conversation, besides, their job is all in English. So, the proficiency of English is very important to work in foreign companies. In short, English is very important in this era. We can get scholarship, easily, go abroad easily, and can work in foreign companies when we mastering English. So, start now to learn English . we can learn English in language institution, take course, autodidac or learning English at school. Created by : Arvin Efriani,19april94