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Nike presentation store layout


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its the presentation on nike store layout.

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Nike presentation store layout

  1. 1. Nike David Paterson Supawaree Patravanich Solidah Sath
  2. 2. History: •Began in 1964 as Blue Ribbon Sports. •In 1972, a new kind of shoe was introduced entitled Nike. •In 1979, held patent on „Air‟ type of cushioning for soles of shoes. •Went public in 1979 on NYSE. •Blue Ribbon Sports merged into Nike, creating Nike, Inc. •Been operating Nike Factory Stores since 1984. •First Niketown opened in Portland, Or in 1990.
  3. 3. Overview of Company: •Was founded byBill Bowerman and Phil Knight. •Employs 29,000 worldwide in27 countries. •Owns over 200 Nike factory stores. •Operates facilities in Oregon, Tennessee, North Carolina, and the Netherlands.
  4. 4. Mission Statement: “To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete* in the world.” * “If you have a body, you are an athlete.” –Bill Bowerman(co-founder of Nike)
  5. 5. Awards: •Nike has received numerous awards recently. •Recognized by Fortune magazine •Nike ranked # 1 in the „Companies in a Class of their Own‟ list for use of organic cotton and re-use a shoe campaign.
  6. 6. Growth: •Company has been market leader for many years. •Forecasts revenues of $23 billion by 2011. •Adidas has tried to close gap.
  7. 7. Competitors:
  8. 8. Target Market: •Any athletes who… –Love sports –Seek… •Quality •Performance •style
  9. 9. Products: •Footwear
  10. 10. Products: •Apparel
  11. 11. Products: •Equipment
  12. 12. Products: •Accessories
  13. 13. Products: •Sport lines –Action Sports –Baseball –Basketball –Cardio –Cycling –Fitness Dance –Football –Golf –Lacrosse –Running –Soccer –Swim –Tennis –Training –Yoga
  14. 14. Products: •College licensed gears
  15. 15. Products: •Choose material and color •Personalize symbol or ID •Available within 4 weeks of order •Premium prices
  16. 16. Products: •Enhance running experience –Pick workout and custom playlist –Run with real-time feedback –Sync and track progress
  17. 17. Price: •Better Wholesale Price Zone –Women‟s footwear collection range between $90-200 •High quality and a certain level of performance •Extensive R&D and rigorous tests to ensure high quality
  18. 18. Promotion: •Nike Swoosh •“The Second Coming” •Employ Celebrities and well known Athletes
  19. 19. Place: •Combination of Direct and Extended Marketing Channels –Lead time is crucial –Eliminate the unnecessary middle men •Mass Distribution Channel •Can be found in large department stores, online sites, and even in major athletic catalogs
  20. 20. Store Layout and Design: •Variation of free-flow and loop layout •E.g. NikeTown Seattle Floor Plan
  21. 21. Store Layout and Design: •Modern/sporty interior design
  22. 22. Store Layout and Design: •Modern/sporty interior design •Active music ikebiz/ nikebiz. jhtml? page= 6& item= research
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  24. 24. JUST DO IT