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Top Ten: BigData - ECommerce Use Cases


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Find out the top ten bigdata - ecommerce use case. Every E-Commerce site is Different. SpotDy BigAI provides 100% customized solutions to you. Tailor fit solutions drive 5X more revenue.

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Top Ten: BigData - ECommerce Use Cases

  1. 1. Top Ten Big Data - ECommerce Use Cases Powered by SpotDy Arvind Rapaka CEO, SpotDy Inc.
  2. 2. Why Big Data and Predictive Analytics for ECommerce Fact 1 : Companies that use Predictive Analytics achieve 73% higher sales than those who have never done it. Fact 2: 65% of customers feel completely frustrated with the bad customer experience, targeting? Fact 3: Real time personalization helps upsell and cross sell by 68%.
  3. 3. Top 10 Use Case
  4. 4. Personalization & Recommendation Real time personalization based on ○ Recent views ○ Most Recent buys ○ Gender and Demo ○ Location SpotDy BigAITM
  5. 5. Upsell or Cross selling ● Real time upselling and cross selling while user browsing ○ Item based filtering ○ User based filtering Frequently bought together Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought
  6. 6. Optimal Pricing ● Price is the most effective way to convert ● Finding Optimal Price is always a challenge Data Sources: ● Competitor Pricing ● Current Pricing ● Product Meta Info ● Inventory & Demand ● Merchant Discounts ● Shipping costs SpotDy BigAITM
  7. 7. SEO SEO is big. If the user can’t discover your content, you can’t sell. ○ Site In-linking ○ Taxonomy ○ Demand Insights Site In Linking Demand Insights Taxonomy SpotDy BigAITM
  8. 8. CRM Customer Retention ○ Email personalized content ○ Price notification ○ Product notifications ○ Notify personalized coupons and discount offers SpotDy BigAITM
  9. 9. Cross Device Correlation ● User are browsing on various devices ○ Building continuity helps user experience SpotDy BigAITM
  10. 10. Traffic Acquisition/Advertising Advertising is the important but understanding the following are the key: ○ ROI. Advertising is expensive. ○ What/Why/How are Channels the working ○ Which Campaigns are the most efficient SpotDy BigAITM Data Sources: ● Campaign Data ● Campaign Pricing ● Sales related to Campaign ● CTR Campaign Performance Optimal bidding Pricing
  11. 11. Customer Analysis Understanding your customer is a must. Following are the key metrics: ● customer lifetime value (CLV) ● customer future value (CFV) ● customer churn Data Sources: ● Customer Sales Data ● Customer browsing history ● Customer Click Data ● Customer Demo/Geo Data SpotDy BigAITM
  12. 12. Dynamic Promotion Promotions are powerful tools to help increase revenue, but they are costly and important to manage closely. ● Build data-modeled approach that ensures each promotion is presented to just the customer who needs it to drive a purchase. Data Sources: ● Customer profile data ● Product Inventory SpotDy BigAITM Limited Time Offer 30% Off just for you.
  13. 13. Personal Shopping Assistant Tools such Personal Shopping Assistant help better user experience to drive conversions. The Process involves: ● building Knowledge database ● product Image Repository ● building Q&A Engine
  14. 14. About SpotDy BigAITM BigAI™ for enterprises introduces a completely new model of operational intelligence using deep data science, giving companies a competitive edge by uncovering new insights in real time. BigAI™ solutions gives you the power to truly understand what your customer want to drive product discovery, marketing etc. Each step unlocks the next, creating a unique customer experiences that drive incremental revenue and customer satisfaction. As a complete, integrated and dynamic platform, it reduces time to results and eliminates costly stovepipe architectures, reducing complexity and delivering at a fraction of the cost.
  15. 15. Want to see how we can help you: Please contact arvind.rapaka@spotdy. com