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Astute PeopleSoft 9.2 Sandbox In The Cloud

  1. 1. h t t p : / / w w w . b e a s t u t e . c o mTest Drive PeopleSoft 9.2 –Sandbox on the CloudAstute Business
  2. 2. 2 Astute Business Solutions9.2 Sandbox in The CloudOverviewVISUALIZE AND IMPROVISE SUPPORT BUSINESS DECISIONS• See 9.2 in Action with YOUR Code andConfiguration• Visualize your business operations on9.2• Explore and Identify 9.2 features thatcan help you de-customize• Test Drive WorkCenters and Workflowfor productivity increases• Zero IT Infrastructure Costs• Zero Maintenance Costs• Instant Provisioning• Configure and Validate in 9.2• Build your business case throughPrototypes in the SandboxVisualize Your Business on 9.2De-Customize with 9.2 Do More With LessPrototype and ValidatePeopleSoft 9.2 Sandbox in the Cloud
  3. 3. Use the Sandbox To Drive Your 9.2 Initiatives3 Astute Business Solutions• Pre-Configured FIN Setup• Pre-Configured Workflow• Pre-Configured, Dashboards• Pre-Configured HCM Setup• Pre-Configured Workflow• Pre-Configured, Dashboards• 24x7 Support• How-To Help• Functional andTechnical SupportINSTANCE+ CORE FINPACK+ COREHCM PACK+ 9.2 APPSUPPORT• 9.2 Online and Tools Access• Pre-loaded Demo Data• Basic Integration and Reporting delivered• Instant Access• Hands-on Approach• Error and Bias• Accelerate Fit-Gap• Accelerate Decisions• Loose Estimates• Prolonged Dev• Multiple Tests• Unable to de-Customize• Knowledgeable 9.2 Staff• Consulting Assistance• Development AssistanceSERVICE OFFERING ADVANTAGE
  4. 4. 4 Astute Business Solutions• Speed – Instant Provisioning, Nohardware/software toprocure/install/license• Pre-Configured – Use our FIN andHCM pre-configured instances toinstantly showcase end-to-endbusiness processes• Multi-Use – Use it forTraining, CRP, Building your businesscase other product• Accelerate – Accelerate yourupgrade and upgrade planning• Visibility - See how 9.2 cantransform your businessBenefitsOn Premise9.2 DemoEmployee andCapEXOverheadsAstute Cloud9.2 SandboxTime to Deploymaybe few weeksto monthsInstant ProvisioningZero FootprintCloud ArchitecturePre-ConfiguredInstance PacksCustom SetupsView your setup and codeIn the SandboxAstute’s PeopleSoft 9.2 Sandbox in the Cloud is a pre-configured instance that can jump-start your 9.2 upgradeAdvantages of the Sandbox in the Cloud
  5. 5. PREPARE5 Astute Business SolutionsAccelerate Decision Making• Load your setup/configuration with our pre-built scripts• Review setups with our 9.2 Experts• Test Drive using Actual Business Scenarios• Work with our 9.2 Experts to Prototype Solutions• Prepare Business Case based on Real Analysis• Base Recommendations on Impact Analysis from provenscenariosIMPLEMENT • Go instantly from Prototype to Implementation• Leverage Sandbox setups for Lab Upgrade• Accelerate and DeployAstute 9.2Sandbox inthe Cloud–2-4WEEKSYour OnPremise9.2–6-12WEEKSAdvantage #1 - Build your 9.2 Business CaseAstute’s PeopleSoft 9.2 Sandbox in the Cloud delivers major cost savings on 9.2 UpgradeANALYZEDECIDE
  6. 6. PREPARE6 Astute Business SolutionsAdvance Preview of YOUR Business on 9.2• Expand setups/configuration to include new features• Import transaction data samples into Sandbox• Conduct Formal Fit-Gap using Sandbox• Use Pre-Configured Solution Packs to accelerate analysis• Execute end-to-end business processes and validate• Showcase Gap Solutions to Business Users – get buy inIMPLEMENT • Finalize Configuration• Kick-off new implementation activitiesAstute 9.2Sandbox inthe Cloud–4-6WEEKSYour OnPremise9.2–6-12WEEKSAdvantage #2 – Visualize your Organization on 9.2Astute’s PeopleSoft 9.2 Sandbox in the Cloud delivers major cost savings on 9.2 UpgradeANALYZEDECIDE
  7. 7. PREPARE7 Astute Business SolutionsAccelerate Your 9.2 Upgrade/Implementation• Load your data and code into the Sandbox quickly andeasily with our pre-built scripts• Advance your Fit-Gap Time Table• Compare and Analyze Customizations Online• Test gap solutions• Prepare Functional Designs using Sandbox Use Cases• Make Key Functional and Technical Decisions• Build Test Scripts using PTF Online in advance• Get your DEV team cracking on customization retrofitIMPLEMENT • Start Lab Upgrade• Transfer Code/Configuration/Data from Cloud to On-Prem• Continue remainder of Upgrade On-PremAstute 9.2Sandbox inthe Cloud–4-6WEEKSYour OnPremise9.2–6-12WEEKSAdvantage #3 – Deploy NOWAstute’s PeopleSoft 9.2 Sandbox in the Cloud delivers major cost savings on 9.2 UpgradeANALYZEDECIDE
  8. 8. Need Astute Solution Traditional ApproachDeploy • Pre-Deployed Solution – Available Immediately• Dedicated Instance for each Client• Uses meta data and tags to analyze code anddetermine complexity and effort•Meeting H/W and S/W Pre-requisites takes weeks or months• In-house IT Labor has bandwidthconstraints to install and setupDesign • Our 9.2 Experts are on standby to perform yourdesign work or assist you as needed• Our pre-configured solutions will reduce the timetaken to design and validate• Swag numbers• Based primarily on past experienceand consultants ability to analyzesystemDevelop • Semi-automated ability to compare changes byprocess among releases• Faster than traditional process and accelerates fit-gap and design• Built-in Proprietary meta-data about PeopleSoftUpgrade changes• Rely on traditional fit-gap phase toreview functionality and prepareanalysis and recommendation• Labor intensive• Manual review of release notes anddocumentation8 Astute Business SolutionsAstute’s PS 9.2 Sandbox in the Cloud gives you an EDGEWhy Astute Sandbox in the Cloud?
  9. 9. PREPARATION FIT-GAP /DESIGNUPGRADEAstute Sandbox in the Cloud provides value throughout the Project LifecycleOur Sandbox delivers Business Value thru the SDLC9 Astute Business SolutionsInstant SandboxPre-Configured SolutionsIntelligent Planning and Estimation9.2 Experts Available to AssistAccelerated Lab UpgradeStart and Complete Retrofit in the CloudOr Move to On Premise SeamlesslyBlueprint for developmentThrough Impact AnalysisLeverage Pre-Built 9.2Delta TrainingReduced cycle times9.2 PTF Scripts RepositoryFewer Test MovesRETROFIT TEST TRAIN
  10. 10. Pricing Models10 Astute Business SolutionsInstance OnlyOnline Access• $399 per month• 24x7 Access• 10-20 Concurrent UsersPeopleToolsAccess• $99 per month• 24 x7• 2 Concurrent UsersFunctionalSetups• Not AvailableApplicationSupport• Charged on a Per CallBasisCore FIN Pack Core HCM Pack• $899 per month• 24x7 Access• 10-20 Concurrent Users• Included• Includes Core FINSetups, Workflow, WorkCenters and Dashboards• 40 Hours Support Included• Additional Supportavailable on a per-call basis$100 per hour• $899 per month• 24x7 Access• 10-20 Concurrent Users• Included• Includes Core HCMSetups, Workflow, WorkCenters and Dashboards• 40 Hours Support Included• Additional Supportavailable on a per-call basis• $100 per hour
  11. 11. Next Steps11 Astute Business SolutionsSTEP 1Contact Us• Get your Sandbox todaySTEP 2Get a Head Start on FIN and HCM• Get our Core FIN and Core HCM Packs to leverage pre-configured setups to accelerate your projectsSTEP 3Convert your Sandbox to Lab Upgrade• Go from loading your Data/Config in our Sandbox to a LabUpgrade seamlessly
  12. 12. 12 Astute Business SolutionsAstute Lab Upgrade in the Cloud• Expert 9.2 Upgrade Team Who Will Accelerate Your 9.2 Upgrade• Process Experts Who Will Analyze your Configuration and Setups• Technology Experts Who Will Analyze your Code and CustomizationsWHO• 4 Weeks for Initial App and Tools Upgrade• Configuration and Code Analysis with Recommendations to De-Customize• Best Practices Guide for 9.2 – Make the most of 9.2 OOTB FeaturesWHAT• Zero Footprint Architecture• No IT or Business Overheads• Astute’s proven upgrade expertise and experienceWHY
  13. 13. 13 Astute Business Solutions• Fit-Gap Analysis and Report• Upgrade Planning and Preparation• PeopleSoft Installation and Configuration• Application and Tools Upgrades• All patches and fixes required for Upgrade• 2 or More Test Moves with Unit, System, Integration Tests, Support for UAT• Migration and Retrofit of all existing customizations• Go-Live Planning and Readiness Check• 30-Day Post Go-Live Support• 60-Day Warranty of Service• Detailed project documentationAstute Lab Upgrade DeliverablesThe Accelerated Upgrade service includes:
  14. 14. Sample Delivery Model14 Astute Business SolutionsAccount Management Steering Committee ExecutivePROJECT & PROGRAM MANAGEMENTPSFTFunction LeadsFinancials & BI,HR, CRM, EP, S/CMPSFTTechnical LeadsReports, Interfaces,Conversions, EnhancementsUpgradeLeadsChange Assistant,DB, Scripting, PerformanceKNOWLEDGE TRANSFER, COMMUNICATION FLOWS, STATUS/ESCALATION, QUALITY CONTROLUpgradeDevelopersUpgradeDevelopersInfrastructureDelivery TeamEnd UserSupportTechnical—PeopleToolsThird-party Applications IntegrationServices – Training UPK,Testing/QA, Performance Tuning,Maintenance and SupportDBA-ClientOS-ClientNetwork-ClientSecurity-ClientPC Support-ClientHelp Desk-ClientQUALITY/ ASSURANCE/ SERVICE LEVEL REPORTING/ UTILIZATION MANAGEMENT
  15. 15. Thank Youh t t p : / / w w w . b e a s t u t e . c o m